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How to deal with the telephone card if you emigrate to the United States or travel to the United States frequently?
Expert answers:
After arriving in the United States, if you still use the Indian telephone card to answer calls, the cost will be too high.
At this point, you need to apply for an American telephone card for domestic contact in the United States.
There are more than 180 operators in the United States, some regional and some national.
The largest of these are Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-MOBLE USA, which provide prepaid telephone services, family planning services and personal planning services.
You can choose to buy different services according to your call and Internet needs.
If you want to call back to India, you can choose to buy an international long-distance telephone card, but now the most popular is to use Skype software, you only need to download Skype software, after online prepaid, you can dial the printed domestic phone, cheap and fast.
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    ABOUT michigan local customs, tourist attractions
    銆銆銆 Michigan, the name from the Indian language, its meaning is "water" GreatWater.
    銆銆銆銆 1668 colonial.
    In January 26, 1837 to become the twenty-sixth state of the United states.
    The alias is called "the Wolverine state" WolverineState (due to the state of skins).
    The apple blossom is the state flower.
    The state motto: "if you seek a Pleasant Peninsula, to see here."
    銆銆銆銆 The capital is the seat of Lansing, located in the middle of the lower peninsula, population Sierwan.
    In the northwest of Lansing Daxi city GrandRapids, is a large industrial city, the population of 54 million.
    Flint in the northeast of Lansing, flint, a population of five million, also developed industry.
    The most developed industrial city of Detroit, the five largest city, population Yiwuyiwan, large urban four or five million, in the southeast coast of Detroit Peninsula, the river between Lake Erie and lake Shengkelei, the major automobile manufacturing company GeneralMotors, AmericanMotors, FordMotors, chryslerMotors location.
    銆銆銆銆 About ninety colleges and universities.
    The most famous is the University of Michigan, founded in eighteen seventeen, located in Ann Arbor AnnArbor, about 40000 students.
    Michigan State University in East Lansing, e.
    Lansing, founded in eighteen fifty-five, more than 40000 students.
    銆銆銆銆 The state features are: terrain aspect, this is the Binhu Peninsula in the us state.
    One is from north to south the peninsula called the lower peninsula, located in Michigan, Huron and Erie Lakes between Lansing city is the location of Lansing.
    What a peninsula, between superior and Michigan Erhu, called the upper peninsula, the area is very small, the population accounted for only 1/10 of the state.
    Secondly, the industry, this is the first state industrial vehicle assembly.
    Detroit metropolis of Detroit is the world's largest automobile industrial city.
    Things on both sides of the lower peninsula lakes, mild climate, abundant fruit.
    For example: cherry, apple, pear, grape.
    The milk yield highly.
    The production of iron on the peninsula.
    Value only to the state of Minnesota, in the United States, the top 2. 銆銆銆銆 The good scenery, convenient traffic, tourism heyday.
    Lake Superior in Himalaya island IsleRoyale, close to canada, has built a national park.
    On the island of copper production, four thousand years ago, the Indians used stone mining.
    Sander Bay National Marine Sanctuary
    Marine protected areas in general is established in order to protect the marine organisms, but the Sander Bay National Marine Sanctuary but to protect the rich cultural resources and the establishment
    The protection zone is located in Michigan, Sander Bay, is located in the vicinity of the five Great Lakes Huron, founded in 2000, the area up to 1160 square kilometers, is the five Great Lakes the first national marine protected areas.
    Sander Bay National Marine Protected Areas Research, education and resource protection as a whole, in order to let the offspring better understand the region's nautical history, protection and Study on its.
    Reserve 116 ships, because these historic wrecks known from 19 century wooden boat to the side push 20 century steel ships, everything.
    Sander bay to the West 19 century became the only way which must be passed and an important trade route, but many times in the history of the storm makes sailing ships were killed, sinking into the sea.
    To explore the best way to Sander Bay National Marine Sanctuary is diving to the bottom to see the century old ship wreck, it can be found that the trade of iron ore and wood products.
    Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
    Reason: national marine protected areas of the United States the most precious
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Michigan: [Michigan State]
    West Point Park is located in Michigan, Michigan River, built in the 20 century 50, covers an area of 550 acres, lush forests, long 2 miles without human development of Lake Michigan coastline and numerous rare or endangered animals and plants.
    To this rather primitive in the park, visitors can enjoy the numerous local wild animal, such as the bald eagle, osprey, white tailed deer, wild turkey, black bear, coyotes, etc.
    Showing the beautiful landscape in different seasons in different parks, the photography enthusiasts are very attractive, many photography enthusiasts in different seasons for the visit is to shoot the West Point Park in different seasons scenery.
    The park opened a nature trail for walkers and cyclists, as long as go along the path, there will be an unexpected surprise waiting for you.
    In the 2011 year 5 month, the West Point Park by the International Association awarded the "dark night park" title, became the best of watching the stars a place.
    This means that the visitors can camp here, in the dark night, lying on the grass, you can enjoy the beautiful sky.
    The Headlands
    Reason: one of the best night park in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Michigan: [Michigan State]
    Detroit Museum of contemporary Art is located in the Detroit cultural center, which opened in 2006, is a non-profit Museum of contemporary Art, there is no fixed collection, with regular exhibitions of features, to stand in the forefront of modern art show, now the most popular art.
    Detroit Museum of contemporary Art is Detroit's first exhibition of contemporary Art Museum, the exhibition area of 22000 square feet, show the most creative, the most valuable works of art in the twenty thousand square feet of exhibit space, let the tourists can enjoy the most popular art, follow up art.
    According to the exhibition gallery will need different works, in order to attract more tourists, and thus become the modern art center of Detroit's most famous, attracting art lovers come here.
    In addition to eye.
    catching exhibitions, art Museum will provide a series of public projects, such as lectures, music, movies, literature, and specifically for children with education projects.
    Museum of contemporary Art Detroit
    Reason: Detroit's most popular Museum of contemporary Art
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Michigan: [Michigan State]
    Detroit city attractions: [Detroit]

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