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    ABOUT louisiana local customs, tourist attractions

    Louisiana is a state in the southern America, on the Gulf of Mexico. The north west boundary of Arkansas, Texas, east of the Mississippi, south of Mexico bay. Area 125675Km -, population 4287768 (2006). The capital of Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge).

    The name Louisiana

    the Pelican State

    Administrative region of the federal state of categories

    Belonging to area American South

    64 counties under the jurisdiction of area

    The seat of the government of Baton Rouge

    The geographical position is located in the coast of Mexico

    Area 134382Km -

    The population of 4468976 (2006)

    Climatic conditions in the subtropical climate

    The largest city in New Orleans

    In April 30, 1812 joined the union time

    The main city in Louisiana New Orleans (New Orleans), Shreveport (Shreveport) and Lafayette (Lafayette) etc.. New Orleans city is the largest city of Luis Anna S, is also American after New York second large city, is famous for its jazz and French colonial culture.

    Louisiana is located in the Southern Mississippi River downstream and east of the Mississippi and West Texas, arrived in North Arkansas, South to the Gulf of Mexico. A total area of 47752 square miles, ranking thirty-first in the United States, the population of 457 million (2001), ranking twenty-first in the United states. Baton Rouge, capital.
    Continental subtropical climate. Winter average temperature of 15 degrees celsius. Summer temperatures 2132 degrees celsius. Spring, autumn two seasons warm and pleasant. Annual rainfall of 127 cm.
    The Indians were the first inhabitants of the road. The Spanish explorers in 1519. In 1682, the French began to. 1699 French Lasar will this zone in the name of Louis Xiv, France, said it was Louisiana. Became a French colony in 1731. In 1803, Napoleon sold Louisiana to the United States, making it the eighteenth state in the United States.
    In the history of the road, there are great influence in France, some areas are also general French, architectural style, cultural traditions and other aspects of the characteristics and traces of france. At present, the state's use of the law is also based on the "French civil code," the blueprint for the development of. This is quite different from the laws of the United States, which are based on the common law of the United States.
    Oil, natural gas, mining industry and the oil industry is the main economic pillar of the State Road, natural gas production ranks second in the United States, accounted for a quarter of the nation's total output; petroleum and petroleum refining products ranks the third place, the annual production of 1.5 billion gallons of gasoline. Offshore exploration and related services are developed, the first in the United States to produce oil and natural gas drilling in the coastal areas. Petrochemical production accounted for 25% of the total output of the United states. Road 40% of national income from mining and petrochemical industries. The agricultural output value, the total output value of 13% Yuezhanlu.
    Rapid development, road transportation, highways, railway 5700 km. The main port has reached the world level: an easy road at the port of Baton Rouge port, New Orleans port, and port Charles. Road state annual total amount of 4. 5 million tons, ranking first in the United States, the United States is the main port of export food. There are seven airports, 66 public aviation facilities, 161 private airports.
    According to statistics in 1997, the state's gross national product of about $20680, per capita is $50, ranking fortieth in the United States in 1211 states. The major industries of the Louisiana oil and natural gas, chemical industry, food processing and forestry, the main products have chemicals, food, transportation equipment, wood and paper. Only one of the 500 big companies in the US Fortune magazine has a Entergy based company that provides energy and electricity. In 1998 the State Road to Chinese exports of $10.7, the main export products for food crops, and chemicals.

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