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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the options for immigrating to the United States?
Expert answers:
There are many ways for American immigrants to acquire American identity, such as EB-5, by investing in local projects in the United States.
EB-5 is short for Employment Based Fifth Preference.
Employment Based is translated into Chinese to mean "employment-based".
In addition, there are also EB-1 attracting top talent, star actors, research awardees, executives of multinational corporations and other special talents from all walks of life; while EB-2 is a group of people who have advanced degrees or special skills and are able to contribute to the economy, culture and education of the United States; EB-3's audience is a group of people who can meet the needs of the industry although they have not necessarily made extraordinary achievements.
People with a job gap in the United States.
The most special feature of EB-5 is that there is no requirement for the applicant's academic, professional and linguistic competence.
Although it is not necessary for applicants to have skills suitable for employment in the United States, EB-5 investment can create employment opportunities for local people.
That is to say, letting others get employed can also be called "employment-based".
Since employment needs to be created, the investment of EB-5 applicants naturally needs to meet some conditions.
EB-5 initially (1991) required an investment of $1 million to create 10 jobs for Americans.
Then in 1993, the concept of "Target Emloyment Area" was introduceD.TEA refers to regions where the unemployment rate is more than 150% of the national unemployment rate.
If you invest in these areas, you can reduce the EB-5 investment to $500,000.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Hampton - Travel with Future Pilots
    Hampton, located in a small town in southeastern Virginia, is home to NBA superstar Iverson.
    The US Air Force Operational Command Headquarters and NASA Manned Flight Center are all located here.
    NASA has always attached great importance to popular science.
    Hampton has a Lanley Tourist Center.
    This is not a small temptation for future pilots, which is also our biggest goal to come to this small city! Hampton, built at the mouth of the James River, is close to the Chesapeake Bay.
    Washington, D.
    , has a very prominent strategic position.
    It has Lanley Air Force Base.
    It is stationed in the U.S. Air Force First Fighter Unit.
    It cooperates with Andrews Air Force to undertake air security, patrol and escort missions in the White House and Pentagon.
    The following group of photos show Peach (future pilots) entering the base a few months ago to watch an air show called Air Force.
    F-22, the hottest Five Generation Aircraft at present, is not for sale in the United States.
    The base's first fighter wing decommissioned F-15 has all been replaced with F-22, which is the only base equipped with this advanced fighter in the U.S. Capital Defense Circle.
    Shockwave Jet Truck, carrying three jet engines, is the fastest truck on the planet and has set a record of 605 kilometers per hour.
    To put it right, my trip started at the Virginia Aerospace Center, NASA Lanley Tourist Center.
    Lanley, American astronomer and flight pioneer, was named after Hampton Air Force Base, NASA Manned Research Center and the first aircraft carrier in American history (VC-1) in memory of his contribution to aerospace.
    Appearance Behind the museum is the James Estuary.
    When you enter the museum, the first thing you see is the elaborate model display cabinet.
    B-52, the legend of serving in the U.S. Army for more than half a century, is still coming to our South China Sea from time to time to cause trouble.
    SR-71, the peak work of human aircraft! It's hard to imagine that 50 or 60 years ago, without the help of computers, engineers had to design by hand.
    So far, many records have not been broken.
    F-4 F-86 Future flight to me, this is the F-18 maximum angle of attack tester, unique! Play Video Peaches have become pilots.
    They are not only fascinated by aviation, but also interested in aerospace.
    Delta II, Mercury Red Stone Rocket, Cosmos God-Centaurus Rocket, Hercules II Gemini Launch Vehicle,.
    Facing the same rockets, peaches are like treasures, but I can never tell who is who.
    Orion Manned Spacecraft, Planned for Mars Exploration Apollo Manned Spacecraft I call it "Mongolian yurts" for the purpose of researching immigrants to Mars (if you remember correctly).
    Virgin Mars Lander LLRV Lunar Landing Research Vehicle Inside the museum, the simulated cosmic extraordinary launch capsule Inside the cabin, it's cool and technically sensible.
    We've been launched.
    It's a great experience.
    Play Video Former Soviet Union Mir Space Station
    American Space Laboratory Through many American aerospace museums, the biggest feeling is volunteers.
    They are professional, enthusiastic and friendly.
    Radio equipment for communications with the International Space Station.
    Volunteers introduced peaches in great detail.
    During the conversation, I learned that the volunteers graduated from Andrebo University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, which is Peach's dream college.
    The introduction of professionals has benefited peaches a lot.
    Peaches enjoy chatting like this, and we almost miss the time when we have bought tickets for the movie.
    Leaving the museum, we habitually stroll around this small town, quiet, clean and orderly, which is no different from most American towns, not to mention any special features! Farewell to the town, we visited Monroeburg as planned, a 402-year-old military base.
    In 1609, British colonists began to build military strongholds here to defend the James River estuary, experiencing the War of Independence, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and continued to expand until the last batch of U.S. Army was withdrawn in 2011, declaring the end of the historical mission of the base.
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