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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
TOP10 Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University In 1993, Barnes Hospital, Jewish Hospital and Christian Health Service jointly formed the BJC health system, which became the earliest integrated Affiliated Hospital and community hospital in the United States, covering both urban and rural health care systems.
In 1996, Barnes Hospital and Jewish Hospital were formally merged.
Barnes-Jewish Hospital is the ACS certified first-class trauma center, and in 2006 was identified as one of the five "highly prepared trauma centers" by the National Trauma Care Foundation of the United States.
Barnes-Jewish Hospital, with advanced thoracic surgery technology, is one of the largest lung transplantation centers in the world and has implemented the world's first bilateral lung transplantation.
In 2003, the first artificial laryngeal surgery was performed in the United States, which restored the patient's vocal function.
The Institute of Cardiology, Washington University, affiliated to Barnes-Jewish Hospital, is one of the first centers to carry out angioplasty, coronary artery bypass grafting, valvuloplasty and heart transplantation.
Most cattle specialty:
nephropathy specialty, lung specialty TOP 9 University of Pennsylvania Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian In 1871, after the University of Pennsylvania moved to its current Schulekill West campus, William Pepper (1843-1898) and others suggested to the University Council the establishment of affiliated hospitals for clinical teaching.
In 1874, the University of Pennsylvania Hospital (HUP) was officially opened.
In 2014, it was ranked the seventh largest medical institution in the country by the US News World Report.
Doctors and research experts at the Pennsylvania Medical College are dedicated to various medical research, including the development of the first pneumonia vaccine, the development of imaging techniques such as MRIs and the introduction of total intravenous nutrition.
Most cattle specialty:
cardiology specialty, otorhinolaryngology specialty, lung specialty, endocrinology specialty TOP 8 UCSF Medical Center The UCSF Medical Center was established in 1868 and is recognized worldwide for its innovative patient care, advanced technology and pioneering research.
As an academic medical center, UCSF Medical Center has the only National Comprehensive Cancer Center and Women's Health Center in Northern CaliforniA.UCSF Children's Hospital is a "mid-hospital" with more than 150 specialists covering more than 50 specialties.
There are child-specific programs, including a 50-bed neonatal intensive care unit, rehabilitation children's entertainment program and 60 excellent clinics in Northern CaliforniA.This is the first successful intrauterine fetal operation in the world.
Most cattle specialty:
diabetes and endocrinology, gynecology, nephrology, neurology, rheumatism, etc.
TOP7 New York Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell Presbyterian Hospital was founded in 1868 by philanthropist James Lenox (1800-1880).
In 1922, the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center was officially opened and became the first medical center in the world that integrates medical treatment, education and research.
Most cattle specialty:
Cardiology, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Geriatrics, Neurology, Psychiatry, etc.
TOP 6 Brigham and Women's Hosoital Brigham and Women's Hosoital, the second largest Affiliated Hospital of Harvard Medical College in the United States, was merged in 1980 by three affiliated hospitals of Harvard Medical College:
Peter Bent Blegen Hospital (founded in 1913), Robert Blake Blegen Hospital (founded in 1914) and Boston Women's Hospital (founded in 1832).
Clinically, the hospital ranked the top 10 in the US News & World Report's National Hospital Evaluation for 11 consecutive years.
In the ranking of specialists, the Department of Nephrology and Gynecology ranked first in the United States; the Department of Cardiology and cardiac surgery, rheumatism and endocrinology ranked the top ten in the United States; cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, bone.
TOP5 Cleveland Clinic Cleveland Clinic was founded on February 28, 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Although translated into clinic, Cleveland Clinic is a large comprehensive hospital in the United States.
It is a non-profit multi-specialty academic medical center integrating clinical treatment, patient care, research and education.
It has become one of the busiest and most innovative medical centers in the worlD.At present, the hospital headquarters has more than 1400 beds, and the entire hospital system has 4400 beds.
It is one of the largest and prestigious hospitals in the United States.
Most cattle specialty:
cardiology, orthopaedics, geriatrics, gynecology, nephrology, etc.
TOP4 UCLA Medical Center UCLA Medical Center (UCLA Medical Center) is one of the best large general hospitals in the United States.
It was founded in 1955. In the "Best Hospital in the United States" survey of American News and World Report, UCLA Medical Center has been ranked as one of the five best hospitals in the United States and the best hospital in the West for 25 consecutive years.
Fourteen people at UCLA Medical Center won the Nobel Prize.
AIDS was first discovered in 1981. Medical center construction cost 800 million US dollars, known as "the most technologically advanced hospital in the world".
