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How to start a company in the United States?
What types of companies do you have in the United States?
How to pay taxes?
Expert answers:
The types of Companies in the United States can be roughly divided into these types:
1. Sole proprietorship enterprises Equivalent to the domestic individual industrial and commercial households.
It has simple structure and does not need to declare tax separately.
Tax can be declared together when declaring personal income tax.
It has a big disadvantage, that is, it is unlimited liability, that is to say, when using this type of company to do business, once the issue of responsibility is involved, personal assets will be brought in.
2. Partner Enterprises It has several different forms of partnership.
The general partnership enterprise formed through partnership is similar in nature to sole proprietorship enterprise and has unlimited liability; a limited partnership enterprise has at least one or several general partners, others may be limited partners, and limited partners do not participate in the construction of the project, but the investors of the project have limited losses and will not involve other personal assets; a limited liability partnership has at least one or several general partners.
Limited partnership is not liable for the loss caused by the negligence of others in the partnership enterprise, but it should pay full responsibility for its own fault.
Limited liability limited partnership, as a general partner, is limited to the part of the investment in the enterprise, without personal assets.
3. Joint-stock companies There are two kinds of joint-stock enterprises, one is C-Corporation, a large-scale joint-stock enterprise.
If we consider listing, we will definitely choose C-Corp.
The other is S-Corporation, a small-scale joint-stock enterprise.
Although S-Corp is a joint-stock enterprise, issuing stocks, it can not be listed, and it will have some advantages in tax.
4. Limited Liability Company This form of company has several obvious advantages.
First of all, it is easy to establish without many restrictions.
Its greatest advantage is its flexibility in dealing with taxes.
When declaring corporate tax, it can choose any form of company to declare.
It can choose to declare corporate tax in the form of sole proprietorship, partnership, small-scale joint-stock enterprises or large-scale joint-stock enterprises.
New immigrants to the United States to start companies, the more common are joint-stock companies and limited liability companies.
In order to avoid double taxation, all companies in the United States, except C-Corp, are independent legal persons and need to declare corporate tax separately under the name of the company.
All other forms of company eventually declare taxes under their personal names.
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    ABOUT indiana local customs, tourist attractions
    The Indiana Pacers are a team of NBa.
    Since 1976 years after joining the NBA, established the team position gradually, "Miller moment" has been the talk of the fans.
    In 70s, the Pacers at the poor performance, never entered the playoffs.
    In 1981, the best coach of the year Jack McKinney (Jack McKinney) under the command of the Pacers scored 44 wins and 38 losses record.
    Subsequently, the team once again caught in the doldrums, the 1982.1983 season, the Pacers fall, only won a 20 victory.
    Invisible management hopes even once considered the team will be sold to other city.
    Subsequently, the team conducted a series of lineup adjustments, has selected in 1985 Wyman - Judith DELL rookie Bangyan (Wayman Tisdale), 1986 selected rookie of the "infantry" chuck Parson (chuck Person).
    1987 famous killer outside, "big mouth" Reggie Miller (Reggie Miller) was chosen for the team.
    The loyal marksman in the Pacers serving 15 years, has created a record number of teams and NBA, the 5 time all star and won an Olympic gold medal.
    He's in the last minute of the game, so to turn the tide, many teams have suffered "Miller moment".
    In 90s, the Pacers finally Panlai the renaissance.
    In 1991 and 1992, the Pacers for the playoffs.
    1993 and 1994, the famous coach Larry - Brown (Larry Brown) 1, the strength of the team strive for further improvement, for two consecutive years into the Eastern conference finals, but failed to break through the Nicks team and magic defense.
    Strong Pacers did not give up on the impact of the eastern championship.
    In 1998, the best coach Larry Larry - Bird (Larry Bird) commander, the Pacers in 1998 years and 1999 years to return to the Eastern conference finals.
    But in the heyday of the bulls and the Nicks team blocked their progress.
    In 2000, the Pacers to finally beat Nicks team in the Eastern conference finals, revenge team won the first in the history of the Eastern conference championship.
    In the finals the team met with MVP "shark" O'neal (Shaquille O'Neal) and Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) of the Lakers, the score of 2:4 did not make the Pacers last laugh.
    2000 years, will bring them to the history of Larry - Bird vertex because of physical reasons no longer remain, another NBA legend "the smiling Assassin" - Isiah Thomas (Isiah Thomas) in the team.
    The former champion Indiana University team of heroes and the winner of the NBA, the continuation of the hope for the Pacers, led the team to stay in the playoffs in the subsequent two years.
