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Is eb1c risky to emigrate to the United States?
How to choose an immigration company?
Expert answers:
Eb1c is a senior executive migration project of multinational corporations, which has high requirements for overseas multinational corporations and a large proportion of refusal to sign up.
Applicants must meet certain conditions before they can successfully transfer to the U.S. Green Card:
Overseas companies account for more than 51% of U.
S. companies'shares U.
S. companies have been in operation for over a year American companies need to meet more than three levels of organizational structure The applicant's family has no criminal record and has passed the medical examination.
To set up a company in the United States means that the applicant has to bear certain business operation and investment risks.
In addition, the Immigration Department will focus on examining whether the applicant's organizational structure and operation of the U.
S. company and the position of the applicant meet the requirements for obtaining a U.S. green carD.So, it depends on whether EB-1C immigration is successful or not.
It depends on the business you run and whether you are sure of meeting the standards of the U.S. Immigration Service.
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