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How much does it cost to live in the United States?
What is the living standard of every state in the United States?
How much does it cost for international students to stay in the United States?
Expert answers:
According to the Business Insider Income Survey of 2017, to live a "comfortable" life in the major cities of the United States, annual income should reach $70,000.
San Francisco, San Jose, New York and Washington are the four most expensive cities.
Specific data as shown in Figure 1:
The list of daily living expenses in American cities is as follows:
Housing costs in New York are as follows:
If graduates want to find a job in big cities like New York or the Bay Area to support themselves, they should at least meet these needs:
Shared apartment living room:
600 yuan; Shared apartment room:
1200 yuan; Independent apartment one room and one hall:
2800 yuan Diet:
Chinese restaurants:
15 per capita; American fast food:
8 per capita Consumption tax:
about 9% Oil price:
about 3 knives Telephone charges:
family plan per capita is about 40 Net fee:
about 20 per capita Thus, if foreign students want to live in the first-tier big cities in the United States, their salary will be about $3000-4000 per month.
If they want to live in a comfortable living standard, their salary will be $7000 per month (before tax, it will be $10000).
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    It's like entering the ancient Zion National Park.
    I have to admit that the western Utah side of the United States is really a treasure land.
    Many national parks, many exotic landscapes, beautiful and shocking autumn scenery, and some places with a little fairy spirit.
    Zion is more than an hour's drive from Bryce Canyon; most of the way is in the wilderness, but nothing special is actually visible.
    The peculiar landform can not be seen until you enter the park.
    As soon as you enter the ticket office of the park (tickets are still $251), the most obvious view is the pale orange-pink rocky hills on both sides of the road.
    The roads in the park are all red, very gorgeous, very matching the environment here.
    Mountains are basically barren mountains, and sporadic trees are not very noticeable.
    Occasionally, climbing goats can be seen looking for food and grazing on steep cliffs.
    They have attracted many cars to stop and take pictures.
    Zion Zion National Park, located in the Colorado Plateau, Basin, and the border of desert areas.
    So there is a very special geographical environment, and there are many unusual animals and plants living in this area.
    In fact, even if you don't know about animals and plants, just looking at rocks and mountains makes this place special.
    The car has been driving along narrow and steep mountain roads.
    Sometimes it needs to go through caves and drive over eighteen curved Panshan Road beside the cliff.
    It was all right when we went up the hill, but in the downhill period, every one of us was pinching sweat.
    It was really exciting.
    Panshan Road will go to the Visitor Center parking lot in the park.
    Friends with more time schedules can stay here, or they can take the free Bus in the park to visit http://www.nps.gov/zion/index.htm.
    But we arrived here near dusk, a little late, so we decided to look here and turn back.
    Visitor Center is located in a low valley surrounded by peculiar pink mountains; the sunset in the west, the light is very gentle hit the mountain, soft burning feeling to the stone covered with a mysterious fairy veil.
    What we see seems to be a long, long time ago, a very old and ancient time.
    I would not be surprised if a dinosaur popped out in the next minute.
    If you have more time, it's absolutely more shocking to go hiking to see more things.
    Although there are rocks and hills near the highway, there will be streams and waterfalls in the quiet path inside, which is a completely ancient and uninhabited planet.
    When we returned, the sunlight was getting weaker and weaker, but we were lucky to see the semi-circular gap on the cliff road before the last light disappeared.
    It is said to be a landmark of the park.
    The semicircle is like a gate.
    If it can be opened, I don't know if it's Pandora.
    Originally decided to drive all the way back, but, looking at the ripple lines on these stones, still very reluctant.
    The Wave Valley http://en.
    wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wave, _Arizona is not far from here, and everywhere is what I really yearn for.
    On Zion's side, I'm a little excited to see a small wave.
    Although it's much smaller here, the radian of the wave is not as beautiful as the real wave valley.
    But I still want to find a place where I can stop and take pictures.
    The real Wave can't go this time.
    At least let me have a look at the Shanzhai version.
    Then, just about to go out to the park, beside the red road, there is a relatively broad feeling of ripple mountain and stone area.
    So we all threw the car on the side of the road, got off, rolled over the small ditch, and set foot on the waves.
    Layer by layer of stone, really like waves hit one by one and then instantly solidified.
    The neat radians, layers and tones are amazing.
    We can't go to real Wave.
    We're very excited to play here.
    Although we know that real Wave is much more shocking than here.
    It's here to jump, lie down, run and sigh at the wonders of nature.
    We saw that we had a good time on the ripple road, and a few cars stopped behind to watch.
    Jumping into the darkness, Zion's brief three-hour tour ended.
    If there is a chance, or absolutely must come to play carefully, hiking into the depths of the valley, will be able to find more strange scenery.
    Later, the next morning, we set off from Bryce Canyon in the direction of Las Vegas.
    I didn't think there would be any other shocking scenery on the road, but I didn't realize that when I passed here, I could hardly wait to get off my chin.
    Here is Zion Over Look.
    It's a place that overlooks Zion Zion Zion National Park.
    At present, the area is mysterious and ancient.
    On the cracked hilltop, it seems that a pterosaur or a big bird in Avatar can fly out.
    I was deeply shocked.
    It was autumn again, and the trees that had just begun to change color up and down the valley, red, yellow, orange, and a lot of green, all of which formed a beautiful painting.
    Looking at the scenery, I'm not sure whether it's real or fantastic.
    Zion's last glimpse was the most amazing.
    This landscape goes far beyond all the scenery we've seen in the last few days.
    I just regret that I didn't find it earlier.
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