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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Why do Indians like immigration more and more?
Can you educate your children and emigrate to the United States?
What's good for children?
Expert answers:
The significance of immigrants for the next generation is that they can grow up in accordance with the natural law, and when they grow up, they can also have the educational resources that thousands of troops in China can obtain by crossing a single wooden bridge.
Education is the heart of every parent.
They want to give their children a time of innocence and freedom.
However, society oppresses their children to move forwarD.So many parents just want their children to live a relaxed life and enjoy a better childhood.
Common pictures of foreign primary schools:
1. Children in school, whether good or bad, will be the same attention and respect of teachers; 2. Schools give children adequate sports activities; 3. Easy learning tasks, so that children after school, have sufficient time and energy to do what they like to do, develop personality; 4. Better yet, teachers are willing to put down their stature, treat their children equally, and guide them to find their own answers, even if this method is much slower than direct teaching.
But these standards are very difficult to achieve in China, so-called famous schools, elite schools are closely linked with grades and enrollment rates in the final analysis, and the pressure of children in school is self-evident.
Diversified Development In addition to school, teachers attach great importance to the development of children's character, sports ability and other life experiences.
Teachers are always creating opportunities for children to exercise their collaborative and leadership abilities, even in the evaluation of educational report by the Education Bureau.
In addition, schools will set up various types of clubs to allow children to freely choose their hobbies and interests, as well as a wide range of creative activities, such as campus disco, seaside activities, marathons, and even making cakes.
Teach students in accordance with their aptitude Schools abroad basically do not compare children horizontally.
Every child is different and has its own characteristics.
It is impossible to set a dimension (such as grades) to compare.
The only thing that can be compared is the child's past and present, that is, his own progress.
Even if the first-time overseas children are weak in language and poor in performance, they will still be praised by their teachers.
When children are encouraged, they become more and more confident, and their enthusiasm for learning is stimulated.
Seek far and neglect what lies close at hand It takes only 10 minutes to tell the child a truth, but the teacher would rather spend an hour to let the child discover the truth by himself.
They believe that the learning process of children's discovery of truth is more important than the truth itself.
This is contrary to the domestic pursuit of results and immediate educational ideas.
cultural environment I don't know when to start, "369" deeply embedded in our values, the top of the pyramid of discrimination against people at the bottom of the pyramid is ubiquitous, which is one of the reasons why everyone is anxious to go up.
In foreign countries, even if children do not go to famous schools in the future, like to be a barber, cook or hydropower worker, they can also occupy a relatively fair place in society and get due respect.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Mackino Island, Michigan
    Shops on the island are few and concentrated.
    There are many hotels, so it's also a good choice to stay on the island.
    Most importantly, there are not as many people as Gulangyu.
    On Mackino Island, you can enjoy the scenery.
    You can rent a bicycle when you are tired.
    If you don't want to ride a bicycle, you can ride a horse-drawn carriage.
    How comfortable is it? There aren't so many people on the island, so it won't be so crowded.
    Even where you swing, you can play as long as you want, and no one will snatch it from you.
    To be honest, I like Xiamen and Gulangyu.
    But I hate so many people crowded on that island.
    Mackino Island is different.
    It has more beautiful scenery and fewer people than Gulangyu Island.
    It makes me like it more and enjoy myself more.
    Mackino Island, no strategy required.
    You just need to enjoy your time.
    Or hiking, or riding, or riding a carriage.
    Feel free and comfortable.
    Like Gulangyu, going to the island by boat.
    We are a group, so one person is 18 dollars.
    This is the underwater surface of the ship taken before departure.
    This is the surface of the ship before departure.
    A view of the island.
    The feeling of American town is coming.
    The island can only walk, ride a bicycle and ride a carriage.
    This is the carriage on the island.
    Ice cream from a store.
    The island is full of ice cream shops.
    There are not many shops on the island.
    It's easy to find your favorite flavor of ice cream.
    A family home after passing a shop It's the same family.
    The seaside.
    This is the lawn where weddings can be held.
    When I went there, I saw foreigners taking wedding photos.
    It's enough to prove the beauty of the island.
    On the sea you can see the splash of the cruise ship.
    On that day, you can see the rainbow.
    A little mushroom head in down jacket appears!!! Ha-ha Little Mushroom Head 222 Another Cruise Picture On the way to the most beautiful hotel on the island.
    Little Mushroom Head was shocked.
    Don't pat me, okay.
    In other words, the sun shines very well.

    Taste Boston Food
    Boston is a port city, and seafood is its specialty.
    Almost every restaurant in Boston has a variety of lobster dishes on its menu, such as traditional boiled lobster, roast lobster and even fried lobster balls.
    The lobster here is divided into small lobster and big lobster.
    First served is the lobster, a foot of two kilograms of weight, snowflakes of white meat let your mouth water ah.
    Next, crayfish Lobster is a kind of food with high nutritional value and easy to be absorbed by human body.
    Boston's lobster is cheaper and has lower fat content than Australian lobster.
    If you eat it at home, it's really an economical choice.
    Boston Recommended Restaurant: Summer Shack Address: 50 Dalton St, Ste 2, Boston, MA02115-3129
    Per capita consumption: 185 - 246 Special dishes: seafood, prawn with iron plate
    Legal Sea Foods Address: 255 State Street, Boston, MA
    Per capita consumption: 123 - 308 Special dishes: seafood, oyster bar, miscellaneous stew soup Of course, in addition to lobster, many seafood dishes, are very good, worth trying! Thick soup In Boston, soup, spoon scoops, hala, fresh vegetables, rich milk flavor are available in many places.
    It's great! Looks like you really want to take a spoon and have a drink.
    Recommend a small shop Salty Dog Address: 206 Faneuil Hall Market Pl, Boston, MA02109-1634
    Per capita consumption: 0 - 185 yuan
    Special dishes: thick soup
    Dessert Boston School Boston pie is a world-famous cake dessert.
    Want to go up and bite, soft! Boston pie is not really a pie, but a soft sponge cake.
    In many coffee shops in Boston, cakes are available.
    If you have an oven in your house, it's quite convenient to make Boston pie.
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