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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How do new immigrants apply for SSN Social Security Number when they first arrive in the United States?
Expert answers:
Social Security Number, also known as Social Security Number, is issued by the Social Security Administration.
SSA belongs to the federal government, so the procedures should be the same across the country.
1. Find the nearby Social Security Department Search for Social Security Office in Google Map, that is, to find nearby Social Security Office offices.
Maps can also query the opening time (Open Hours) of each office.
If you want to be more accurate, you can use the Locator tool on SSA's official website.
For example, enter a Zip Code 94401 in San Mateo, California, and you will find the following results.
SSA belongs to the federal government and usually does not work on weekends.
There are a lot of Chinese in San Francisco.
SSA office has staff who can speak Chinese.
Don't worry if English is not very good.
2. Documents needed to apply for SSN Open this page of SSA's official website at https:
//www-social security-gov/ssnumber/ss5doc-htm and list three questions, each with two or three options, respectively:
Who is the card for:
a) An Adult; b) A Child.
_Type of card:
a) Original; b) Replacement; c) Corrected.
Citizenship of the person whose card is for:
a) U.S. Born Citizen; b) Foreign Born U.S. Citizen; c) Noncitizen.
For the majority of new immigrants to the United States, they should choose An Adult; Original; Noncitizen, i.
"Non-American Citizens, Adults, First-time SSN".
The following documents are required:
Immigration Status and Identity.
Acceptable documents include Form I-551 (green card); I-766 (EAD); I-94 (entry permit); passport.
Work eligibility, work permit, such as EAD.
Age, age certificate; passport is OK.
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    ABOUT pennsylvania local customs, tourist attractions
    Logan ring also known as Logan Plaza, located in the northwest of the city center fee, as one of the five original plan of the city square, square in the original boundary within the ring.
    This place was originally known as the "Northwest Plaza, until the beginning of nineteenth century, is a public execution and the cemetery where.
    In 1825, renamed Logan square, named after the Philadelphia politician James Logan.
    The eastern boundary of the original square, 18 street, 20 West Street, South Street and north of vine street race is still intact, but in 1920s, the French landscape architect Jacques Grabiel square to round, as part of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, similar to the Place de la concorde in Paris.
    Philadelphia Yong Kerrey and even copied Place de la concorde Hotel, also built a similar style building, Philadelphia free library and family court building.
    The central ring is the magnificent Logan Swann Memorial Fountain, surrounded by the Philadelphia free library, Academy of natural sciences, Franklin Museum of science, art and Design Institute and Rome Moore catholic Saints Peter and Paul cathedral Basilica and many other monuments.
    Logan circle (Philadelphia)
    Reason: one of the most worth watching square in Philadelphia
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Pennsylvania [Pennsylvania State]
    Philadelphia city attractions: [Philadelphia]

    Robert Fulton was a famous American engineer and inventor, at the end of eighteenth century to early nineteenth century in Paris for testing human rotating propeller submarine and a ship powered by a steam engine.
    1807 British machines made by the steam engine powered Paddlewheeler "clermont" in New York, he was the first ship in regular transport, in addition to the canal gate and he has invented the spinning machine ma.
    Want to know his splendid life should go to see his former residence.
    Lancaster county Robert Fulton house is located in Pennsylvania, is a beautiful stone building in 1964 was included in the national historic landmark.
    1765 - Robert Fulton was born in 1822 in the cabin, the fire destroyed the beautiful house, and then according to its original appearance reconstruction.
    Tourists can visit the house, and enjoy the housing decoration house structure, to understand the way of life and people's culture in the middle of the eighteenth century.
    The first steamboat invented Robert Fulton was born in this elegant hut.
    Robert Fulton Birthplace
    Reason: one of the most beautiful celebrities
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    Rodin Museumis located in the city center for the Philadelphia Museum of art, the next is apart from Paris Luo Dan works up to the Museum, in the decoration reopened in 2012 after three years, is the best place in the United States to appreciate Luo Dan's works.
    Rodin Museumis film giant Jules (Jules Matbaum) in 1929 were donated to the Philadelphia gift, Jules Luo Dan began collecting art in 1923, aims to build a Museum to enrich people's lives, 3 years later, he became the biggest art collector Luo Dan outside Paris.
    But unfortunately the collector could not see his dreams died, his widow, he will be donated to the Museum on behalf of Philadelphia, and in 1929 officially opened.
    Luo Dan's most famous "thinker" sculpture is located on the outside of the Museum at the entrance of the Museum is located in the interior or other garden, there are more than 140 pieces of bronze sculpture works of art, marble and plaster model, including the famous works of "the thinker", "the kiss", "hell", let a person greatly.
    Rodin Museum
    Reason: in addition to Paris, the largest Museum collection of Luo Dan's works
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Pennsylvania [Pennsylvania State]
    Philadelphia city attractions: [Philadelphia]

    The Sanderson Museum The Sanderson Museum is located in Pennsylvania, just this Ford (chadds Ford), the town was founded in 1967, named for the teacher, musician, poet, actor, writer and local historian Sanderson (christian c Sanderson), because of the Museum's collection is gathered by him after many years.
    The Sanderson Museum tells the story of Sanderson's life and the history of the United States, any life on twentieth century people should visit the Museum, is not only a historical tour, a nostalgic trip, but also to understand the life of the local legend.
    The Museum's collection is mainly some historical items, these items on the United States more than 200 years of history, many collections are related to it in Ford Town, some more articles about America memorabilia.
    Tourists can be found in the American War of independence and the civil war, the two World War.
    The Museum's collections have lots of photos, the Panama canal sand, melting ice, Antarctic shells, manuscripts, letters, rugby, pottery, stone, paintings and then a variety of household appliances.
    The Sanderson Museum's opening time is March to November weekend from 12:00 to 16:00, group visit seven days a week, but need to pay attention to advance booking.
    Sanderson Museum
    Necessary to Reason: one of Pennsylvania's most mysterious Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    Pennsylvania anthracite Heritage Museum A park is located in the Pennsylvania anthracite Heritage Museum in clanton, Pennsylvania, is established to protect the Pennsylvania anthracite heritage, but also tells the story of European immigrants in coal mining and textile work story.
    Visit the Museum, visitors can learn about the noble European immigrants here engaged in hard work and harsh working environment.
    The Museum also was a large collection of anthracite coal mines and mills and factories of various ancient equipment, such as spinning, weaving, carriage, anthracite, coal mining, clothing, cars, machinery and equipment, utensils, back then people's life.
    In addition, there are a large number of books and photos, these photos tell people a day of activities.
    Visitors can also enjoy when people live in houses, go to the bistro and the usual church, explore their kitchen, understand their life and religious beliefs.
    The Museum has a gift shop, selling local history books, toys, pottery, jewelry and ornaments in Eastern Europe, visitors can choose fine items home.
    The Museum's opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00, 12:00 to 17:00 Sunday, new year's day, christmas day, Thanksgiving Day, commemorating the discovery of America, President columbo, Martin Luther King Day.
    Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum
    Reason: one of the most famous Museum in Pennsylvania
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Pennsylvania: [Pennsylvania State]
    clanton [Scranton]

    : city Attractions
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