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What are the preparations for visiting American schools?
What questions are helpful to you?
Expert answers:
Visiting American university campuses can help you intuitively feel the state of American universities and students and teachers.
Students are likely to visit only one school, so in the process of visiting, they need to learn to ask appropriate and important questions and not waste opportunities.
Here are five questions for school staff or students when visiting the campus.
What is class 01 like?
The most important thing in college is to get an education.
So make good use of the time you visit and know what your classroom will be like.
For example, ask the staff to show you a large lecture hall and a small conference room.
Do you feel comfortable in these places?
You can ask your guide, or other seemingly well-meaning students, what their classes are like.
If you have a clear intention to major, can you ask the specific professional class is what?
Are they very challenging?
Will students in this major receive special financial support from the school?
What kind of performance does the professor of this major want the students to perform?
Where do I study?
You can ask about the state of learning in school.
Where do students work and study most often?
When visiting the campus, we must pay special attention to the places where the students are reviewing their studies.
Do they look crowded?
Are you comfortable?
Is it quiet?
Is it noisy?
03 How do students and teachers relax themselves?
Learning is important, as is achieving a healthy balance between intense learning and entertainment and social interaction.
So, what extracurricular activities are there on campus?
If you like outdoor sports, ask if there is an outdoor sports club.
You can also ask where students spend their weekends.
Will they visit the museum?
Or shopping?
Do they take part in community sports?
How is the transportation convenient?
Many schools in the United States offer free or discounted public transportation for students (although the cost may be hidden in your semester fees).
When you visit the campus, try to find out about the local public transport.
If your ideal college or university doesn't have particularly convenient transportation, you may need to decide whether you can afford a car or a bicycle.
What unique opportunities do schools offer?
When you visit a series of campuses, try to find out what makes the school different.
For example, do schools have very good internships or opportunities for foreign exchange programs?
Does the school's strong alumni network help former students embark on successful careers?
Are there very groundbreaking and leading research projects in any area of interest to you?
Can any professor give a very exciting speech?
The effective way to find these questions is to ask staff and students what they think is the most unique place in the school.
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