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How many ways do India emigrate to the United States?
How much is the minimum cost for a family of four to immigrate to the United States?
Expert answers:
The U.S. immigration system provides a wide range of green card access for foreigners, including family immigrants who bring American citizens to their home countries to come to the United States for reunion, professional immigrants who let American workers settle in peace, refugee applications, green card lottery tickets, temporary status allowed to stay in the United States by temporary policies and legal protection (such as the Dreamchaser Program).
Among them, dependant immigration is the most common way to immigrate to the United States.
The program allows foreign spouses, children, siblings or parents of American citizens to apply for permanent residence status in the United States.
Because of the large number of applications and the limited number of places, a large number of applicants have to wait many years before they can be approved.
Of the 1 million immigrants accepted annually in the United States, about 70% are accepted through this policy.
According to data from Pew Research Center, 804,793 people obtained American green cards in 2016 by clustering immigrants through family groups.
At present, the Trump government believes that even with quota restrictions, the pro-immigration policy is still too loose.
It suggests limiting the conditions for applicants for family green cards.
Only spouses and children can apply, while other family members need a "scoring" system to apply.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Tampa: a quiet and mysterious city Soon after he graduated from Boston, he moved to Tampa, a Midwest Florida city.
    Coincidentally, a month later, I set out from Shanghai to Orlando, the United States, to begin a half-year internship experience in the United States.
    In this way, a brother who has been in the United States for more than ten years and a brother who has just come to the United States for a week are meeting by chance.
    He's in Tampa, I'm in Orlando, all in central Florida, and the two-hour train ride creates a magical effect, no deliberate arrangement, but can meet in the United States.
    So, a phone call, brother asked for two days off, I started from Orlando.
    About Trains Amtrak, an American railroad company, can buy tickets directly from its official website.
    It charges 13 dollars to send an email from Orlando to Tampa.
    It looks like a green-leather train in China, but it's a bit like a combination of high-speed rail and green-leather cars.
    About the Railway Station As in the picture, the railway station feels a bit retro, perhaps because it was built earlier, because the development of American railways has been a thing of the past century, and now there will always be a sense of obsolescence.
    There is no screen or notice in the hall.
    The trains back and forth are about an hour late.
    It's only when you ask the staff that you will tell you that you may feel a little nervous about your first train ride in the United States.
    Because there is no notice, you may think you missed the train.
    Arrive at Tampa Tampa's train station is still the same, the same style, the same size, the same.
    Old brother has been waiting at the door, boarding the car that moment, thoughts, such a large world, but can meet here, this feeling is wonderful, and old brother a calm "come", as if we just met yesterday, and as if we met as easily as a neighbor door.
    The railway station is located in the center of the city.
    My brother drove me to my apartment.
    It's located in the suburbs, but it's only twenty minutes away.
    Road Sitting in the car, this exotic feeling made me take pictures, from the city center to the suburbs, from high-rise buildings to the sea, all the way beautiful, sitting on the co-driver, looking around enjoyably.
    have a bit of rest Because my brother picked me up from the company, he went back to his house and changed a suit of clothes.
    On an app called yelp, he found a Korean restaurant and took me to Korean cuisine.
    The proprietress is Korean, but she is fluent in English.
    I look at the menu a little confused, or my elder brother interprets for me while doing translation.
    It may be the first time in ten years that I have heard my brother speak English, and I'm a little excited because he never speaks English when he returns home, even if I want to find him to practice his oral English.
    But this point has also been deeply understood after I worked in the United States.
    It's hard to go back to my home country.
    If I can speak at home, someone will speak to you in English.
    How annoying! On the way On the way back to the apartment after dinner, the old man's apartment is near the sea.
    The scenery along the way is very good.
    You can feel the style of the city without deliberately experiencing it.
    Back in the apartment, my brother took out a stack of switching game CDs and stuffed them into the TV for me to play.
    In the evening, my brother made a table dish.
    To tell you the truth, my brother's craftsmanship is really good.
    The dishes are delicious and there are many patterns.
    Travel after dinner After dinner, old man said go, take you out for a stroll We were walking along a green road, with houses built by people on both sides.
    They were all kinds of houses, but they were full of warm atmosphere.
    What's the feeling of living in such a mysterious street? At least I think it's easy to get lost, but the sense of leisure and quiet is really valuable.
    Gulf The end of the green alley is at the seaside, and the road next to it is really a little GTA.
    It's still light here in Tampa at more than eight o'clock.
    It's almost nine o'clock in the evening.
    The sea breeze blows on the cheeks, comfortable.
    It's just a little lonely, just because there aren't many pedestrians on the road.
    After returning, he and his brother went to the community gym to work out.
    After the exercise, he went home and drank a glass of milk, washed and slept.
    The second day Because of my work, I can only stay here for two days, so the next afternoon I will leave for Orlando.
    In the morning, my brother showed me around Asian supermarkets, 20 minutes from my apartment.
    There are many varieties in Asian supermarkets, but vegetables are expensive.
    Although many people ask me not to consider the exchange rate, when I see how many dollars, I will subconsciously convert RMB=/, or slowly adapt to it.
    Local Supermarket After visiting Asian supermarkets, we came to another supermarket near our apartment.
    Of course, there are many kinds of supermarkets, but they lack Asian characteristics.
    After returning home Brother prepared lunch, rich, not good, surprised that he came to the United States for more than a decade to really cultivate himself into a chef, but also hope that I can improve in the United States in a few months of cooking.
    To tell you the truth, my brother's craftsmanship is really good.
    There are many patterns.
    Goodbye Tampa After lunch, I watched TV for a while, and my brother took me back to the railway station.
    As always, when I left, I said goodbye to my brother, who still calmly said, "Well, pay attention to safety", as if I would come to his city again tomorrow.
    Maybe, maybe not.
    Tampa is a quiet and mysterious city, not lack of downtown prosperity, but also rich life, close to nature, explore the shady Avenue feeling will not be forgotten.
    Well, Tampa, I'll come again, I hope!
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