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    ABOUT maryland local customs, tourist attractions

    Maryland in the Atlantic coastal plain, the south is north of sand, the land is fertile. The trans the Atlantic Chesapeake Bay, coastline of 3200 miles. Chesapeake Bay is a wide and long big drowned Valley, stretching inland from south to north, the it is divided into two parts of things. Chesapeake Bay, 320 kilometers long from north to south, east-west width of 6 - 60 kilometers, the most depth of up to 105 meters. The West Bank of James River and the Potomac river. Bay head north, have into the Susquehanna river. And there is a 30 km long canal, through the northern Delaware to the downstream of Delaware river.

    (Maryland) is located in the east coast of the United States, East into the Atlantic Ocean, and the Delaware border, north to Pennsylvania and South and Virginia and the District of Columbia adjacent to and from New York, Washington very close.
    Climate and area: state area of 32134 square kilometers, ranking forty-second in the United States 50. The eastern coastal plain hot summer and winter temperature, growing season is longer than 200 days. January average temperature of 2 degrees Celsius; in July the average temperature of 23 degrees.
    The annual average rainfall is 1070 mm, not much snow. Mountain winter temperatures often below 0 degrees, snowy, cool in summer, in July the average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, the growing season is only 160 days.
    City and population: the population of about 5 million 828 thousand (2011), ranking nineteenth in the United States, which accounted for 62.1% of whites, 27.9% of African Americans. Capital of port city of Annapolis City, statewide there are 23 counties and one independent city - Baltimore (Baltimore), is the United States is an important trading port.

    Is Badi Moore to the Washington Metropolitan Area in. Less populated east coast of Maryland live in Lanzhou, mostly farmers living in the south, and the situation in Lanzhou the same horse. As for the three counties of Lanzhou in Western Allegheny County, ray en:Allegany, great en:Garrett county and Washington County en:Washington, is sparsely populated, mountainous terrain, until close to the West Virginia border compared to the big city. The composition of Ontario it race is as follows: 62.1% white (non Hispanic), 27.9% African Americans, 4.3% Hispanics, 4% are Asian Americans, 2% mixed race, 0.3% is the native indians.

    Foreign investment: it a good investment environment has attracted more than 500 foreign investment enterprises settled, is one of the nation's foreign enterprises the highest density region. The Sino American Maryland Science Park is established by University of Maryland and the Chinese Ministry of science and technology cooperation, one of the Chinese Ministry of science and technology the torch center of six international projects, and only in the United States cooperation projects, designed to attract and support in the United States of Chinese health care, environmental protection, agriculture, energy technology company source and fire and other industries research and development entities. The project is located in the adjacent area of University of Maryland and Dahua house, relying on the University of Maryland research and development resources and talent advantages, can obtain the introduction of capital, business consulting, training and other services in a timely manner, can also make use of the incubation center of University of Maryland (TAP) and the Maryland industrial partnership project (MIPS) resources. To 2010 has been Top Orchids, Inc., software Limited by Share Ltd, Yasheng pharmaceutical R & D Co. Ltd. in the park settled. [2]

    The area is also an important wine producing regions in the United states.

    Baltimore city. Is the largest city in Maryland. Is an important port city of the Atlantic. Southwest from Washington, DC60 multi kilometer. Urban area of more than and 200 square kilometers, a population of 73.6 million blacks accounted for 55%. Large urban areas, including the surrounding 6 counties, an area of 5673 square kilometers. Is an important economic and cultural city in the eastern part of the United States. The Europeans arrived here in the early seventeenth Century. Built in 1811 to the mainland

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