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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Why is it better to immigrate to the United States than to study in the United States?
Why study abroad after taking the US Green Card?
Expert answers:
With the growing army of students studying in the United States, many parents want their children to study abroad with green cards, because immigration to the United States can really occupy many advantages over studying in the United States:
1. Don't worry about visa rejection Student visas in the United States belong to non-immigrant visas and are difficult to apply for.
It is also necessary to provide immigration officers with sufficient and credible materials to prove their purpose of studying abroaD.In addition, we should also consider the problem of English.
If there is no good TOEFL score and spoken English is normal, it is difficult to pass the face-to-face interview.
2. Increased chances of enrollment in top schools To get into top-notch American schools, like eight Ivy League schools, the average annual admission rate is only 9.2%.
In general, the number of international students enrolled in famous universities is about 5% to 10% of the total number of students enrolled each year, and it is also geared to enrollment all over the worlD.Some elite Ivy League majors also require the identity of students.
Especially in top law schools, it is particularly important for medical schools to have green cards.
3. Increase the chances of applying for scholarships For international students interested in applying for American University scholarships, only a very limited number of scholarships open to foreigners can compete with outstanding people from all over the worlD.But for those who have a green card in the United States, the scope of scholarship is far more than a foreigner can apply for.
4. Internship and Employment Holders of American green cards are unrestricted in their jobs in the United States, while foreign students are in a very unequal competitive position with American students in job hunting after graduation from university.
Only a few top undergraduate students and a few master's and doctoral students from China who study in the United States can work in the United States after graduation.
5. Stay in the United States When foreign students complete their studies in the United States, the first thing they need to solve is their identity.
The H-1B visa is largely a matter of luck.
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    ABOUT nebraska local customs, tourist attractions
    Nebraska introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 200017 square kilometers.
    In fifty states, ranked fifteenth.
    Population: 1651000 In fifty states, ranked thirty-fifth.
    State: Lincoln Lincoln.
    The main city of Omaha: Omaha.
    State flower: gold Banghua.
    State bird: No Oon 銆銆 .
    Nebraska, the name from the Indian language (Sioux language), its meaning is "flat" flat.
    銆銆 1847 to colonial.
    Eighteen sixty-seven March 1 as 37 states.
    The gold Banghua goldenrod is the state flower.
    The alias is called "beef state" or "BeefState borrowed the cornhusker nickname," cornhuskerState.
    The state motto: "everyone is equal before the law," EqalityBeforeTheLaw.
    銆銆 Lincoln city is located in eastern Nebraska, is the capital and second largest city in the state, after Omaha, is the county seat of Lancaster county.
    The city was founded in 1856, formerly known as Lancaster, it was renamed in 1867, to commemorate one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States Abraham Lincoln.
    Lincoln Park is numerous, widely distributed, a total of 125 private park, which is larger for the wilderness park (Wilderness Park), Pioneer Park, Holmes Park, adding a touch of green and vitality for the city.
    Nebraska State capitol, Lincoln children's zoo, Hyde Observatory, National Museum, Nebraska plains Art Museum, the Sheldon art Museum is the city's most beautiful places to visit.
    Reason: Nebraska capital attraction where the continents: North America
    scenic region / country: the United States
    attractions at the provincial, state: Nebraska [Nebraska State]
    attractions city: Lincoln [Lincoln]

    Unique Omaha
    As the largest city in Nebraska, Omaha has a population of just over 400,000.
    By Chinese or American standards, Omaha is only a small city, and naturally there is no famous sports team in the United States.
    But Omaha is definitely not a remote place.
    Five Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here, and the proportion of billionaires is in the top ten in American cities.
    If New York is a big bomber in the American urban paradigm, Omaha can be considered a smart fighter.
    Well-known Enterprises in Nebraska In 2011, five Fortune 500 companies were headquartered in Nebraska.
    1. Berkshire Hathaway, the 7th largest U.S. Fortune 500 company in 2011, has the chairman and President of its board, Warren Buffett, who is known as "the God of stocks".
    In 2011, the company's sales amounted to $143.688 billion.
    2. Union Pacific, ranked 143rd among Fortune 500 companies in 2011, is the largest railway operator in the United States.
    It has the largest railway network in the north of the United States with a total mileage of 52,185 kilometers, covering 23 states in the United States.
    Its headquarters is in Omaha, and it has 21 service centers.
    Many branches.
    3. ConAgra Foods, the 215th largest Fortune 500 company in the United States in 2011, is the largest packaging food company in the United States and the fourth largest in the world with its headquarters in Omaha.
    The company's sales in 2011 amounted to $12.395 billion.
    4. Peter Kiewit Son's, the 255th largest Fortune 500 company in the United States in 2011, is one of the largest engineering and construction companies in North America, with sales of $10.
    381 billion in 2011. Industry in Nebraska Nebraska's main industries are slaughter, food, steel-making, electrical and chemical industries, printing and so on.
    There are abundant petroleum and natural gas resources in Southeast and southwest China; a large number of gravel deposits along the Pratt and Ripabriken rivers can be used as building materials; limestone deposits near the Missouri River in Southeast China; sandstone, clay, shale and uranium deposits in Northwest China.
    Travel in Nebraska Nebraska has six state parks and sixty-six recreational and leisure places.
    Some popular tourist destinations in the state include Indian Cave Park near Shubert, Ponca and Niobrara State Park in the northeastern part of the state, and Scotts Bluff National Memorial Building in Western Nebraska.
    National Monument; Rock National Historic Site; Courthouse Rock; and Jail Rock.
    The state has more than 2,000 lakes and thousands of miles of rivers and streams, so it offers many fishing opportunities and many other water activities.
    This state is the first state in the United States to establish Tree Planting Day.
    The first white people to come here to reclaim trees or big forests.
    Nebraska is a vast plain with no trees and all weeds.
    These pioneers transported saplings from afar, planted them in front and back of houses, and later planted trees beside fields as windbreaks and fruit trees in fields.
    In 1872, the pioneer Morton advocated the annual Arbor Day, which was very popular.
    Now Nebraska plants trees every year on April 22 (Morton's birthday).
    American states successively adopted Morton's idea of Arbor Day.
    Today, Nebraska has about 120 square kilometers (12,000 hectares) of coniferous forests.
    Nebraska National Forest Park is the only planted forest park in the United States.
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