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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
If you want to immigrate to the United States successfully, remember these precautions before your physical examination.
Expert answers:
Physical examination is the most important part of American immigrants. compared with people who don't want to cross-fertilize this part, the precautions before physical examination must be clearly remembered.
1. It's better not to drink alcohol the day before the physical examination, avoid a lot of seafood and other food, and pay attention to rest.
2. It's better to keep an empty stomach before drawing blood (no need for applicants under 14 years old).
3. Applicants who are fevering should suspend their physical examination.
Their body temperature is over 37.5 degrees Celsius and they cannot be vaccinated.
4. It is suggested that no physical examination should be carried out during the physiological period of women.
The best physical examination date is three days after the end of the physiological period.
5. No physical examination is allowed for children aged 2 to 14 one day before each long vacation.
6. Adding an additional item to the physical examination project, the population of urinalysis (gonorrhea) test (all applicants aged 15 and over); 7. Medical examination should be carried out three working days in advance.
Medical examination of immigrants should fill in forms and make appointments in advance.
Applicants for medical examination need to download the "Registration Form of Physical Examination Information" from the Medical Examination Center (Guangdong International Travel Health Care Center) and fill it out (in Chinese and English), and send the electronic version to the mailbox of the Medical Examination Center (usa@gdciq.
cn), which needs to be printed out.
For patients with chronic diseases, major diseases or surgical history, please provide medical records or valid medical certificates as far as possible.
8. On the day of physical examination, you need to take:
White background color for 6 months, 8 free-crown 5cm*5cm photos, 12 V92 applicants need to bring Letters of appointment and confirmation in English.
1 Original passport 9. It is necessary to change the clothes of the physical examination center for blood drawing and vaccination.
It is better not to wear a necklace for chest X-ray.
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