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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the ways to immigrate to the United States?
Which groups are suitable for?
What are the application conditions?
Expert answers:
Migration to the United States in 2018 includes investment immigration, marriage immigration, technical immigration, emigration of outstanding talents, emigration of senior executives of multinational corporations, immigration of relatives, asylum application and so on.
From the appellation, we can see which groups are targeted separately.
The mainstream is still investment migration, marriage relatives migration and skilled migration.
Investment immigration to the United States Suitable for:
Chinese families with abundant assets EB-5 investment immigrants in the United States require applicants to invest at least $500,000 in investment projects and create 10 jobs directly or indirectly for the United States.
Investments are likely to rise in 2018. Marriage Relative Immigration For applicants who have in-laws or consanguinity with Americans It is worth mentioning that the U.S. Immigration Service has a strict attitude towards the examination of marriage green cards.
It often conducts various surveys and asks very detailed questions to determine the authenticity of the relationship between husband and wife.
Skilled migration For the crowd:
the majority of foreign students In order to attract talents, the United States also opens up channels for foreign students to apply for green cards.
Foreign students can find an employer, then apply for an H-1B visA.After obtaining an H-1B visa, they can apply for a green carD.H-1B visa applications are initially conducted by drawing lots.
Recently, auditing in the United States has intensified, making it more difficult to obtain.
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    ABOUT colorado local customs, tourist attractions
    Area: 269999 square kilometers
    In fifty states, ranked eighth.
    Population: 2619000 In fifty states, ranked twenty-eighth.
    capital: Denver Denver The main city: colorado Stephen clolradoSprings Preblo preblo State flower: aquilegiae cauliflower State bird: the lark The state of colorado from the Spanish name, its meaning is Red.
    1858 colonial.
    In August 1, 1867 to become the thirty-eighth state of the United states.
    Is America the year, just one hundred years later.
    Therefore, the state known as the "centennial State" centennialState.
    The columbine is the state flower aquilegiae cauliflower.
    The state motto: "no God, everything is NothingWithoutDeity.
    Denver is the capital of Denver population Wuerwan (large urban Yiererwan) is the first city in the state.
    The city is a altitude of 300 meters (five, six, 28, feet), is just a mile.
    Therefore, the city's nickname, called the "Mile High city" MileHighcity.
    Because it is the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco two metropolis, known as the "Queen city of the Great Plains in" QueencityoftheGreatPlains.
    The United States Mint and nuclear power plant nearby.
    The dome of the State capitol building.
    All labeled gold flakes;
    To the south of the capital colorado spring coloradoSprings population yisiwan.
    The United States Air Force Academy near.
    The state has thirty-four institutions of higher learning.
    The most famous is the University of colorado, founded in 1876, located in Boulder, Boulder, approximately thirty thousand students.
    Denver and colorado city have at spring two.
    The state has two features: first, it is a state in the United States (the highest peak in the United States Alaska california).
    Secondly, the state of molybdenum (Mo mixed with steel called molybdenum steel, hard) production ranks first in the world. In addition, it is made of tin, vanadium, tungsten and uranium.
    The southwestern United States of colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, 4, the area of each square are not many.
    collectively, is a field character.
    The state due to high and steep terrain, complex climate, crop species is also very complex, wheat, sugar beet.
    Animal husbandry cattle, sheep.
    There are mineral oil shale, molybdenum, vanadium, uranium and oil.
    colorado, Utah and Wyoming three states (oil shale oil refining, is a can), has not yet been mined.
    The output of molybdenum accounts for about 3/4 of world production (molybdenum is the necessary material, rocket manufacturing origin in Marx clinmax Klein).
    The tourism industry was $more than 600000000 years.
    Denver city is the capital of the state of colorado, located in the base of the magnificent Shandong Lu falls, near the South Platt River, an area of 397 square kilometers, a population of nearly 50 million, with an average altitude of 1610 meters (about a mile), it is "a mile city".
    Where previously uninhabited, until the discovery of gold in 1858, before the establishment of the first settlements.
    In 1867 Golden moved from the state capital of colorado when it was still a remote town.
    With the construction of the railway and the United States after World War II population westward and southward migration of population in Denver city.
    Here in 1975 oil and natural gas, a time around the stampede in exceedingly wealthy men.
    The city of Denver, where thousands of oil companies, a skyscraper built outside the city, derrick everywhere.
    Denver from the social status, rapid development, and has become a famous city in the midweSt. Denver is located inland, year-round sunny, pleasant climate, is famous for its rich carnation.
    The year in Denver more than 300 days of sunshine, fresh air, the city has more than 100 parks.
    The city still has nineteen century pattern: strong walls, ancient palaces, tall churches, narrow road.
    The city center for the State capitol, a collection of millions of volumes of public library around, and possession of ancient Indian art treasures Museum of art.
    One of the two major us Mint Mint is the federal government in Denver.
    Denver is the Rocky Mountain region, financial industry, commercial and transportation center.
    Denver city International Airport opened in April 1995, at a cost of $5 billion, a total area of 136 square kilometers, is one of the largest and most advanced airport in the world. The tourism industry is booming in Denver city.
    There are dozens of peaks over 3000 meters near Denver.
    The winter snow on the mountain, the summit is a famous American Snow gleams white.
    , winter skiing center, every year attracts tens of thousands of skiers.
    Not far from the city of Denver, there is a magnificent peculiar Pikes Peak and the famous American musician Lee Bud 1893 is at Pikes Peak on write touching "America the beautiful".
    A long relationship between Denver and the chinese.
    Mr. Sun Zhongshan once lived in Denver and engaged in revolutionary activities.
    In 1911 after the Wuchang uprising, he was starting from Denver to New York, returning to Europe via the.
    In May 15, 1986, the city of Denver and china's Kunming city became sister city.
    colorado -- the "heart of the west", located in the United States and western hinterland, east of the Rocky Mountains, the four seasons here, pleasant scenery.
    Dreamy Alps dotted with lakes, rare wild animal;
    National Park and the State Park, let you embrace the natural treasure;
    retro vintage train carrying you to browse the charming scenery;
    National Park, the first peak, giant sand dune and State Park and he by tourists.
    The most famous ski resort in Vail and Aspen richly endowed by nature geographical advantage, almost supernatural attraction, let countless ski enthusiasts dream.
    Dude, cowboy town, natural hot springs spa, vineyards, breweries, specialty bars, attracting countless guests from afar.
    The Denver zoo is located in Denver city Park, established in 1896, covers an area of 80 acres, is one of Denver's most famous tourist attractions.
    The first animal zoo is an orphaned American black bear, with the construction of Bear Mountain, Denver zoo became the first American to use the fence instead of the cage at the zoo.
    Denver zoo layout is very delicate, very primitive living space layout of the animal, with the animal's living environment, the tour route is carefully designed, constantly surprises.
    There are 650 kinds, more than 3500 from all over the world animal and birds, is one of the most popular American zoo.
    The zoo is divided into Bear Mountain, primate animal, mammal, feline animal, animal, fish, thick skinned hoofed mammals and birds in the world. 200 many birds in the garden, many are rare and endangered, including the Seahawks, African penguins, Egyptian vulture, cassowary etc.
    The zoo is specialized animal performance, increase the opportunities for their contact with the animal.
    Establishment of animal health center and animal hospital in the park, all kinds of diseases can be timely processing of animal, provides facilities for animal protection.
    Denver Zoo
    Reason: one of the most popular American Zoo
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, colorado: [colorado State]
    Denver city attractions: [Denver]

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