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What about the air, water and food environment in the United States?
Pay attention to environmental protection life?
Expert answers:
The environmental awareness of the United States is very strong.
Even in Manhattan, which is an inch of gold, 10% of urban parks can be set aside, which is basically a reflection of the environmental life of Americans.
After all, after all, after the stage of boosting the economy by pollution, heavy industry has basically moved to foreign countries or relatively barren areas in the United States, and there is basically no large-scale pollution industry in densely populated areas.
Food quality is also very, very good, and there are also large supermarkets specializing in organic food, which are strictly confirmed that there are no additives in the food, but the price is much higher than the general supermarket.
Air, water and food, Americans do love their country in terms of environment.
There are nearly 100 national parks in the country, and they spare no effort in protecting the environment and species.
But the energy consumption of Americans is the highest on the planet, there are a lot of waste of resources.
Their environmental protection, simply refers to their protection of their living environment, in terms of carbon emissions, Americans really have a lot to blame.
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