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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Who are not suitable for immigrating to the United States?
Or is it impossible to go to the United States without qualifying for immigration?
Expert answers:
There are always various conditions for immigrating to the United States.
If you meet any of the following criteria, it means that you are not popular with the U.S. Immigration Service, are not suitable for the U.S. immigration program, or even if you do, you are likely to be refused a visa:
1. Health problems Infectious diseases with significant public health safety impact are tuberculosis, leprosy, gonorrhea, syphilis, granuloma and other major public health (highly infectious) diseases.
It does not include hepatitis B or AIDS.
It is worth mentioning that if the beneficiaries of an immigration application are parents, spouses, minors or unmarried children of an American citizen or green card holder, or children legally adopted as minors and unmarried, they can be exempted.
2. Mental disorders The applicant's behavior or mental abnormality may pose a threat to the property, safety and tranquility of others or their own; the applicant has had any behavior or mental abnormality that may threaten the property, safety and tranquility of others or their own, and such abnormality may repeat or lead to other harmful acts.
3. Harm American National Security In the spirit of being responsible to the people of the United States and the Emperor, visa officers refuse to enter the country as long as they think you have problems and endanger national security.
No evidence is needed.
4. Drug abuse or addiction 5. Causes of crime An applicant who commits a crime against public morality refers to all crimes except political offenders.
However, there are exceptions and exemptions.
For details, please consult relevant immigration experts.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    San Augustin San Augustin is the Northeast Florida city, as the county seat of the government of St. John's, 1565 by the Spanish expedition, Admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles, for the city and the harbour established by European settlers of the United States is the oldeSt. Because of a long history and climate, St. Augustine became the famous tourist attraction, attracting tourists to visit the world of the year.
    As the United States, the oldest European style city, St. Augustine left many colonial style buildings, both sacred cathedral, also have elegant mansion.
    Augustine lighthouse was built in 1874, in 1955 to achieve automation, currently opened as a Museum, with the collection and exhibition of the many archaeological discovery of main city.
    In addition, visitors can also visit the Markland mansion, Anastasia State Park, World Golf Hall, Museum, Spanish military hospital, St Francis barracks, 31 St. Augustine church, cathedral of St. Augustine etc.
    St. Augustine
    Necessary to Reason: the United States, the oldest European style city
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
    [St. Augustine]

    : Augustine city Attractions.
    Key West Shipwreck Museum In a golden age, every day there are about 100 ships passing through key west, they took the route of water is one of the most dangerous place in the world, the daily average of about a ship sank in the west side of the atoll.
    Over the past 400 years, how many have countless ships sank in this part was found while loading the ship salvage, many items have also been found, which has set up a Museum to commemorate those ships, collection and protection of those found in historical items.
    Key West Museum is located in Florida, a key west, a reproduction of the Museum itself is the nineteenth century warehouse, the Museum by performers, film and real story of Florida Keys for more than 400 years of history and wreck shipwreck.
    Key West shipwreck Museum collection in 1856 the wreck, the ship was re discovered in 1985, it is one of the richest shipwreck in Florida Keys history, in addition, also found the wreck of the Spanish Armada and relics.
    Key West Shipwreck Museum
    Reason: Florida, the most important of the shipwreck Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Florida: [Florida State]
    [Key West]

    : Key West city Attractions.
    Miami (Miami) is a famous coastal tourist city.
    Located in the Florida Peninsula in the east coast south of the Miami canal estuary, east of Biscayne Bay, west of the Everglades Everglades;
    urban area of 88 square kilometers, population 359 thousand (1990), accounting for about half of cubans and their descendants.
    Big downtown area includes 28 towns in Miami and around the North Beach, and a few 80 km away from palm beach together, the total area of 6237 square kilometers;
    the proportion of the elderly population is higher than other big American city.
    The main city in the coastal lowlands in the coastal part of the sandbar, the average elevation of 3 meters.
    The sub tropical climate, the United States winter warm city;
    1 month average temperature of 19.5 DEG c, 7 28.3 c;
    the average annual rainfall of 1290 mm, down in the summer;
    summer and fall of the transaction by a hurricane.
    It was founded in 1870, 1896 city, with the Florida East coast Railway access and port dredging, the rapid development of the city;
    in recent 40 years, Florida has become the largest city in the state.
    The tourism industry is booming, as the pillar of city economy, domestic and foreign tourists 1500 million, 20 km long beach, 365 park;
    famous Everglades National Park is located in the southwest of the city of 64 km.
    The city of Miami across Biscayne Bay, across the causeway is narrow island in Miami, is the world famous tourist resort.
    The industrial sector and the development of tourism related, such as clothing, food, plastic products, decorations, the country's third largest garment production center;
    and electronic appliances and other industrial sectors;
    the construction industry also developed;
    fishery is an important financial center, Sheng;
    1OO has more than 14 banks, the foreign banks, the west of the city Miami Intercontinental Airport, Piyou domestic and international routes more than india.
    Miami is the gateway to Latin American Maritime gateway to dodge island to build large passenger terminal, has replaced New York as the biggest port;
    at the end of 70s to build an elevated railway about 33 kilometers long, is an important transport route between downtown and the suburbs, the city has 6 colleges and universities such as University of Miami, marine and meteorological research the world famous institutions, many churches, Museums, libraries.
    I take the bus to travel in Orlando
    銆銆銆 銆銆 Into the mysterious Kennedy Space center
    銆銆銆 銆銆 Orlando of Florida city along the highway to the beach train more than 1 hours, you can from the fork into a large bush unmanned area, and then move forward, that is the Kennedy Space center at cape canaveral.
    After a lapse of eight years, I once again into the mysterious Kennedy Space center.
    Kennedy Space center is located in the eastern part of the United States of Florida, the east coast of the island of Merritt, founded in July 1962, is the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are the most important places of manned and unmanned spacecraft test, preparation and implementation of emission, its name is in honor of the late president John Kennedy.
    Kennedy Space center, Florida, Na Villar corner of the Kennedy Space center, known as the human to space door.
    It is on the verge of the Atlantic, due to superior geographical conditions, 1947 turned into rocket test range.
    The equatorial region here in the United States closest to launch a rocket to the East, the additional earth rotation speed is helpful to the satellite orbit.
    In the United States and the edge, facing the vast ocean, Southeast of the Bahamian archipelago and the West Indies, suitable for the construction of a series of monitoring stations, is ideal for various spacecraft launching sites.
    Kennedy Space center is composed of four parts, industrial zone, and the launch center launch site, vehicle assembly building and visitors center.
    Visit the Kennedy Space center center
    The space shuttle and the giant propellers
    The bottom of the plane covered by numerous pieces of insulation board, then it is because of a few pieces of insulation off, causing the plane crash tragedy Into the mysterious Kennedy Space center The shuttle assembly building, after the completion of the assembly, the tracked vehicle onto the launch pad The launcher (39 Launch center) When the Apollo rocket launch control room Apollo rocket and its huge engine emission Apollo rocket (Saturn 5) of the three stage rocket Apollo 17 lunar spacesuit Apollo 16 lunar rover The return capsule Rocket Launcher Overlooking the launcher The international space station, space station The international space station, space station assembly workshop Industrial area The mosaic works on display at the Miami Beach Art Museum
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