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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Indians buy houses in the United States.
Which area is better?
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Chinese people are more and more fond of buying houses in the United States!
According to the 2017 International Buyer Report of American Housing, issued by the American Association of Real Estate Brokers, Chinese buyers have been ranked first for the third consecutive year, becoming the largest buyers of real estate investment in the United States, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom.
According to the report, Chinese buy $31.7 billion in the United States, Canadians buy $19 billion in the United States, British buy $950 million in the United States, Mexicans buy $930 million in the United States and Indians buy $780 million in the United States.
Most buyers from China, India and Mexico are long-term resident buyers, while most buyers from Canada and the United Kingdom are non-resident buyers.
Among them, Florida is the most popular, accounting for 22% of the total purchase, followed by Texas (12% of the total purchase), California (12% of the total purchase), New Jersey (4% of the total purchase), Arizona (4% of the total purchase).
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