Most cattle specialty:
Cancer, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Ophthalmology, Nephrology, Urology, etc.
TOP3 John Hopkins Hospital The Johns Hopkins Hospital, founded in 1889, is a large general hospital in Baltimore, MarylanD.It ranks among the top three in the United States in cancer, nervous system diseases, digestive tract diseases, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, urology, psychiatry and geriatrics.
Johns Hopkins Hospital has created many firsts in medical history, including the first complete sex change surgery, the first heart bypass surgery, the first tetralogy of Fallot surgery, and so on.
Many of the usual operations in today's hospitals, such as the use of rubber gloves in surgery, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and renal dialysis, began at Hopkins Hospital.
The first human poliovirus isolation, the discovery of DNA restriction endonucleases, and the discovery of endorphins were also completed by researchers at Hopkins Hospital.
Most cattle specialty:
otorhinolaryngology, rheumatology, urology, etc.
TOP2 Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic is a world-renowned private non-profit medical institution.
It was founded by Dr.
Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1864. It is one of the most influential and representative medical institutions in the worlD.It is a leader in the field of medical research.
Although the Mayo Clinic in the United States is called a "clinic", it is actually a comprehensive medical center with a long history.
Most cattle specialty:
gastrointestinal department, geriatrics department, diabetes and endocrinology department, gynecology department, nephrology department, etc.
TOP1 Massachusetts General Hospital Massachusetts General Hospital, affiliated to Harvard Medical College, is one of the three oldest hospitals in the United States.
It was founded in 1811. It is the world's recognized authoritative hospital.
It is the largest Affiliated Hospital of Harvard Medical College.
It leads the world in the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, pediatric, neurological, cerebrovascular, eye, ear, nose and throat, rheumatic immunity, blood, endocrine and other diseases.
The first application of cancer gene-wide detection technology, in cancer gene localization therapy, Proton therapy, radiotherapy surgery and other aspects of the world-renowned, a total of 13 Nobel Prize winners.
Most cattle specialty:
diabetes and endocrinology department, otolaryngology department, gastrointestinal department, neurology department, etc.
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    ABOUT delaware local customs, tourist attractions
    Newark is located in Newcastle county, Delaware, United States, is the third largest city in the state, it is the seat of University of Delaware.
    This is a collection of entertainment, shopping, tourism as one of the city, is a quiet and comfortable city, is a let people enjoy the quiet beauty of the city.
    Newark has many green park, the park provides recreational facilities, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding opportunities for tourists, in addition, a tennis court, baseball field, softball field and swimming pool, so that visitors can enjoy the most beautiful natural scenery, can also participate in sports various It is worth mentioning that the bicycle is very popular in the city, built a number of bike paths, on both sides of the path of fame, provides travel routes for bike enthusiasts, both physical health, but also cultivate sentiments.
    Necessary to Reason: the third largest city in the United States Delaware
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state: [Delaware State]
    Delaware Newark city attractions: [Newark]

    There are some suggestions for reference.
    Suggestions and strategy: In 1, the Grand canyon, located in the town of Williams, Arizona, about 100 kilometers north.
    If the plane, can first arrived in Arizona (Phoenix) and Phoenix Flagstaff (MAST), Las Vegas and Nevada, and then take the bus, train or car, the Williams, to the grand canyon.
    We are from Las Vegas, car rental, along us Route 40 (which is a major interstate highway across the southern region of the United States), to Williams.
    About 220 miles (1 miles equals 1.61 kilometers), about 3 hours and 40 minutes driving time.
    2, a domestic flight, should pay attention to two points: first, each piece of baggage, you need to pay $25. So, don't take the luggage must be checked, especially on the need to transfer or shuttle tourists, this is not a small fee.
    Try to use the small box can carry on the plane or backpack.
    Of course, as a result, a larger volume of cosmetics, bath lotion, toothpaste, only to buy.
    Two, the United States has four time zones, in order that the eastern time zone, central zone, mountain time zone and West Zone, followed by a difference of 1 hours.
    After the plane, to check the airport hall clock, adjust the watch, so as not to delay the trip.
    3, Williams, is a very unique town.
    Located at No. 40 on the edge of the road.
    There is a railway through the town.
    Because this is necessary to the Grand canyon of the land, therefore, a lot of tourists, motels, restaurants, bars, gift shops and other clouds, very busy.
    The legendary Highway 66 in one kilometer, is through the town.
    The town's entrance, there is an old (according to the history of the United States is 1) iron plaque, "the door of the grand canyon".
    In the Williams night, the next morning to the Grand canyon, is usually the choice of many tourists.
