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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How do Americans determine the EB-5 investment immigration schedule?
Why is the schedule stagnant?
What are the influencing factors?
Expert answers:
The fiscal year of the United States is from October 1 of that year to September 30 of the following year.
In each fiscal year, according to different types of immigrants and countries of origin, there are quota restrictions on immigrant visas.
For EB-5 investment immigrants, the visa quota for each fiscal year is 9,940.
Investors themselves and their spouses and children occupy quotas.
Of the 9,940 visas, the quota for each country does not exceed 7%, or 695.8 visas.
The principle of using visa quotas is first come, first served, that is, the earlier the priority day (I-526 Immigration Bureau receiving day) the case will get the visa quota firSt.At the same time, if there are more than 695 applicants in one country (e.
China) and the applicants in another country have not used up the quota in one fiscal year, the quota that other countries have not used up can be used by applicants from a large number of countries, and it is still the first come first served principle.
In the past few years, the number of applicants for investment migration from other countries/regions in non-mainland China has been small, so the visa quota actually used by Chinese investors is much higher than the quota of 7% in a single country.
In fiscal year 2017, for example, 6833 visas were used by Chinese investors and their affiliated applicants, accounting for 68.7% of the total number of visas.
With the increasing number of Chinese investors and the limited number of visas, the visa requirements of all Chinese applicants can not be met in a single financial year.
Therefore, in May 2015, the schedule for Chinese applicants began to appear.
The U.S. State Department is trying to predict the number of unused visa places in other countries, so that the excess visa places in other countries can be handed over to applicants from countries with large numbers of applications.
So far, Chinese investors have been able to use redundant visas from all other countries, because China is the only country where the number of applicants exceeds the visa quota.
If the number of applicants in other countries continues to rise, the remaining visas in these countries will be reduceD.If the remaining visas in these countries are reduced, the total number of visas available to Chinese investors will be reduced, which will lead to a slow advance in the schedules of Chinese investors or a reversal of the schedules in the mid-fiscal year.
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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions
    In Texas enjoy the pure American style
    The Lone Star State - Texas, is the second largest, close to Mexico Bay, the geographical position is superior.
    The unique tourism resources in recent years by many china tourists, in recent years the number of American tourists to texas chinese increased year by year.
    2014, about 101000 chinese visitors to texas, is expected to 2020 years the number of tourists in texas china will be 60% growth.
    chinese market is the most important and the most potential market for texas, chinese tourists spent in texas and the length of stay were more than international tourists from other countries.
    The 15 big city, texas has a 5 seat, were Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austen and Sanantonio, tourists can be seen from the above the city feel texas unique cultural heritage and charming natural scenery.
    NASA Johnson Space center (NASA Johnson Space center), Diocese of Sanantonio National Park (The San Antonio Missions National Park) - the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization is one of the world cultural heritage, Sanantonio Ocean Park (SeaWorld San Antonio), texas State capitol (Texas State capitol), F1 (Formula 1 racing).
    Fort Worth national site (Fort Worth National Historic ranch Stockyards) and other famous sites and landmarks, visitors have to show texas rich historical and cultural.
    All this makes texas become a tourist destination in the United states.
    Texas is not only rich historical heritage, its excellent cultural and artistic atmosphere will give visitors the opportunity to indulge in the beautiful art, texas has many of the world's leading Museums.
    The fort Gimbel Museum of Art (Kimbell Art Museum), the Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas Museum of Art), contemporary Arts Museum Houston (Museum of Fine Arts Houston) and the Hughes Neal collection (Menil collection gate in Houston) are from the world of fine art collections for visitors to enjoy.
    As everyone knows, texas is the birthplace of the American cowboy, visitors can experience the pure American culture in texas.
    Many of the rodeo and open to visitors will be the most authentic cowboy ranch life in front of tourists.
    texas has more than 100 resort for tourists to experience the cowboy ranch life, fully understand the cowboy culture.
    Many pastures in Texas the most beautiful scenery from the city to the district center, very convenient, do not have to travel, can remove the city pressure at any time, completely into the 19 century cowboy leisurely life.
    Away from the city lights, a bonfire in the sky, with the family barbecue taste delicious;
    soar in the wide pastures during the day, feel free.
    texas is definitely the ultimate cowboy heart belongs to you.
    texas is not only a geographical area, a variety of natural resources is the state characteristic of coastline and majestic mountains throughout the state.
    Big Bend National Park (Big Bend National Park) and Guadalupe Mountains (Guadalupe Mountains National Park) two national parks provide rich resources for outdoor love outdoor sports tourists.
    Big Bend National Park area at an altitude of a huge gap, the Rio Grande altitudes up to 2000 feet, odd mountains (chisos Mountains), the elevation is above 8000, unique natural scenery attracts many tourists to explore the Grand canyon, where the rock group and the vast desert.
    Spain called "El Despoblado", this is a bicycle, boating, camping, hiking, fishing, swimming and photography lovers paradise.
    After the Big Bend National Park Adventure, visitors can go to Big Bend Ranch State Park nearby, including 17 mile trail and 30 mile gravel road, very suitable for hiking, horseback riding, biking and cross-country car.
    Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Western Texas Guadalupe Mountains, with an altitude of 8749 feet Pufeng gwada Lu is the highest peak in the state.
    Tourists can visit the ruins of an old inn, also in the vicinity of the pine springs camping camping.
    The park covers an area of 135 square miles, the park has McKay (McKittrick canyon) vertical canyon.
    In autumn, the Maple Valley coarse teeth dyed red.
    At present, texas for visitors with several classic tourist routes, will include the Dallas / Fort Worth, Sanantonio, Houston, Austen and other famous scenic spots, but also add some ranch experience.
    For the love of outdoor adventure tourists, in addition to the above attractions, we will recommend the Big Bend National Park (Big Bend National Park) and texas beach to the trip.
    Now, American airlines have been opened from Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong, to the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport direct flights, chinese international aviation also offers visitors to Houston non-stop flights, provides great convenience for visitors to texas Texas has become the United States in recent years, the focus of tourism research, not only because of its rich historical and cultural and natural resources, it is worth mentioning that, because of its diverse shopping resources, texas is also known as the best shopping destination, from luxury stores to brand discount stores throughout the entire state.
    Every year texas accepted 8 million 500 thousand tourists from all over the world, most of the tourists will choose consumption in texas.
    Moreover, texas shopping centres and shops will provide professional services for international tourists.
    In addition, the texas international visitors can also enjoy the preferential policy of tax refund, which makes china visitors get more benefits.

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