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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the pitfalls of immigrating to the United States?
Is EB-5 a risky investment for immigrants?
How to judge the quality of immigration companies?
Expert answers:
With the soaring demand for Chinese families to immigrate to the United States for factors such as education for their children, living environment and so on, news of various kinds of immigration fraud cases in the United States has been spread frequently, some of them believe in false propaganda, some of them are cheated by greencard investment, and some of them are beaten by eggs.
In the EB-5 immigration project, the choice of investment projects is the most vulnerable part of many investment immigration applicants.
It is also the most vulnerable link after being cheateD.Because the failure of the EB-5 investment project directly leads to the failure of the application for the immigration project.
How can we guard against the American immigration trap and find the best companies to invest in immigration in the United States to ensure that we are not deceived?
Look at the EB-5 investment immigration project:
Really good American investment immigration companies choose reliable, credible and well-backed projects.
For example, Yongming International's US Chartered Schools Project, which has successfully operated for more than 30 periods, has helped countless investors to successfully obtain the US Green CarD.The funds of previous projects have now been successfully returned to American immigrant applicants.
Second, look at the strength of investment migration companies:
the relevant laws and regulations of American investment migrants stipulate that investment migrants must be "venture capital", and project parties are not allowed to make oral or written promises of repayment and return on investment.
Strong U.S. investment and immigration companies, such as Yongming International, will analyse in detail the capital composition and risk control measures of investment projects with immigrant applicants.
Select the reliability of the project and reduce the risk of the investor in the project investment.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Michigan Free Travel: Mackino Island
    I went to Midland for the second time.
    During these months, I spent my spare time visiting some of the famous tourist destinations in Midland.
    What I see is shared with you.
    The main destination is Mackinac Island, Mackinac Island, Mackino Island.
    Driving north from Midland, 285KM arrived at Mickinac City in Mackino City in nearly two hours and forty minutes.
    It is said that the city of Mackino is actually very small.
    It is only a small county.
    Because it is near Lake Huron, it is also a ferry to Mackino Island and a tourist city.
    Every town in Michigan has such a building, both a landmark and a water tower.
    Mackino Bridge, Lake Huron's blue lake water is intoxicating.
    The lake's clear water, white spray on the shore, swimmers, dog walkers, birds flying in the air and boats spraying in the lake make up a beautiful scene.
    Lighthouse built in 1890: Old Mackinac Point Light After closing at 5 p.m., a couple married here.
    There is a street in Mackino City.
    Both sides are shopping, buying tourist souvenirs and some items with American characteristics.
    If the buildings are not as good as those on Mackino Island, they will not be introduced.
    Located in the north-central part of the United States, Michigan is located in the famous Great Lakes region.
    Lake Michigan is the only lake in the United States.
    The remaining four lakes are shared with Canada.
    Michigan is divided into two islands, North and South.
    The Mackinac Bridge connects the two islands.
    The bridge is a cable-stayed structure, with a total length of more than 2600 meters.
    It was built in 1957 and has a toll of $4 to recover the toll.
    It only receives cash.
    The bridge is also the boundary between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, with Lake Huron to the East and Lake Michigan to the weSt. Looking at the scenery on the bridge is so beautiful.
    The magnificent bridge, the blue lake on both sides, and the blue water are so enchanting.
    Like the sea, the blue sky and the white clouds are so relaxed and happy.
    Unfortunately, they can't stop.
    They took some pictures in the car to share with you.
    Cross the bridge to St. Ignes, North Island, and stay at West Wester Hotel, Best West Hotel.
    One night 152 knives, including breakfaSt. The hotel is near the lake and has a good view.
    Sunrise in the morning American hotels have an interesting project: roast marshmallows.
    At night, the guests sit around the fire pond and roast marshmallows with the utensils provided by the hotel for free.
    The children are very happy.
    Cotton candy is soft, burnt, crisp and tastes different.
    It also provides a gathering place for guests from all sides.
    After a free breakfast buffet the next morning, I went to Denmark Mackino Island, the main purpose of the trip.
    Take the Star line Ferry at the dock, round trip 24 knives.
    This ship is the stern sprinkler that we saw yesterday.
    Mackino Island has been the second National Park in the United States since 1875 and the first resort in Michigan.
    Cars are forbidden on the island.
    Only bicycles and carriages are used for transportation.
    The area of the island is not big.
    It's about 10 MILE a week and about 2 hours by bicycle.
    As soon as he arrived, he could smell a peculiar smell, which was the smell of horse manure.
    Out of the pier is Main Street, which is the busiest part of Mackino Island.
    Shops stand on both sides.
    Beautiful baskets hang under street lamps, balconies or windows, colorful, relaxing.
    The houses on the island are built on the water or hidden in the forests of the mountains.
    They are mostly pointed roofs with chimneys.
    They have a strong Victorian architectural style.
    We rented a bicycle for two at the wharf exit at $10 an hour.
    The road design on the island is very scientific.
    On the way up the mountain, every 20 steps down to a platform, you can relax and ride a flat road.
    Of course, you can also get off and ride without moving.
    Along the way, riding by the lake, looking at the azure Lake water, looking at the Mackino Bridge in the distance, when going up the hill, walking through the dense woods, passing through a small airport, when seeing the aircraft roar take off, it is amazing that such a remote place also has an airport, marveling at the development of the aviation industry in the United States! There is a military fortress at the top of the hill with six tickets.
    Climbing the top and looking at it from afar makes you relaxed and happy.
    More famous Grant Hotel, 200 meters long corridor is still the world's firSt. Now you need to buy 10 tickets to visit the hotel, or you can use 40 knives for buffet lunch, free of visit fee.
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