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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How is the health care level in the United States?
Which hospital is the best?
What are you good at?
Which is the best Department of heart disease and geriatrics?
Expert answers:
As a representative of developed countries, the medical industry in the United States is also among the top in the worlD.According to the comprehensive list of the best hospitals in the United States of America published by the authoritative media U.S. New & World Report, the selected ones are still frequent customers for many years, and many hospitals with a long history are still highly respected and their status is still difficult to shake.
Of the nearly 5,000 hospitals assessed, Massachusetts General Hospital was rated as the best hospital in the United States.
Birth, age, illness and death are the irresistible norms of life.
Most people deal with hospitals several times in their lives.
Medical care in the United States ranks among the top in the world, but the level of medical care provided by different hospitals across the country varies.
Massachusetts General Hospital, which ranked second last year, rose to number one this year.
The hospital has good scores in various departments, especially in otorhinolaryngology, diabetes, endocrine, neurosurgery, psychiatry, gastrointestinal, surgical, geriatric, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and lung diseases.
Overall, the hospital environment in the United States is very gooD.Hospitals also pay attention to patients'privacy.
Doctors have a good attitude and are honeSt.These are the results of the restrictions of the American medical system.
Hospitals in the United States use appointment system.
A doctor can see a limited number of patients every day.
The purpose of appointment is to ensure that every patient has access to a sound diagnosis and treatment.
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    ABOUT maryland local customs, tourist attractions
    With the National Aquarium Fish Dance
    Baltimore aquarium is not the country's largest aquarium, but called the "National Aquarium", named "national", we believe that the basic level is the central In the harbor shore National Aquarium was built in 1981, a total of 5 exhibition halls, with several large water tank, exhibited 5000 kinds of aquatic organisms.
    The use of advanced technology to make the audience have a dance at the bottom of the sea, fish and roaming feeling in the visit, every day around the world audience in a continuous line.
    A ship anchored outside the aquarium galleass constellation".
    One of the founding of the United States at the beginning of this year after the launch of 1797 ships at sea was made repeatedly expressed.
    Virginia Beach also has an aquarium, and marine science center.
    Every day visiting visitors is in a continuous line.
    Especially for children, so let them linger aquarium, family swim aquarium, here is the main source
    The Museum volunteers very much, from 10 years old to leave the students retired elegant old, they were willing to spend their spare time and dedication to public welfare undertakings.
    chinese is the lack of real love charity volunteers, if any, are neighborhood organizations with red hoop to Zhanjie, of course the volunteers also need cultural knowledge Volunteers encourage visitors to touch the animal, because when you feel very cute animal, you know are going to hurt them, but not to hunt!
    In fact, there is no underwater touch before, that also should love small animal, respect their right to life, in turn, touch after we can ensure that people avoid it?
    A souvenir aquarium, this and our scenic 30 years selling rough souvenirs stereotyped form a great contraSt. From the service to the salesman, when an aquarium basically rely on volunteers to support, the exhibition hall of the year to save a lot of funds, so the ticket is not expensive Save manpower, but also save resources.
    The aquarium emphasizes the concept of environmental protection, specifically to the beach picking up waste re create a new art.
    The artists have great originality being discarded garbage, re combination collocation, arouse people's awareness of environmental protection at the same time, also let people enjoy the art.
    The nets, incomplete reduced to fragments of plastic bags, barrels, when all the wastes can eventually become a work of art, not the lack of eyes to find beauty Visit the aquarium again by an environmental protection course, this is a windfall.
    Obviously, the developing countries in the cognition and the importance of environmental protection, there is still a long way to go National Aquarium in Baltimore Baltimore National Aquarium is a public aquarium in the United States, Maryland East Baltimore Inner Harbor Area No. 501 Platt street, built in 1981, is one of the largest aquarium in the United states.
    The aquarium is divided into two buildings, a multi-storey building is ornamental body in all kinds of water biological, completely closed, another is for the dolphin show theater and rest places to eat, the middle of the closed corridor overhead connectivity, each space has been fully utilized.
    There are 1 million 600 thousand people to visit the aquarium every year, become a major scenic spots in Baltimore city, known as the "crystal Palace underwater world mystery show".
    There are 660 species, about 16500 animal.
    Aquarium Dolphin show, featuring the roof of the tropical rain forest, the central light tank and multilayer shark tank.
    Is there a gift shop and cafe are two buildings in the National Aquarium in Baltimore, tired can drink coffee in the cafe, visited the aquarium can go to the gift shop and buy some small home accessories!
    In 2005, the National Aquarium in Baltimore Maryland has become the largest tourist destination.
    National Aquarium in Baltimore
    Reason: one of the biggest American Aquarium
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Maryland: [Maryland State]
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