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Which is a good American Business School?
What's good about it?
Is the score high?
Expert answers:
THE, a British education magazine, ranks business schools, with 10 of the top 15 universities in the United States, representing international recognition of their comprehensive capabilities.
So what's a good American business school?
What's good about it?
Stanford University Stanford University ranks first in the THE World Business Rank, with a literature citation score of 98.3, an enterprise income score of 65.1, an internationalization score of 70.
6, a research level score of 92.7, and a teaching level score of 95.1. This school not only has outstanding teaching strength, abundant funds and sufficient funds, but also is located in the "Silicon Valley" of the United States, where students can access the most advanced technology and ideas in the world.
MIT MIT ranks second in the THE World University Business Rank, scoring 100 in citation, 94.4 in corporate income, 70.
6 in internationalization, 93.3 in scientific research and 89.9 in teaching.
The super high score demonstrates MIT's great strength from the side.
Harvard University Harvard University ranks sixth in the THE World Business Rank, scoring 99.8 in literature citation, 34.2 in corporate income, 54.1 in internationalization, 89.1 in scientific research and 89.8 in teaching.
University of Chicago The University of Chicago ranks seventh in the THE World Business Rank, with a literature citation score of 99.9, an enterprise income score of 33.8, an internationalization score of 57.9, a scientific research score of 86.0 and a teaching level of 90.
8. Northwestern University Northwest University ranks eighth in the THE World University Business Rank, with a literature citation score of 98.1, an enterprise income score of 34.4, an internationalization score of 56.7, a scientific research level score of 88.0, and a teaching level score of 90.
2. In the United States, Northwest University is a well-known university, and its Kellogg School of Business has world-class research results in many fields.
In addition to the above institutions, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California, Berkeley, Columbia University, Cornell University and New York University also ranked on the list.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Mississippi River Visitor Center.
    In the Mississippi River Basin, every state, city and scenic spot has visitor centers.
    Visitor centers not only have complete tourist information, but also many free museums about local customs.
    Many visitors have free coffee.
    Look for some information here, look at maps, have a coffee break, if there is anything.
    If you talk to the staff, you will get their enthusiastic service and give some practical and valuable suggestions according to the specific weather and season.
    Welcome signs can be seen at the junction of each two states.
    A visitor centre will be set up not far from the sign.
    It will enter Mississippi and soon see the visitor centre.
    Visitor centers are located on the roadside of the main road, and there are obvious signs far away.
    The visitor centers are beautifully decorated, like a beautiful and warm home, and the second floor is a free museum with pictures and collections representing the history and culture of the state.
    That is to say, Mississippi is known here.
    Compared with the music characteristics of the basin.
    This map sign is the symbol of a river trip.
    This two-storey building is Mississippi Visitor Center and Museum.
    The colors and decorations inside give people a very beautiful and comfortable feeling.
    On the delicate tea table, there are delicate flower arrangements.
    Beautiful curtains and shapes, as warm as home The layout here is very much like a beautiful home.
    Quiet and beautiful environment, let people forget the fatigue of the journey Drink a cup of hot coffee and feel refreshed Look at the cultural pictures of the Visitor Center.
    This is the home of many famous musicians.
    There's a lot of information about tourist attractions, and you'll always find where you want to go.
    Travel information of various scenic spots Information and Mapping Various information Upstairs is a free museum.
    You can go up and see Mississippi's cultural introduction.
    These are once used for labor farm tools, local crops, music and so on, rich and colorful content.
    Every picture has a story, a memorable history.
    Memorial of familiar faces on Stamps
    Every singer has many touching stories and experiences.
    Singer's Signature Instrument Pictures of musicians
    Cotton, the main crop in the Mississippi Valley, is packaged and shipped around the world, and cotton bales have become an important culture.
    If you are a music lover, you will be moved by music here.
    If you look at this small museum with your heart, you can learn a lot about the culture of the Mississippi River Basin and be touched by their stories.
    Collecting History as an Important Culture
    Unearthed relic Collection of Old Artifacts Collection of Singer's Instruments This is the home of blues music.
    It's the first time that I know the relationship between country music, rock and roll music, jazz and blues music.
    I'm interested to have a close look at these texts.
    Precious Collection There have been many famous singers in the Mississippi Valley.
    These songs are still popular in this land and even in the world music circle.
    What happened in every era of history has become a precious material worth recording and collecting.
    These take time to visit slowly, and every visiting center can find a lot of valuable things we want.
    As for the food in the Mississippi River Basin, many friends have asked me that eating nature is an important part of the journey.
    People are also very concerned about eating.
    Some friends asked me what special food there is.
    I also introduced what I saw to you.
    The fast food restaurant is also beautifully decorated.
    There are many artists'pictures on the wall.
    Restaurant is clean and tidy Many western foods are very nutritious and delicious, and tasting different kinds of food is also a wonderful part of the journey.
    Starbucks Chocolate
    Starbucks chocolate, all of which can be bought for the road.
    Another is the accommodation along the way, accommodation also has a variety of types, hotels are generally on the suburban roadside, the same hotel, the daily price will be different, I stay in the hotel after tax is generally added to the average of about $100, if everyone about together, double together corresponding savings of half the accommodation fee, here is basic.
    The price of a series of hotels and motels of different brands will change at any time, so we should often check on the Internet.
    Maybe more than one hundred today and more than two hundred tomorrow.
    Generally, the weekend price will be much more expensive.
    What's more, we need to know if there is a free breakfaSt. Most of them have free breakfast, just breakfaSt. Different, some have only a few cakes and coffee, some are very rich.
    It is recommended to bring some chocolate or convenience breakfast, which can be solved by hotels without breakfaSt. In order to avoid wasting time looking for food and beverage.
    Hotels are basically concentrated in a suburban area.
    This breakfast is good.
    The porridge is hot and delicious with brown sugar, almonds, raisins and walnuts.
    And fruit.
    Butter, jam, etc.
    All kinds of bread Meatcake and fried eggs
    In short, the Mississippi Valley does not have to worry about food, shelter and travel.
    Although not prosperous, it is still a mature social environment.
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