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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Whose name is better to write when buying a house in the United States?
Is it more conducive to tax saving?
Expert answers:
Many people immigrate to the United States to educate their children and buy houses for their children.
Purchase in the name of husband and wife or children, or joint purchases, will involve a very different level of Taxation and complexity.
When buying a house, we need to consider how we can pass on property to future generations at a low cost in the future.
At the same time, we should consider the flexibility of inheritance and allocation adjustment.
Generally speaking, there are several ways to register housing property rights in the United States:
individuals, joint names, companies and trusts.
personal In the United States, if you buy a house in your own name, the ownership is personal.
The advantage of this method is that it is simple, low cost and has stronger control over property.
If the property is bought under the name of the individual, the control of the property belongs to the individual, so you can decide the sale, lease and other matters of the house by yourself.
But when you pass on ownership to your children, it also involves inheritance taxes and so on.
Jointly Joint tenancy and Tenancyin common are two forms of joint names.
The biggest difference between the two is that after the death of one of the Joint tenancy, property rights will automatically be transferred to the other side; Tenancyin common is not.
When one of the parties dies, property rights will be transferred to the family of the deceased party.
Generally speaking, the relationship between husband and wife or family uses Joint tenancy.
company Once the real estate is put under the company's name, the house bought under the company's name belongs to the company, and the income from the house belongs to the company.
The inheritance of a company needs to fill in a declaration form and change the shareholders and directors.
Because the company is a legal and tax entity with its own tax rate, the profits and losses of the house are attributed to the profits and losses of the company.
The net rental income of a house and the capital value-added income of a house are all taxed according to the tax rate of corporate income tax.
trust The ownership of the assets purchased under the trust belongs to the trust itself, although these assets are nominally owned by individuals or companies.
The whole operation and distribution of trust are controlled by the trustee.
The beneficiary can be the trustor himself, future spouse, family offspring, or others.
It can also preset various conditions to replace the beneficiary and cancel the beneficiary right.
Generally speaking, because everyone invests in real estate differently, it still needs to be carefully considered according to personal circumstances.
If parents want to give their children real estate, they must take a long-term view.
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