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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What does the term "scheduling" often used by American investment immigrants mean?
Expert answers:
When the EB-5 visa limit is reached, the U.S. State Department must trace the number of approved I-526 investors back to the current financial year visa quota, set a "deadline" for visa applicants, and give priority to EB-5 visa issuance for applicants whose "priority date" is earlier than the "deadline".
Therefore, the period when I-526 approved investors wait for the "deadline" in the visa announcement later than their "priority date" is the waiting period (EB-5 schedule).
For example, there are limited seats in a cinema, so the next group of people will be allowed to enter after watching one movie.
(The number of seats corresponds to the quota).
But movie tickets are open, and the tickets are sold by the Immigration Bureau.
Those who buy tickets, if they happen to have seats, are free to enter.
What if there are more tickets than seats?
Then they come first, and then they have to "schedule".
"Priority Day" is the serial number in the queue.
After I-526 is submitted, each investor will have a priority date, that is, the date when the Immigration Bureau confirms receipt of the I-526 application.
If the State Department sets a date as the deadline for applying for an immigrant visa to the United States, that date will become what is commonly known as the "deadline".
U.S. Department of State regularly publishes "visa announcements" on its website with "deadlines".
If an immigration category has a schedule, the "deadline" date will be displayeD.If there is no schedule, show "C".
On October 13, 2017, the U.S. Immigration Administration updated the latest trial schedule as of August 31, 2017, with I-526 applications, with the deadline of 28 November 2015; I-829 applications, with the deadline of 9 July 2015; and I-924 applications, with the deadline of 3 November 2015.
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    ABOUT iowa local customs, tourist attractions
    (Iowa), also translated as Iowa and Iowa, a state of the central United States in the Great Plains.
    The state capital is Demain (Des Moines)    Area: 145790 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked twenty-fifth.
    Population: 2897000 In fifty states, twenty-fifth bit long.
    State: the Mongolia DesMoines
    The main city of cedar Rapids: cedarRapids
    Daven port DavenPort
    State flower: Rose
    State bird: goldfinches
       Iowa, the name from the Indian language, its meaning is "be sleepy straws" SleepyOnes.
       1788 colonial.
    In December 28, 1846 to become the twenty-ninth state of the United states.
    The wild rose is the state flower WildRose.
    The alias is called "the Hawkeye State" HawkeyeState state motto: "cherish freedom, to defend the rights of" OurLibertiesWePrizeandOurRightsWeWillMaintain.
       Is the first Mongolian State capital DesMoines, located in South central, is the state transportation center, population two, 000 state there are 53 institutions of higher learning.
    The University of Iowa as the most famous locations in the southeastern Iowa city of Iowacity, there are twenty thousand students.
       State features are: first, the State * yield, in the 50 states, ranking firSt. Beef cattle production after the state of Texas, the top 2. Second, the corn yield, in fifty states, and with the Illinois listed first, soybean yield ranks second.
    The state grain output accounts for the total grain output 1/10. This state is one of the major American granary.
    Prior to the colonial period, living in the Indians within the state, without too much labor, you can get food and clothing.
       This state is the state of loess".
    Fine soil is very fertile.
    The state is Missy Siby (east exit) and Missouri (west exit) between the two rivers, there is water, there are irrigation.
    This state is flat, very few ups and downs, although rich in agricultural products, but in recent years, industry by leaps and bounds, gross industrial product, has far exceeded the value of agriculture and animal husbandry products.
       The first is the state of indigenous people made MoundBuilders mound.
    They are the original Indians, and for the settlement of farmers, to build tall mounds (Graves).
    Today there are no traces of the destruction of the ancient village.
    One of the most famous high pier, EffigyMoundsNationalMounment statue mound site.
    This is the original Indian cemetery, located in Ma GUI Marpuette, has carved the shape of birds and snakes.
    As a traditional American delicacy:
    If the chinese delicacy geographical origin, the delicacy is derived from the immigrants brought national delicacy.
    Although the unremitting efforts of several generations, American recipes include almost the majority of the American people favorite countries and the United States of delicacy.
    So, when you see chinese comments online "Sichuan" "cantonese" label, and the label on the yelp is "Italy", "Mexico", "Vietnam", "the mediterranean".
    Yelp on the label "Americano" - American, and is one of the most typical: America Diner If you've seen Two Broke Girl, their work place is a fort Williams retro restaurant, is a Diner.
    Perhaps in a wide range of New York, this Diner is already "retro", but in the traditional Midwest, she still represents "from the United States", "cheap", "comfortable dining atmosphere free" delicacy.
    In fact, Diner is not entirely classified as "fast food", or McDonald's, Burger King too much to handle?
    On the other hand, the majority of the Diner is a private restaurant, not our common chain (of course, IHOP, APPLEBEE, VI and so on, except what) American food standard, each store also has its own characteristics, and combined with some local characteristics, reflects the culture of the United states.
    America Diner source in the depression, people can not afford the expensive restaurant, but also hope to be able to quickly and easily get food, Diner is a typical restaurant and by $5 below the menu to attract a lot of customers.
    After World War II, access to the fast development of the economic integration of urban and rural, family oriented and neighboring communities do not need too much investment in restaurants referred to many new immigrants entrepreneurial choice.
    However, today, most of the remaining Diner cuisine in brunch (collectively referred to as breakfast + chinese) - because they are simple, not enough to satisfy the diversified tastes of modern americans.
    However, Diner in the style of cuisine from around the world and across the United States are different, also have their own characteristics.
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