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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What is the difference between American EB-1C immigrants and American EB-5 investment immigrants?
Who are they suitable for?
Expert answers:
Immigration to the United States, EB-5 visa was badly scheduled, EB-1C immigration visa began to attract more and more investors.
The main difference between EB-1C immigrants and EB-5 investment immigrants in the United States is the target population.
The main purpose of EB-1C visa is to attract transnational business talents to the United States and promote American business operation.
The main purpose of EB-5C visa is to attract overseas funds to the United States and increase American employment opportunities.
Therefore, the target group of EB-1C visa is:
senior managers with business background and ability to operate companies in the United States; the target group of EB-5 visa is rich people who can meet investment needs and explain their sources of funding.
In addition, the amount of EB-1C visa varies according to the cost of operating the company in the United States.
Take Yongming International EB-1C Home Care Investment Project in the United States as an example, the actual investment amount is 250,000 U.S. dollars, without explaining the source of funds; EB-5 visa requires very strict investment funds, the amount of investment must be more than 500,000 U.S. dollars, and requires applicants to provide legal source documents of investment funds, funds can not be obtained directly or indirectly through illegal means.
EB-1C immigrants can gain permanent residence in the United States in one step without the transitional phase of conditional green carD.Applicants can land in the United States as soon as 6 months, family members can work and study freely in the United States, and family members can get a permanent green card within 3 years!
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    ABOUT illinois local customs, tourist attractions
    Illinois is situated in the Midwest of the United States, bordering Wisconsin to the north, Lake Michigan to the northeast, Indiana to the east, Kentucky to the southeast, and Missouri and Iowa to the west across the Mississippi River.
    It covers an area of 146,000 square kilometers and is the capital of Springfield.
    Chicago is the largest city in Illinois.
    With a permanent population of more than 28 million, it is the most populous city in the Midwest of the United States, ranking third in the country.
    The Chicago metropolitan area, commonly known as the Chicago region, has the 26th largest population in the world.
    It is home to about 9.
    7 million people in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.
    Chicago is the seat of the county government in Cook County.
    Chicago, located in the south of Lake Michigan in the Midwest of the United States, is one of the world's famous international financial centers.
    Located in the center of North America, Chicago is one of the largest commercial centers and futures markets in the United States.
    The number of new businesses in its metropolitan area has always been ranked first in the United States, and it has been rated as the most balanced economy in the United States.
    In addition, Chicago also has many world-famous high-rise buildings, known as the "home of skyscrapers".
    As of July 2017, Chicago had a population of about 2.716 million.
    Chicago is one of the most important centers of culture, science and education in the United States.
    It has the world's top universities, the University of Chicago, Northwest University and the world-renowned Chicago School.
    [3-4] By 2018, more than 100 Nobel laureates had worked and studied in Chicago (98 at the University of Chicago and 19 at Northwestern University).
    The Chicago Theatre, which opened on October 26, 1921, was called the "World Miracle Theatre" because of its magnificent architectural style, elegant halls, magnificent staircases and beautiful auditorium.
    It was designed by Nellius and George Rapp and was also the first large and luxurious Movie Palace in the United States.
    For the first 40 years, the Chicago Theatre offered the best life and movie entertainment.
    In 1933, the Expo was renovated and its business was suspended.
    In the 1970s, the theatre became a victim of complex social ownership and economic factors leading to corporate depression and turmoil.
    It eventually became a gorgeous but old movie house, which closed on September 19, 1985. In 1986, the Chicago Municipal Government assisted the Chicago Theatre and began a nine-month renovation, which was undertaken jointly by Chicago architect Daniel Coffey &
    Eventually, the Chicago Theatre reopened on September 10, 1986, mainly for Sinatra.
    Since then, the brightest star arrays and greatest works in entertainment circles have begun to appear on the stage, including the Orman Brothers, Bruce Travelers, Ellen DeGeneres, Aretha, Kathy Griffin, King Gypsy, Indigo Girls and so on.
