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What matters should India pay attention to in order to pass through customs smoothly when entering the United States?
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As we all know, the visa readjustment in 2018 will result in stricter entry examinations.
News reports about repatriation, closing down the dark room and other things are also increasing.
Recently, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced new rules to strengthen the search of passenger electronic equipment at the border as a basis for law enforcement by border officials.
According to the new regulations, law enforcement officers can search electronic equipment extensively for passengers entering and leaving the United States, ask passengers to provide passwords, and, if necessary, detain equipment and related information.
That is to say, law enforcement officers can ask to check all your electronic equipment, including tapes, cameras and music players.
Information, email, photos, and browser search history in your device will all be thoroughly checked by the Customs!
And if they ask you to unlock your encrypted files and devices, you can't refuse.
If you refuse to unlock the device, or the device cannot be accessed, CBP officials have the right to confiscate your device and seize it.
If you are a tourist, it may be worse.
CBP may prevent you from entering the country and send you back.
Therefore, in order to enter the United States and pass the customs smoothly, we must prepare for the following in advance.
1. Prepare for inspection of electronic products.
This means that before you leave, remember to charge your cell phone, iPad, laptop or other electronic products and check whether their jackets are easy to remove (or simply take them off in advance for inspection).
That's because if you're randomly selected, but your electronic product doesn't work and you can't start it, or you can't get rid of the condom, then it can't continue to travel with you.
2. Clean up the files and data stored in your electronic products (mobile phones, iPads, laptops) in advance (check whether there is sensitive information in your mobile phone).
According to media reports, Apple and Samsung phones will be subject to extra stringent censorship.
3. If you have a separate encrypted partition on your hard disk, it may attract the attention of CBP agents instead.
4. Consider transferring sensitive data to the cloud or storing it on another device at home.
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    Christmas in America.
    Christmas is a big festival in the United States.
    In December, the United States is basically in the Christmas atmosphere.
    The Christmas trees along the street are beautifully decorated.
    All stores will launch Christmas counters.
    Christmas products are everywhere.
    The company has a holiday in advance.
    Every family is preparing for this grand festival, so I am the first one.
    The United States is full of Christmas atmosphere.
    When I arrived in Los Angeles, as soon as I entered my old classmate's home, I saw their whole family busy.
    The large Christmas tree in the living room was full of gifts.
    Another good friend of Jundi's family arrived one after another.
    Our three families spent Christmas together.
    Jun and I used to spend Christmas together since we were very young.
    At that time, our way was to borrow some gifts.
    It's very rare to have the chance to spend Christmas Eve together in the United States after many years.
    What's interesting is that a full table of Christmas dinner is all takeaway from Chinese restaurants by telephone.
    The tableware is disposable.
    Besides a cake, it can express the meaning of Christmas, there is also a TV broadcaSt. All the other Christmas programs are like Spring Festival in China.
    Haha, after all, it's a Western festival.
    But after dinner, Jun's wife has prepared Christmas gifts for everyone.
    Of course, we have already prepared them.
    We exchange gifts together and enjoy it.
    So we have a Chinese-Western festival.
    After dinner, Jun suggests that you all be one.
    Start driving to see a Christmas Street repeatedly introduced in the newspaper.
    It is said that every house in that street was carefully arranged by the owner and formed a unique landscape.
    So I drove out, just came to the street and my heart was half cold.
    The street was empty and there was no Christmas atmosphere.
    Occasionally, some houses were decorated with some colorful lights.
    In the past, people in the West paid more attention to going to church or family reunion on Christmas Eve.
    The Christmas atmosphere at home was the most important.
    This is really different from that in Asia.
    I spent Christmas Eve in Singapore with Chunzi, where all the people rushed to the streets and the streets were holy.
    Birthday song, but now Los Angeles really seems very cold, finally found the street in the newspaper, but nothing special.
    It seems that the newspaper reports are somewhat misleading.
    Passing through a street, finally found a shining villa, parked nearby to see the lively, many people, but see the villa owner's clothes.
    Standing outside the door dressed as Santa Claus, the child next to him who looks like Harry Potter is probably his grandson.
    All passers-by can take pictures with him.
    Even I can see tourists coming from tour groups.
    The old man chose such a unique way to celebrate the holidays.
    It took a lot of lighting to decorate the villa.
    Money, real money for fun.
    We went up to take pictures with him and wished each other a Merry Christmas Eve.
    This Christmas Eve passed like this.
    It was not addictive, but also very special.
    To commemorate the birth of Jesus is to show people's mutual love.
    The next day Jun suggested that the two families go to Down Town together.
    Every city in the United States has its own Down Town, which is very different from the residential area.
    So people usually come here on holidays and buy enough things for a week.
    They hardly ever go shopping.
    So sometimes they feel lonely in the United States because they live there.
    In addition to going to work is home, neighbourhoods are rarely exchanged, see is also very polite, everyone has their own space, non-interference, no parents are short, less social, friends appear to be precious.
    About half an hour's drive, we arrived at Deown Town in Los Angeles, much like Xujiahui in Shanghai, where there was a bit of traffic.
    It seemed that everyone was gathered here.
    Down Town was big, but all the shops were closed, because during the long vacation, only the catering shops were open and the cafes in the street garden were crowded.
    People, drinking coffee in the sunshine, talking about the world, and there are many cinemas open, the new version of Holmes is popular, Americans like to sit in the cinema to watch movies, because there is no such a huge piracy system as China, DVDs are very expensive, few people like us at home at any time.
    Home theatres enjoy the newly launched blockbusters.
    Although the American TV system is high definition, they have to go to the theatre themselves to see the latest blockbusters.
    It is interesting that there are many temporary stand-ups of cards at the entrance of each cinema, with the title and playing time on them.
    Everyone consciously queues up behind the stand and waits for time.
    Almost all the staff will come out like a tour guide and bring the group into the theater.
    Next time you come to the cinema in the United States, you must see a movie.
    Since there was no shop to go around, we drove home after a walk in the sunshine.
    I went straight to the supermarket.
    There were many Chinese supermarkets in Los Angeles.
    There were no hairy crabs in them.
    There were all kinds of things in the country except hairy crabs.
    The price was cheap, the seasonings were complete, and the freshness and variety of vegetables were beyond my expectation.
    Like this, I am very surprised.
    I decided to show my cooking skills tonight and make a big Chinese meal.
    I believe it will be very popular.
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