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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
After immigrating to the United States, do you want your children to stay in India for school or go to the United States for education?
Expert answers:
When Indian parents emigrate to the United States, it is a wise choice for you to bring your children to the United States for quality education.
In the United Nations education index of 21 countries, the United States scored 99.9, ranking first in the worlD.76.6 million students are enrolled in 16 grades.
Among them, 5.2 million (10.4%) attended private schools during the compulsory education stage.
Eighty-five percent of the country's adult population has graduated from secondary schools and 27 percent have bachelor's degree or above.
According to the 2002 U.S. Census Bureau, the average annual income of college graduates is $45,400, which is more than $10,000.
The literacy rate of the country's population aged 15 and over is 98 per cent.
From these data, we can easily see that the United States is well-deserved as the world's largest educational country.
American education is characterized by qualified Gartner.
Primary and secondary schools in the United States usually leave school at about 3 p.m. Schools do not require much knowledge of books and assignments, leaving enough time and energy for students to learn science and technology, sports, literature and art, military skills, labor skills, what they want to learn, leaving students with a critical time for personal development.
American students'knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry is not as solid as that of China, but their innovative ability is much stronger than that of ChinA.This is closely related to the educational model of the two countries.
In the United States, there are also elite private schools and public schools attended by ordinary people.
Public school children are more relaxed in their studies, and most of them come out to do blue-collar jobs.
Private school children are not at all lighter and less stressful than domestic children, and the teachers who teach their lessons can be said to be the world's top teachers.
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    ABOUT missouri local customs, tourist attractions
    Area: 180486 square
    In fifty states, ranked nineteenth.
    Population: 4801000 In fifty states, ranked fifteenth.
    Jefferson: the capital city Jeffersoncity The main city of Louis St Louis.
    Kansas city Kansascity State flower: Flower Mountain Lu State bird: Bluebird 銆銆 Missouri, the name from the Indian language, its meaning is "big canoe" peopleofthebigcanoes.
    銆銆 The beginning of the 1735 year colonial.
    1821 August ten, became the twenty-four state of the United states.
    The Mountain Lu (hawthorn flowers) Hawthorn state flower.
    The alias is called "guide state" Show-MeState.
    The state motto: "let the people's happiness as the supreme law" LetTheWelfareOfThePeopleBeTheSupremeLaw.
    銆銆 Is the capital city of Jefferson Jeffersoncity, located in the central part of the state, across the Missouri River, population more than 30000. Louis is the first state to metropolis, population Liusanwan listed as the tenth largest city in the United States.
    The state of Kansas city West Exit Kansascity, population five, 000. East of the former residence of President Lu rich labor.
    The independent city called Independence.
    銆銆 The State college has more than 70. The most famous is the University of Missouri.
    There are four campuses.
    (A) in columbia, a in1839, 20000 students.
    (B) in Rolla, Lola, founded in 1870, 5000 students.
    (c) in the campus of Louis, founded in 1963, about 10000 students.
    (D) in the Kansas city, also set in nineteen sixty-three, students about 9000. 銆銆 The state has three characteristics: Third, the colonial period, it is the west gate of GatewaytotheWeSt. The state is located in the middle of the continental United States, Mississippi and Missouri West Bank tributary river confluence in the territory of the state.
    The former is the inland waterway Dayun veins;
    the latter is North West Extension in artery.
    The confluence of the transport hub, the metropolis on recalcitrant StLouis therefore rise.
    Today Louis is not only the inland shipping center, and is the central railway network, us highway and aviation network center.
    Secondly, this state is the first lead producing state, 200 years.
    Barite production also ranks first in barite (barium, can be used as paint or paint.
    Spar can also be used as drilling mud).
    Thirdly, the automobile assembly industry, second only to Michigan, column 2. 銆銆 This is the height of the United States inland industrial state.
    Industry, space and equipment, transportation equipment, automotive assembly, rocket engines, aircraft engines, and agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, is developed.
    Agriculture, soybean, corn, wheat, apple, peach, plum, *, beef cattle, chicken and broiler production were inflammation, multi.
    Tourism is well developed.
    In the tourism industry, second only to industry and agriculture and animal husbandry, third.
    Leila hair Museum In the American state of Missouri Riera is a retired hairdresser, she now teaches people to have their own hair and make.
    up, hairdressing school.
    Lara loves the hair more than that, she collected her hair exhibition in the Museum.
    As long as the $5 you can enter the United States the largest Museum - Museum of hair hair Riera, it was founded in 1989, has been more than 20 years.
    In Leila hair Museum, you can enjoy a wreath of hundreds of hair, and hair ornaments with thousands of jewelry, some of which can be traced back to nineteenth century.
    Riera hair is completely covered on the walls of the Museum, from floor to ceiling, are woven into the hair.
    Riera hair art in 1959, she made a garland, ornaments and jewelry with hair.
    She just started to make the collection on the bed, but after 30 years, she decided to rent a house, open a Museum to display her collection.
    Leila's Hair Museum
    Reason: America's largest hair Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Missouri: [Missouri State]
    city Attractions: independent city [Independence]

    Missouri river is one of the main rivers in the United States, is the longest tributary of the Mississippi River, the rocky mountains fall near Montana Dongpo originated in Yellowstone National Park, the Great Plains through the semi arid, to Missouri, Saint Louis to the north into the Mississippi River, about 4 thousand kilometers, drainage area of about 140 million square kilometers.
    The Missouri river originates from the native Al Gen Kim tribe, meaning "big canoe River", the river on the alpine snow and rain.
    This river is 3767 kilometers long, is the longest river in the United States, through the 7 big states, including Montana, South Dakota and Missouri, there are many coastal city.
    From the source to the river estuary upstream milk, across the Rocky Mountain, canyon, formed a series of rapids, waterfalls in Grand Rapids near.
    Milk River Estuary to the Sioux city for the middle, from Sioux city to the estuary downstream, through plains, shallow and wide river valley.
    The open water of the river has 3900 square kilometers and six large reservoirs, provides an important recreational area for tourists, every year attracts millions of tourists to visit, fishing and boating are popular.
    Missouri River
    Reason: the longest river in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Province, Montana, South Dakota and [Montana Missouri, South Dakota and Missouri States]

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