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When the United States enters the country, how do you fill in the customs declaration form?
What are the procedures of entry inspection?
Expert answers:
For many new immigrants, a series of English forms and inquiries from customs officers are the first challenges to embark on U.S. territory.
Before entering the United States, the flight attendants on the plane will send this form to the passengers on boarD.However, no I-94 form is required for entry with an immigration visa or a green carD.When you declare your belongings, you'd better report them truthfully or you'll be punished once you're caught.
After you get off the plane, you will be directed to the immigration check-in counter.
At this stage, you will queue up for inspection according to the different types of entry visas.
First, you need to stand at the citizens / residents checkpoint where you have an immigrant visa or a green carD.When it's your turn to be inspected, please submit your passport, the package delivered by the consulate, the customs declaration form filled in on the plane to the immigration officer for inspection.
As usual, immigration officers will ask you some questions and answer them calmly and truthfully.
Immigration officers, after asking questions, will model all family members.
Stamp the date of entry on the immigration visa page (which makes your immigration visa valid for one year and allows you to enter and leave the United States with a visa before issuing a green card) 2. Collect luggage, submit customs declaration and check customs The instructions on the aisle go to the baggage claim area in Baggage Claim and follow the computer screen or notice to find your own flight luggage conveyor turntable.
And take down your luggage here.
When queuing for customs clearance, you may choose the shortest line to be checkeD.Don't look left and right, hesitate, let alone see another pass change quickly and temporarily, and become suspicious and subject to careful scrutiny.
Smile, be sincere and answer questions, but don't talk too much to avoid trouble.
When checking luggage, you should hand in the customs declaration form and certificate.
If the Customs asks you to open the case for inspection, open it immediately and be checkeD.Don't hesitate.
Always pay attention to your baggage certificate, do not leave, in order to prevent people from taking the opportunity to steal.
If the amount of entry is more than 10,000 US dollars, it should declare to the Customs on its own initiative and fill in the corresponding forms so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.
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