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What happened to the US visa tightening policy in 2018?
Which groups are affected?
Expert answers:
According to instructions received by the U.S. embassy and consulate, visas for Chinese students studying robotics, aviation and high-tech manufacturing at American universities will be tightened and their validity will be limited to one year, a U.S. official said.
At the same time, visas for researchers or managers from Chinese entities on the special review list of the US Department of Commerce will be tighteneD.They will need special permission from multiple U.S. agencies, and their visa applications may last for months.
The visa policies of the United States have not changed for Chinese citizens, and Chinese students still get visas for up to five years to go to the United States.
Moreover, the U.S. vetting procedures for sensitive professional applicants have not changed, and are not targeted at Chinese citizens.
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    ABOUT kentucky local customs, tourist attractions
    North American tour: Kentucky Tour
    To the rest of your life can be traveled fifty United states.
    The main tour to Tennessee, the music of Nashville, also want to add a state in the travel diary, draw a day to Tennessee's neighbor to the north of Kentucky.
    Although in a hurry, as long as the foot on the land, on the line, good!
    Now Kentucky is well known in the world, because it is the fried chicken chain opened all over the world, the colonel's image of a gentleman, even woman and children all know.
    In fact, he did not become a soldier, he was just the state a lot was awarded a Kentucky colonel "honorary rank of people.
    Kentucky attractive to me mainly from Forster's song "my hometown" of Kentucky, the affectionate lyrics often so far in my mouth humming: "bright sun shining Kentucky hometown,..
    Green grass everywhere fragrant flowers,.."
    This song is now the Kentucky state song.
    But we have to go the day not bright sunshine, but still have not known as the "Bluegrass State" of the characteristics of Kentucky: everywhere is the lawn and grassland.
    "Kentucky" the name derived from the Indian language means "grass".
    The famous Kentucky Marseille is in the name of a "churchill green" at the hippodrome.
    Because along the hilly terrain, we looked out from the window, the green wave SAW vast grassland like rolling, one day we went to the town and the name is "go green", the name "Boleyn Green", as if, completely lost its color and dynamic, lost the poetic sentiment.
    My wife and I walk in the "roll music" quiet street, see the city center is built for the mall, central has elegant sculptures and fountains, have been planted around the evergreen tree.
    We want to find a Kentucky fried chicken restaurants nearby, but did not find, he went to a company called "Sicily" Italian restaurant.
    A door, see a special painting, painting in the vertical section of a tree, colorful and hazy, but that is Einstein.
    Dressed in green, white hair disheveled he was playing the violin.
    I think he must be in the "pull my Kentucky hometown".
    Louis, Kentucky, USA
    Louis, is the largest city in the US state of Kentucky, located in the Midwest and South Ohio river at the junction of the downtown area, a population of about three hundred thousand, the road eware city (economic) district population of nearly one million, Louis Rockville has been three hundred years of history, has repeatedly in the most suitable living city competitions is selected one of the American Midwest important political economic and cultural center.
    Louis Weil is the Jefferson county government, the United States and 0 in the state of Kentucky agencies, such as the Federal circuit court, federal tax bureau, immigration bureau is located, Kentucky Senator also in this office, the road eware is the presidential candidate of a hotly contested spot, Louis Weil, Kentucky.
    Louis, from the city it is the United States Transportation hub.
    65 interstate longitudinal through chicago, crossing the road to the south from the Gulf of Mexico eware, direct access to the city of New Orleans;
    East and Southeast 64 71 interstate highway interchange in Louis Weil.
    Bring abundant hydropower resources in the Ohio River, not only to Louis, but that Louis Weil has become a major port for mineral oil, grain, inland transport.
    With Louis Weil as the center, a 500 mile radius of the economic area will cover seventy-five percent of the manufacturing in the United States and more than eighty percent of the consumer population, the mid 80s United Parcel company (UPS), so choose Louis as a logistics center, which attracts a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to settle at Louis.
    Louis, the city has a strong industrial base, as a traditional heavy industry base, Ford off-road vehicle factory, heavy truck factory, Mark medium truck factory and general electric household appliances park is still the mainstay of the road eware economy;
    chemical industry, including artificial rubber, catalyst and synthesis of new materials company, tobacco, wine etc light industry, and in recent years due to TOYOTA, Honda automobile company set assembly plant in Kentucky brought about by the auto parts industry, supporting the road eware always occupies the dominant position in the economic development in Kentucky.
    Louis Neville is developed rapidly in recent years in service industry and information industry base, headquartered in Louis, the Health Insurance company HUMANA is HMO with the originator, Louis Weil's local banks and investment companies through national mergers is gradually becoming the western financial center in the United states.
    The recently established Vc firm B cATALIST by Louis Weil in the high-tech development zone E - MAIN center for incubators, attract the information industry, especially the development of B - B company to Louis Weil.
    "USA Today" and "Wall Street daily" published in this special report, called Louis, city economic structure for major update.
    Louis, or the American Midwest cultural entertainment center.
    Louis, a bustling city and quiet villages, a good foundation and development potential, more importantly, Louis, peace loving people, friendly, honest, china is people's good friend.
    Area: 104623 square kilometers In fifty states, to thirty-seventh.
    Population: 3458000 In fifty states, ranked thirty-seventh.
    capital: Frankfurt Frankfort The main city of Louisville: Louisville Lexington Lexington State flower: violet flowers Dongguan State bird: cardinals   
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