    Introduction to Scenic Spots
    Grant Park, located between Michigan Avenue and Lake Michigan, is the main park in downtown Chicago.
    It's also Chicago's most spectacular park.
    There are many distinctive buildings in the park, including the Chicago Museum of Art to the north, the Natural History Museum, the Said Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium to the south, the Field Museum and the Open-air Concert Hall to the east, and Lake Michigan to the sea.
    1. Buckingham Fountain Grant Park is a beautiful park with many famous sculptures, including Buckingham Fountain, the largest lighting fountain in the world.
    Buckingham Fountain will perform beautiful music fountain after sunset.
    If you are interested, you can also come and watch it.
    2. Leisure and recreation There are pedestrian streets, bicycle lanes, tennis courts, softball courts, skating rinks and other facilities in the park.
    When summer comes, local people like to ride along the lakeside bicycle lane.
    When you come to the park, you can walk in the park and see the local people running and cycling past you;
    you can also sit on the grass and enjoy the beautiful Buckingham fountain and some sculptures;
    or you can walk along the trail of Lake Michigan to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Michigan.
    3. Festival activities Parks are also host to many free events and festivals in the city, such as the Taste of Chicago, Chicago Blues Festival, and Chicago Summer Dance, where local culinary talent gathers.
    Introduction to Scenic Spots
    Trump Tower
    adjacent to the main branch of the Chicago River, 415.1 meters high, a total of 89 floors, is now the second tallest building in Chicago.
    Although often ridiculed by architectural critics for its toothpick-like appearance, it has won many international awards for architectural design.
    Donald Trump bought the building for $8 million in 1995, where Celebrity Apprentice, a well-known reality show in the United States, was filmed.
    Trump Tower is famous as President.
    It's very tall.
    It's also a landmark room in Chicago.
    There are many views on the top of the building.
    Visits are free.
    B: Yes, it is.
    America's famous Trump tycoon, his philosophy is: winners eat all!
    This collision with Trump Tower is no exception.
    It is located in the most prosperous central area of Chicago.
    The tall main building and the skirt building form a mega-city complex.
    But Chicago is a city of architecture.
    It's not strange to see such a building!
    Meimei climbed upstairs to make Spa.
    (Of course, the price is not expensive.
    ) The tawny glass in the hotel lounge looks at the cold metropolis quietly.
    Very sentimental, love fan Chicago!
    I'll come again!
    Forward toward Trump Tower.
    Midway Breakfast: Whole cereal porridge with pure natural honey (Fig.
    1), accompanied by raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry salad, mushroom, green onion omelet (Fig.
    3), two pieces of whole wheat bread dried.
    4 The furthest building is Trump Building.
    5 and Fig.
    6 are the surrounding landscape of Trump Mansion.
    Statistics show that 55 million visitors visited Chicago in 2017.
    The average number of visitors per day is 150,000.
    Trump International Hotel and Tower, also known as Trump Building and Chicago, is a hotel apartment in Chicago, Illinois.
    The building is named after Donald Trump, a billionaire real estate developer and President of the United States.
    B: Yes, it is.
    One of Chicago's landmarks, beside the Michigan Riverside Bridge, is the Arrow Tower on one side and the Corn Tower on the other.
    They are famous buildings.
    Trump Tower is a high-end hotel, a representative of luxury hotels in the United States.
    The average rate of stay per night is about 2,000 RMB.
    It's not a tourist mall.
    Tourists can't enter or leave freely.
    Only those who stay in the hotel can enter or leave.
    B: Yes, it is.
    Visit the Michigan River and Trump Tower in Chicago.
    Chicago in the evening is better than in the daytime.
    Neon lights and light from office windows light up the night.
    The feeling of an international metropolis is coming out.
    Trump Tower is the second tallest building in Chicago.
    It is more than 400 meters high.
    On the Chicago River, the glass curtain wall of the building looks beautiful and elegant in the sunshine.
    The building is now an upscale hotel, and visitors who don't stay here can't enter it, but look at it on the way.
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