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Which cities are most suitable for living in the United States because of their low unemployment rate, low housing cost, low population density and low crime rate?
Expert answers:
Arlington, Virginia Arlington is the most livable city in the United States in 2017. As long as you have a stable source of income, you can live comfortably in any city.
This is the case for Arlington residents, whose unemployment rate is only 2.8%.
In addition, after paying for housing, the average income of residents will reach 40,000 dollars.
The comfort gap between average income and housing costs means that Arlington residents can leave enough money for their retirement plans.
Fremont, California Fremont rose seven places from last year's ranking to become the second largest livable city in the country.
If you want to find a safe place to live, Fremont will be a good choice.
The city's property crime rate and violent crime rate are very low, ranking in the top ten.
Fremont is not only a safe place, it also provides residents with a lot of jobs.
The average resident here has about $23,700 at his disposal after paying for his house.
It's in the top five of the index.
In addition, only 3.2% of the residents are unemployed.
Perhaps the only drawback of living in Fremont is that you need a car.
The city's population density is the lowest among the top 10, while the walking convenience is only 44, so it can only drive.
Plano, Texas For two consecutive years, Pleno ranked third in a row.
Dezhou is one of our top ten economic powerhouses.
Residents earn an average of $45,000 a year and an average housing cost of $17,000 a year.
This means that the residents of Prano can dispose of about $28,000 after solving the housing problem.
And for those Prano residents seeking investment and financial advice, there are Prano Financial Consultants in the top 10 of the national financial companies.
As far as employment is concerned, there seems to be abundant job opportunities, with only 4.1% of the residents unable to find jobs.
Here, there's another benefit for all these hard-working people:
Texas has no state income tax.
Jersey, New Jersey Jersey was the champion in the list last year, falling to fourth place this year.
Jersey City is a walkable city with good public transport links with New York City and other parts of New Jersey.
However, close ties with New York are a double-edged sworD.It means good employment opportunities, but it also raises the cost of living.
Residents in Jersey should have about $19,000 left after paying for housing.
Jersey City scored 87 for walking convenience, ranking second directly.
Irvine Bay, California According to our data, Irvine Bay is even safer than Fremont.
This southern California city has the lowest rate of violent crime in our study and the second lowest rate of property crime.
So, if you are most concerned about security and you are considering moving to a new city, Erwan is definitely worth pushing!
Besides, the economic situation of the residents in Erwan is also very gooD.After paying for housing, residents have an average of $18,400 at their disposal.
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