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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The United States passport exemption countries are:
European Union countries 1) Austria:
Stay for 3 months.
2) Belgium:
can stay for 3 months.
3) Bulgaria:
can stay for 3 months.
4) Cyprus:
90 days.
5) Czech Republic:
90 days.
6) Denmark:
90 days.
Stay for 3 months.
8) Finland:
Stay for 3 months.
9) France:
Stay for 3 months.
10) Germany:
90 days.
11) Greece:
stay for three months.
12) Hungary:
can stay for three months.
13) Ireland:
Stay for 3 months 14) Italy:
Can stay for three months.
15) Latvia:
Stay for 3 months.
16) Lithuania:
90 days.
17) Luxembourg:
Stay for three months.
18) Malta:
Stay for 3 months 19) Netherlands:
Stay for 3 months 20) Poland:
Stay for 3 months 21) Portugal:
Stay for 3 months 22) Romania:
90 days.
23) Slovakia:
90 days.
24) Slovenia:
90 days.
25) Spain:
Stay for 3 months.
Sweden for 3 months.
27) UK:
Stay for 6 months.
28) Croatia:
90 days.
Which countries can be exempted from signature by holding a U.S. green card?
1. Sign-free or landing in Central America:
1) Bahamas:
30 days.
2) British Virgin Islands:
30 days.
3) Canada:
Can stay for 6 months.
4) Cayman Islands:
30 days.
Costa Rica:
90 days.
6) Dominican Republic:
30 days.
Stay for 6 months.
8) Mexico:
Stay for 6 months.
9) Netherlands Antilles:
can stay for 30 days.
10) Aruba:
30 days.
11) Bonaire Island:
30 days.
12) St.Martin Island:
30 days.
13) Curacao Island:
30 days.
14) Serbia:
90 days.
15) Turks and Caicos Islands:
30 days.
16) Taiwan:
It can stay for 30 days.
2. Conditional transit exemption (from local customs) 1) Japan:
72 hours.
2) Korea:
30 days.
Holding visas from Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union, Switzerland, permanent residence, and travelling through or returning from Korea.
3) Singapore:
96 hours.
Holding visas from Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, permanent residence (valid for more than one month).
It can stay for 72 hours and needs airline guarantee.
5) UK:
24-hour stay.
Hold visas for the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and travel from these countries to their destinations, or from other countries to these countries.
Those who hold a US Green Card or a Canadian Maple Leaf Card also enjoy this treatment.
But holders of the temporary U.S. green card I551 in their passport are not eligible for this treatment.
6) Hong Kong, Macau:
7 days.
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    ABOUT minnesota local customs, tourist attractions
    Minnesota Food
    From wild rice and fresh white grouper to blueberry muffins and spam lunch meat sandwiches, Minnesota's food culture is both diverse and profound.
    One of the state's unique traditional delicacies is a large pot stew called booya, which is made of beef, oxtail, Lima beans, tomatoes, corn, carrots, cabbage and condiments.
    This large pot stew is amazing in volume and is common at large gatherings.
    The largest city in the state of Minnesota.
    Located in the southeastern part of the state, across the Mississippi river.
    Area of 142.5 square kilometers, population 368 thousand (1990).
    East and adjacent to St Paul, to form the famous twin cities, including the nearby counties, an area of 12626 square kilometers, entrance accounted for more than half of the total population.
    Established in 1821 in the Mississippi River near St. Anthony falls saw factory.
    After increasing immigration, the formation of the village of San Antonio in the East coaSt. The middle of nineteenth century to the West development.
    Some city residents on both sides of the merger in 1872. Early economic activity mainly by the use of cascade hydropower, development of wood processing industry.
    19 at the end of the century with the American immigrants to the central and western development, large back area dairy animal husbandry and Great Plains wheat planting has been large scale, made between both in the development of Minneapolis as the center of agricultural and livestock products processing.
    After World War II, the rise of modern industry, the city continues to expand.
    The flour industry occupies a prominent position in the domestic production after the buffalo, west modern flour factories concentrated area.
    The Mississippi River Distribution of many large grain depot, Minneapolis Grain Exchange is one of the largest grain market.
    Linseed oil, cheese industry and traditional wood sawing is also developed.
    Emerging industries of electronic instruments, agricultural machinery, transport machinery developed rapidly, gradually occupy the dominant position in the city industrial structure.
    The factory is mainly distributed in the southern part of the city.
    And St Paul with the water, land and air transportation hub in north central region of the United States, commercial and financial center.
    The central business district is located in the west of the Mississippi River, the main building has 57 layer of the IDc building, nicollet mall, communication on both sides of the street mall elevated corridor city architectural forms and unique.
    Educational facilities are University of Minnesota, August Berg Institute of higher learning, the Walker Art center, Minneapolis college of art, and art galleries, Museums and concert hall.
    Many of the city park, southwest suburb of Lake groups, beautiful scenery, a Minnehaha falls resort etc.
    Minneapolis is located in the Mississippi River, the Minnesota River and the confluence of the Mississippi River to the north, adjacent to the Minnesota state capital of St Paul city, called the "Twin cities", together constitute the core of Minneapolis - St Paul metropolitan area.
    Minneapolis is the largest city in the us state of Minnesota, Hennepin county county in the southeastern part of the state.
    Minneapolis is a good city management and full of inspiration, is regarded as one of the cleanest city in the world, ranking first in the United States the cleanest and most inspired city.
    This is a water rich city, has 20 lakes and wetlands, the Mississippi River, and numerous streams and waterfalls.
    The city has 22 lithe12 beautiful lake, Lake meandering, trees, flowers and lush, full of lakes, water days matched.
    The elegant city there are 156 large and small parks, lakes and parks constitute the ease and quiet scenery of the city.
    Minneapolis has a large number for playing art, culture, science and History Museum, there are a number of small art galleries and Museums, atmosphere makes the whole city full of culture, is the most famous Weismann Museum of art, the Walker Art center, Ross Art Museum in russia.
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