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What diseases affect green card applications in the United States when immigrating to the United States?
Expert answers:
What diseases affect green card applications in the United States when immigrating to the United States?
The following four diseases may affect the application for green carD.If the applicant has such diseases, please communicate with the consultant in detail before immigration to find a solution.
Infectious diseases Typical infectious diseases include gonorrhea, leprosy, venereal lymphogranuloma, active pulmonary tuberculosis and syphilis.
In addition, there are significant health risks associated with quarantine diseases, such as cholera, diphtheria and yellow fever, and diseases that meet World Health Organization standards and are public health emergencies of international concern.
The public health hazards of infectious diseases are considered by the Immigration Bureau.
No vaccination Applicants must be vaccinated against a variety of diseases, including measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tetanus, diphtheria toxoid, pertussis, influenza B, hepatitis B and other recommended diseases.
Students who have studied abroad know that not only do they need to apply for a green card, but they also need proof of vaccination to apply for admission to American schools.
Physical or mental disorders Physical or mental disorders may result in damage to property, safety or public interest, which may prevent applicants from obtaining green cards.
However, both physical and mental barriers must be related to harmful behavior in order to justify rejection of green card applications.
Drug abuse and drug addiction Doctors who take physical examinations will assess the applicant's medication history, behavior and overall physical condition to determine whether the applicant is addicted to drugs or drug abuse.
If the applicant is not given a green card for drug abuse or addiction, no exemption will be granteD.However, if the applicant's drug abuse or addiction is alleviated, it will be possible to obtain a green card.
Applicants found to be unfit for health conditions may apply for exemption from rejection due to certain factors of force majeure, and the Immigration Bureau has the power to grant exemption in such cases.
Having more than one illness will have a certain impact on the green card application, but if the applicant receives treatment and the treatment is successful, it will not have a great impact on the green card application.
However, if no treatment is available, the Immigration Department has the right to decide whether to grant exemption on the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) after the applicant complains.
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    ABOUT west-virginia local customs, tourist attractions
    銆銆 West Virginia introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 62628 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked forty-firSt. People: 1859000 people In fifty states, ranked thirty-fourth.
    charleston state: charleston The main city: Huntington Huntington About the spirit of Wheeling State flower: Mountain azalea State bird: cardinals 銆銆 West Virginia is one of the State Department, the original Virginia.
    From 1861, a state.
    In 1863 twenty, became the thirty-fifth state of the United states.
    The state motto: "mountaineers always free" MountaineersAlwaysFree.
    In the "mountain azalea" Rhododendron is the state flower.
    銆銆 The state is charleston charleston, is located in the western states, the population of seventy thousand.
    Big port in the state of West Huntington Huntington throughout the Ohio River, population eighty thousand.
    The state college more than 20. The west is the most famous University of Virginia, founded in 1867 years, when the location of Morgantown in Morgan in northern Honshu, students about ten thousand people.
    銆銆 The state has two characteristics: first, it is the southeastern region of the United States in the mountain state.
    All by the plateau and mountain plain, No. The alias is also called "Mountain State" MountainState.
    Second, coal production is very rich.
    In the States, the top spear.
    銆銆 The state's inland state, north of Pennsylvania and Maryland State, Eastern and southern aspects, neighbor Virginia, West Kentucky and Ohio prefecture.
    The western and central Allegheny Plateau belongs to AlleghenyPlateau.
    The East Allegheny mountains.
    The region is part of the Appalachian mountains.
    As the main mineral bituminous coal, natural gas, rock salt and.
    The main agricultural production for the production of fruit, milk, also.
    Hard wood forest area accounts for about half of the area.
    Industry, plastic and synthetic fiber is the most famous 銆銆 The tourism industry is filled.
    You can hunt turkeys, deer, bear.
    There are twenty-four state park.
    The most famous is Kazakhstan - Ferri National Historical Park HarpersFerryNationalHistoricalPark.
    銆銆 charleston charleston is located in the United States and Kano tile Elk River River Interchange, is the capital of West Virginia, is the largest city in the state of Kano county and the county seat pad.
    charleston has retained a lot of different styles of ancient buildings, many have been listed as national historic sites, most of downtown commercial buildings, with 80 to 115 years of history, is worth savor.
    Kano Wa State Forest covers an area of 9300 acres, is a good place to get close to nature, to experience the camping, swimming, picnicking, hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and other projects.
    Tourists can visit the local Museum, West Virginia, including the Arapaho exploration and Museum, charleston Museum, St Georges South cathedral.
    charleston, West Virginia will go to American West Virginia's capital attraction where the continents: North America
    scenic region / country: the United States
    attractions of the province, state: West Virginia [West Virginia State]
    city attractions: charleston [charleston]

    Blackwater Falls is located in Tucker county, West Virginia, United States Blackwater Falls State Park, near the Davies (Davis), the park is named after its name.
    The reason was named Blackwater Falls, because a lot of people say that after the black pond falls into.
    Blackwater Falls drop height of 19 meters (62 feet), Blackwater River from there slowly flows into the Buchanan Valley (canaan Valley), into the Blackwater canyon.
    Here is the best scenery in one location, often appear in the calendar, stationery, advertising and all kinds of puzzles in.
    In fact, the color of Blackwater Falls is not black, but the black rock underground waterfall pond, water is still white.
    Blackwater Falls
    Reason: one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, West Virginia: [West Virginia State]
    Greenbrier is located in the us state of West Virginia White Sulphur Springs, is a luxury resort center awarded the Four Star Diamond Award five, the building is white, surrounded by green trees and flowers around, give a person a kind of elegant feeling.
    This resort since the completion of every country's society of people leisure paradise, favored.
    Green rose history in 1858, was a small holiday hotel, now is a famous resort, the world famous people come here.
    Green rose suite room number, in addition, there is a large conference center, a variety of entertainment fascinated people unceasingly, including golf, horse riding, hunting, spa etc.
    This resort is well-known to another major reason is that the underground is the United States during the cold war to prevent the Soviet attack and prepared in underground congress.
    Burrow into the ground, there is a feeling of isolation, but the internal facilities, if the outbreak of nuclear war, all congressmen and their assistants will be immediately transferred to the bunker, in which life and maintain the normal operation of the government.
    The Greenbrier
    Necessary to Reason: the United States favored the holiday center
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, West Virginia: [West Virginia State]
    city Attractions: White Sulphur Springs [White Sulphur Springs]

    Charleston and Appalachian Music
    Charleston is an important base of Appalachian folk music. Appalachian music is a European and African style music in the eastern United States.
    It is deeply influenced by English songs, Irish and Scottish traditional music (especially violin accompaniment music), hymns and blues. Strong style.
    Charleston also hosts various cultural and artistic festivals and activities, including sailing races, West Virginia Dance Festival, Sunday Symphony, West Virginia International Film Festival and so on.
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