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    ABOUT local customs, tourist attractions
    The Western Railway Museum is located in California of Barstow, aimed at collecting, protection and display of the American Southwest Pacific Railway History and culture.
    Describes the development of the western United States in different periods of history, railway technology, and the important role in the development of the railway in the United states.
    The museum's exhibits are divided into indoor and outdoor indoor exhibition exhibition, featured in different years of railroad timetables and staff uniforms, the use of tools and equipment, railway historical pictures and a series of articles.
    A rail vehicle, outdoor display of motor vehicle, locomotive and a series of railway operation equipment.
    The Western Railway Museum opening hours on Friday and the weekend from 11:00 to 16:00, the railway enthusiasts can over the weekend to the tourist, understand the history and culture of the western railway.
    Western America Railroad Museum
    Reason: one of the most important American Railway Museum Spots continents: North America [North America]

    Scenic region / Country: the United States [America]

    Attractions of the province, California: [California State]

    Attractions: [Barstow]

    city of Barstow Kansas, the name from the Indian language (Sioux language), its meaning is "the south region" PeopleoftheSouthWind.
    Yibasanyi years of colonial rule.
    1861 years January twenty-nine, became the thirty-four state.
    The Sunflower is the state flower of sunflower.
    The alias is called "sunflower" Sunflower-State.
    The state motto: "our pursuit of happiness," TotheStarsthroughDifficulties.
    Topeka is the capital of Topeka, located in the northeastern part of the state, population yisiwan.
    Metropolis Wichita Wichita in south central Honshu, 3 million population, known as the aircraft city.
    This is the largest aircraft industry in central city.
    The State College has five, in which University of Kansas is the most famous.
    It is located in the east of the capital of Lawrence Lawrence, founded in 18 to 0 years, approximately twenty thousand students.
    The state has two features: first, it is forty-eight in the geographic center of the continental United states.
    Second, the yield of Winter Wheat in the fifty states of the United States, ranking first.
    The state is located in the middle of the continental United states.
    The northern boundary of nebraska.
    South of oklahoma.
    West of Colorado prefecture.
    East and adjacent to Missouri prefecture.
    From the northwest to the southeast corner can be divided into three areas: (A) in the high plains area is the largest, accounting for about 2/3 of the state area, height of more than 1000 meters, the ground has been cut, appeared in Hilly gully.
    (B) northeast of the moraine area, the area is very small, also be cut.
    (C) the southeast is the Great Plains, height is only 200 metres.
    The climate in this area, the summer has no bitter winter is warm smoked people (Mexico Bay air flows up).
    Moderate rainfall.
    The river because the ground tilted to the southeast, suitable for the construction of irrigation canals, has built hundreds of small artificial lake.
    The main landscape of the state: (A) the undulation of the crop (winter wheat).
    (B) in the pasture dotted with cattle.
    (C) the farmhouse built beside the barn and hay barn towering.
    (D) oil region have numerous wells iron Oilwellderricks.
    The main crops are wheat, known as the world's breakfast state (because in recent years the United States wheat sold in Europe, Asia and Africa, two).
    Followed by Lu shu.
    Many cattle, about seven million, ranked fourth in the fifty states.
    The average people of the state has three cattle.
    Mineral oil and natural gas production, grant thornton.
    Has the world's largest manufacturing plant in the central state of helium of OTIS.
    Laurence Laurence is located in the United States in Northeast Kansas, Kansas River, is the sixth largest city in Kansas County, Douglas County, named for Amos Adam Laurence, politician.
    This is a well-known university city, University of Kansas and Haskell University of Indian is located.
    Laurence has been named the "most suitable for retired people living place" and "one of the ten major U.S. university city" in the United States, so it is worth a visit.
    The city's architectural diversity, so that visitors can enjoy different in different style elegant buildings, covering Italy, Vitoria, Gothic, Tudor, Richardson Rome and other style.
    Watkins (Watkins Community Museum) Community Museum exhibition in Douglas county and Laurence's history and culture.
    Spencer art museum is located in the campus of University of Kansas, the collection of outstanding and outstanding cultural and artistic works, these works of art from Europe, Asia and the americas.
    In addition, the University of Kansas Museum of natural history, South Bank Parklands is also worth a visit.
    Reason: the United States of Kansas, famous university city Spots continents: North America [North America]

    Scenic region / Country: the United States [America]

    Attractions of the province, Kansas: [Kansas State]

    City Attractions: Laurence [Lawrence]

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