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What is the difference between L1 visa and eb1c visa?
Must I apply for the L1 visa before I can apply for the EB1C green card?
Expert answers:
Strictly speaking, the L1 visa is not a necessary step to apply for an EB1C green carD.First, the L1 visa is a work visa issued by the U.S. government to foreign company managers to enter the United States to start branches, subsidiaries or affiliated companies.
Generally speaking, the L-1 visa is valid for 1-3 years at a time.
It has no quota restriction, can be processed quickly and renewed continuously.
EB1C application for green card is an independent process, which is highly welcomed by the U.S. government.
It belongs to the first priority category of American professional immigrants EB-1. By setting up a company in the United States, applicants can submit EB-1C immigration applications to meet certain conditions, and the whole family can quickly obtain immigration status in the United States.
That is to say, the applicant can apply for the EB1C green card directly without having to apply for the L1 visa firSt.But for most business applicants in China, they do not meet the requirements of applying for EB-1C Green Card directly.
They must first apply for L1 visa, set up a company in the United States, and then apply for EB-1C Green Card after meeting the conditions.
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    ABOUT wyoming local customs, tourist attractions
    Wyoming state
    Area: 253596 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked ninth.
    Population: 406000
    In fifty states, ranked fiftieth.
    The state: cheyenne
    The main city: carlsbad casper
    Laramie Laramie
    State flower: flower color cup
    State bird: Nishibe Nobu
       Wyoming is the name of the source of the Indian language, its meaning is "the prairie" LargePrairiePlace or "white mountains and valleys of AlternatingStateofWyomingMountainsandValleys.
       Eighteen thirty-four began colonization.
    189 years, the United States in July 10th to become the 454 state.
    The WyomingIndianPaintbrush is the state flower flower color.
    The alias is called "the Equality State" EqualityState.
    The state motto: "equal rights" EqualRights.
       The state is the cheyenne, is located in the southeast corner of the state, is the state's first metropolis.
    A population of forty thousand.
    This state is only one university, called the University of Wyoming, founded in 1886, located in the west of his capital dense Laramie, approximately eight thousand students.
    There are twenty thousand Laramie population people.
       The state has three characteristics: first, this is the birthplace of Missouri, colorado and columbia three major river systems.
    Second, the world famous Old Faithful geyser in the state.
    Third in addition to Alaska, california, is the lowest population density of states.
       The state in the Rocky Mountain, is a square, very neat.
    The northern boundary of Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska east of two states, South colorado and Utah two states, West and Utah, Idaho and Montana state border three.
    About 2/3 of the state's western, is full of rocky mountains;
    the rest of the High Plains has been cut, is located in the eastern state
    The main mineral oil, natural gas, coal and uranium.
    Animal husbandry in mining.
    The tourism industry is very abundant, because there are two famous National Park in the northwest of the state: a state in the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park, called YellowstoneNationalPark;
    another in the south of Yellowstone National Park, called the Grand Teton Park GrandTetonNationalPark.
    Are very close.
       The state of Montana, North East, South Dakota and Nebraska, South colorado, West Utah and idaho.
    Yellowstone National Park, (Yellowstone National Park) referred to as Yellowstone National Park.
    Is the world's first National Park, established in 1872. Yellowstone National Park is located in the midwestern United States the northwest corner of Wyoming, and extending to the northwest to Idaho and Montana, an area of 7988 square kilometers.
    This area was originally a sacred indian, but due to excavation of American explorers Lewis and clark, and became the world's first national park.
    It was listed as a world heritage site in 1978. cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming and the largest city in Laramie county is the county seat.
    Quiet and comfortable Park, magnificent State capitol, Wyoming and cheyenne Museum to become the city's largest tourism resources.
    Wyoming Museum mainly describes the state's history, art, natural history and fossils, industrial, Aboriginal, pioneer and its splendid heritage, fixed the exhibition area including coal, human impact, animal fossils etc.
    Wyoming traffic Museum mainly about the state railway history, heritage collection.
    In addition, Wyoming parliament, Warren air force base is itinerary.
    cheyenne has many different flavors of restaurants, from Asia to the Americas flavor flavor, taste will make you full of praise the delicious delicacy waiting for you.
    Rich and colorful nightlife is a major feature of the city, every weekend will have a live band performances, add a lot of music atmosphere for good night.
    Reason: Wyoming's capital attraction where the continents: North America
    scenic region / country: the United States
    attractions at the provincial, state: Wyoming [Wyoming State]
    city attractions: cheyenne [cheyenne]

    The devil's Tower this place was originally a sacred indian, white first set foot in this place is by the us Army colonel Richard Dodge (col.
    Richard Irving Dodge) led the survey team to Wyoming when the first record in 1875. Many years later, in 1906, keen wild life of young American president Theodore Roosevelt quoted by the Historic Preservation Act to set up the devil's Tower in the United States first national monument.
    Devils Tower National Monument is a national monument, which belongs to the National Park System of the United States, and by the National Park Service is responsible for.
    Each year about 400 thousand tourists visit, attracted 4 thousand people attempt to climb the summit.
    The main landscape is a Wyoming igneous intrusive or volcano neck, about 386 meters high, the altitude is 1558 meters, the top area of about 5005 square meters.
    In 1977, Stephen Spielberg's film "third kind", the devil's tower is the outer space of 1 body earth locations, and therefore is widely known around the world. After the study on the formation of geologists, Devils Tower, there are several different versions, but each is the volcano activity is the basic A majority of scholars accept that the devil tower belongs to the basalt rock.
    In 50 million years ago the area buried in the underground, geological activities in this area frequently caused by magma intrusion.
    After millions of years, the bottom of sedimentary rocks and cooling crystallization, and rock thermal expansion and contraction caused by multilateral column now see.
    Finally, the igneous rock texture than sedimentary rocks around the hard, long time wind and water erosion down the sedimentary rock less strong corrosion are gone, leaving the devil tower towering above the plain in the specific landscape.
    Devils Tower
    Reason: the United States to establish the first National Monument
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state: Wyoming [Wyoming State]
    University of Wyoming
    University of Wyoming
    Casper College
    Sheridan College
    Laramie County Community College
    Cheyenne Campus
    Albany County Campus at Laramie
    Eastern Laramie County Campus at Pine Bluffs
    Francis E. Warren Air Force Base Campus
    Powell Community College
    Riverton Community College
    Rock Springs Community College
    Torrington Community College
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