    4, Williams the hotel a lot, but generally require advance booking.
    This time we booked hotel Grand canyon Travelodge not zeyang.
    The first room, go after the dog smell of strong stocks, estimation of the hotel allows passengers to bring pets to live.
    We open the door, just to see the next room with an elderly couple, their dog sitting on the bed!
    We have a dog at home though, but can not accept the dog bed.
    We require you to replace the room immediately.
    After the replacement of the room, the smell is slightly better, but also have a strange smell.
    What is more Speechless is actually no bathroom exhaust fan, although there is a small window, but no screens, night not open, because the mountains of mosquitoes, flies all too much, if you fly in, don't sleep all night.
    Is not available for the replacement of the room, even if the replacement, house smell, estimation is similar, so we had to do.
    Therefore, it is recommended not to the Travelodge hotel.
    The hotel room is $85.42 (including tax), containing a simple breakfaSt.      5, Williams has a restaurant not far, we live in the hotel called Rod 's, is old, sign on the roof is a cow.
    The restaurant steak is well done, worth to taste.
    6, from the Williams drive to the Grand canyon, one hour drive.
    Many blogs said that this section of the road is only half an hour, driving field, certainly not enough, unless the car speeding.
    In fact, because it is a single lane, overtaking is very difficult, therefore, to serious speeding is not easy.
    Moreover, in the gate of the park, to the parking lot, there is still a way to go.
    The information is not accurate, the error can be misleading.
    Want to see the sunrise friends, pay attention to advance.
    7, if possible, the best advice in the Grand canyon park.
    At the very least, living in the park on the side of the entrance, because the Grand canyon, the most magnificent scenery, is the moment the sun rises or sunset, the Grand canyon that is very beautiful.
    And, along the path to go, even if not go to the bottom, can look at the Grand canyon, another perspective of the world, there will be a completely different feel.
    But these travel arrangements, all need enough time.
    In Williams, apparently not too convenient.
    Stay in the park, need to be booked in advance (even months earlier), the price is higher than the outside, but I feel it is worth it.
    Just for us china tourists, time can buckle down, is the key.
    Park Hotel Address: www.xanterra.com Have good planning camping area 8, the park can provide tents, if the number is large, and there is enough time, can consider camping, cheap, but also need to advance booking, booking website: www.recreation.gov 9, park ticket is $25 per car, regardless of which sit 1 people or 5 people, is valid for 7 days.
    7 days drive freely, enough to play, the feeling is really very cheap.
    A chinese version of the tour, free from the conductor.
    10, self driving cars can only be open to the designated parking lot, and then by the free bus shuttle.
    In the park the bus consists of four lines, with color coded.
    In addition to the blue bus is connected to Passenger center, catering, accommodation, gift shops and camping places, full year of operation, three free bus other red line, yellow line and purple line, various attractions to the Grand canyon, and not the full year of operation.
    11, if only half a day, are advised to take the red bus This tour line, in the Grand canyon West, can see the main attractions of the grand canyon.
    The red line along with many sites, these sites are relatively good landscape, vision of where should get off to see.
    When the bus go, each site is docked, visitors can free up and down, every 15 minutes on the bus here, so don't worry about whether it will wait for a long time.
    The bus came back, only docked 3 tourists a relatively large site.
         12, the site and the site, in fact, the distance is not very long, a smooth path for backpackers walking, even ordinary visitors, also can consider walking a few stops, so you can enjoy the Grand canyon from different angles.
    13, of course, there is a plateau 2300 meters above sea level, for those of us who come from coastal areas, some people might have a little bit of altitude sickness.
    However, I don't believe that is most serious, a little dizzy, feel the foot no effort, as long as the walk slowly, quickly adapt to the.
    Starting point 14, red line bus, the bus is connected with the blue line, end point is called "hermit", so called the hermit (Hermits Rest Route) in the line.
    The meandering line of 11 kilometers, in addition to the starting point and end point, the middle route only about 1 toilets, no shop, do not supply any drinking water or drink.
    So, visitors must bring their own drinking water.
    At the same time, it is a reminder that the bus can only drink water, not drink, eat snacks.
    15, if there is a day to play, it must walk down a walk along the famous Bright Angel or South Kaibab, if not go to the bottom.
    That is unforgettable.
    16, on the "air corridor" (Hualapai Skywalk).
    This is a stretch out from the valley edge of the glass bottom platform, Hualapai is located in the Indian reservation, not in Grand canyon National Park.
    It is located in the westernmost of the Grand canyon, the distance attractions parking lot south rim of the Grand canyon, about 400 kilometers.
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