    This season, still brave Reggie Miller and Pepo ONeil (Jermaine O'Neal), Artest (Ron Artest), Harrington (Al Harrington) and Brad Miller (Brad Miller) formed a more balanced offensive and defensive lineup.
    Believe they will become one of the best team in the eaSt. Retired Jersey number: (30) Jack McKinney (Jack McKinney) (34) Daniels (Mel Daniels) (35) Roger Brown (Roger Brown) (529) Leonard (Bob Slick Leonard) White River State Park White River State Park is located in the state of Indiana in the center of Indianapolis, was founded in 1979, covers an area of 250 acres, Indianapolis is designated one of the 6 culture area, the United States is considered the only city cultural state park.
    White River State Park visit many, with the Indiana State Museum, IMAX theater, Indianapolis zoo and Baihe Park, visitors can watch animals and plants, also can understand Indiana's history and culture, and enjoy the wonderful artistic performances, threefold.
    The green lawn as the best place for people playing, people love lying on the grass in the sun, or sitting on the grass reading, the envy of the child who is innocent and lively, with their partners in the grass are frolicking.
    Here visitors can take a sightseeing boat to watch the natural scenery, you can also rent a bike with your beloved garden, can draw the boat floating to appreciate both sides of the canal park landscape in the 1.5 km canal.
    White River State Park
    Reason: the only city cultural State Park
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Indiana: [Indiana State]
    Indianapolis city attractions: [Indianapolis]

    The United States ordered to strengthen the student visa check information
    According to us media reported on 3, the information system of the United States Department of homeland security has improved student visa, and ordered the inspection personnel to strengthen the relevant information for student visa holders to check, in order to deal with some work in Boston 0 case exposed vulnerabilities.
    According to the us National Broadcasting company reported that the Department of Homeland Security says 1 is "to reform the existing student visa system, in order to provide timely and accurate information for customs inspection staff and visa.
    The American media discloses a memo to the Department of homeland security.
    The memo shows that us customs and Border Protection Bureau Senior 1 has 2 ordered all the inspection staff carefully check the student visa holder information, ensure the student visa.
    In accordance with the existing procedures, only when the inspection staff need second border officers for additional verification or examination of student visa holders, to enter the student and Exchange Visitor Information System ", review of its identity.
    The new measure is expected next week when the full implementation of all inspection staff can enter information system check visa holder's identity information.
    According to the us Embassy to provide the student and exchange visitor information system is a network system, mainly used to store the non immigrant students (F and M visa), visiting scholar (J visa) and their families (F-2, m-2 and J-2 visa) when accurate information before, and to the school the project sponsor can during the student and exchange visitor to stay in the United States through the Internet is sent to the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department to provide information, and in the circumstances change when sending a notification.
    The 80% United States law summary students easily overlooked!

    The students each year to drop out of home, how much of it is not in their consciousness under the condition of local laws and regulations and trigger repatriation of regret?
    Some things seem quite normal at home, may be in the United States has not tolerate you.
    Understand the difference between the United States and domestic law is very necessary.
    In the legal residence to maintain beauty The credit rate of attendance Full-time students F1 visa, students each semester have 12 credits to graduate students require 9 credits.
    Registration does not meet the requirements of the students will lose the identity of students.
    A full-time student attendance rate should reach 85% or more than 90%, otherwise there is a danger of cancellation of F1 visa.
    Transfer students must get to school student visa for at least one year before the transfer, otherwise it will lose the identity of students.
    First arrived in the United States within a year, the current student transfer must obtain the approval of the school (the original), and the us Department of Homeland Security for the record.
    After a year, students can freely transfer, as long as the other school admission and at the us Department of Homeland Security for the record, you can transfer.
    Student internship and employment Please apply in advance before graduation graduation.
    According to the practice of their immigration to recommend approval of graduation practice, get a year of internship.
    In the meantime, you can work, and let your employer for you to apply for a work visa, namely we often say H-1b.
    After graduation, if there is no graduation internship application, there will be a buffer period of 30 days of legal residence.
    If not to report, or other serious violations, the school terminated your student status, your legal residence buffer period for 0 days, must immediately exit, otherwise it will be deemed illegal.
    If the illegal residence in the United States for more than 3 months, will not face punishment within 3 years of entry into the United states.
    Illegal residence for more than a year, will face the punishment shall not enter the United States within 10 years.
    Driving license The United States is the driving license in addition to license can also be used for identity documents.
    In the daily life of many places where you can use it.
    Each person can only have a license.
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