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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What's the latest progress in the visa processing for US investment immigrants?
Is Indian investment in immigrating to the United States still $500,000?
Expert answers:
The time has come to March, and it is expected that the Immigration Bureau Reform Bill, which was introduced in advance in February, will end in a dumb cannon.
Congress actively brewed EB-5 reform, and a new draft came out on March 8. After various interests were balanced, the big boys reached an agreement:
EB-5 investment immigration projects in the United States, starting with a minimum of $500,000, rose to a minimum of $925,000 (rural areas, urban priorities, infrastructure projects, American territorial projects, closed military base projects, or small business lending fund projects with the involvement of the U.S. Treasury), with a maximum of $1025,000.
In addition, after the EB-5 reform, the total number of visas remained unchanged, still 7.1% of professional migrants, but 1450 visas were reserved for rural and urban underdeveloped areas each year, and 200 visas for infrastructure projects.
I-526 applications can be processed urgently in rural and urban priority areas.
However, with draft 3.8 coming out, the two parties of Congress, rural and urban, have reached an agreement to prepare a hitchhiking budget at 3.23. On March 16, news suddenly came out that the legislative reform of 3.23 EB-5 had faileD.3.23, the unconditional extension of EB-5 is basically a foregone conclusion.
Goodbye 9.30!
The total amount of visas remains unchanged, the EB-5 investment immigration threshold remains unchanged, and applicants still need to invest only $500,000 to immigrate to the United States.
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