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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Which countries are exempt from visas, green cards and passport cards?
Expert answers:
1. Countries with US visas that can be exempted from signature or land-based signature:
1. Mexico:
It can stay for 180 days.
2. Philippines:
It can stay for 7 days, and can't leave China directly without the release of frontier inspection, but it can go from a third country.
3. Honduras:
30 days.
4. Dominica:
Can stay for 30 days.
5. Panama:
30 days.
The premise is that the U.S. visa must be used at least once.
You can go to the United States first, then Panama; in the United States, connecting flights also meet this requirement.
6. Bahamas:
30 days.
7. Montenegro:
It can stay for 7 days.
Generally speaking, it is inconvenient to travel through a third country.
8. Bermuda:
180 days.
Costa Rica:
It can stay for 30 days.
The validity period of the US visa is at least 3 months.
Only B1-B2 or D multiple entry visas are allowed.
10. Colombia:
90 days.
(Holding valid Schengen residence or C, D Schengen visas, valid U.S. residence permit or U.S. visa (excluding C1 transit signatures), can enter Colombia without visa and be released by China's frontier inspection) 11. Georgia (Georgia is exempt from visas issued by the United States, Canada and Schengen with validity of more than one year.
Unused and successful entry 12. Serbia (holds a valid visa for the United States, the United Kingdom and Schengen).
If the visa holder is single, it is recommended to go to Serbia firSt.If it is multiple, there is no requirement.
The duration of stay is usually no more than 90 days.
13. Chile:
90 days.
A valid US or Canadian visa (excluding transit visa) for 6 months or more can enter Chile without a visA.The maximum duration of a single stay is not more than 90 days.
This measure has been implemented since July 1, 2015. ) 14. Argentina's conditional e-visa (if it holds a valid U.S. visa or a European visa, you can enter Argentina free of the visa by paying only $50 for the e-Travel authorization procedure).
90 days.
16. Cayman Islands:
30 days.
180 days.
18. American Virgin Islands:
It belongs to the territory outside the United States and can stay within the validity period of the US Signature.
19. Netherlands Antilles:
14 days.
14 days.
21. Turkey (e-visas require valid visas for Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Israel).
2. Countries with visas of the United States that can pass through visa-free countries:
1. Transit Korea:
30 days.
In addition to traveling to the United States, Guam, the United States Overseas Territory, can now enjoy this policy.
Roundtrip stops for 30 days each.
2. Transit Singapore:
96 hours.
U.S. B1/B2 visa is requireD.It is valid for at least one month.
There are only one round trip and no entry cases.
3. Transit Japan:
72 hours.
4. Transit Alien Unit:
It can stay for 96 hours.
We need to travel by Allianz Airlines in advance or find a more expensive agent at the airport.
5. Transit Britain:
24-hour stay.
A U.S. B1/B2 visa must be held and the country of destination must be departed from the United Kingdom.
1) All the countries listed above are unilateral policies.
Please confirm whether China's frontier inspection will be released or not so as to avoid obstruction of travel.
2) Having a U.S. visa to apply for an Israeli visa can also simplify the visa application materials without the need to provide further financial proof; 3) If the U.S. visa application is passed, it will be very helpful for other developed countries in Europe and the United States to apply for visas in the future.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    Experience Orlando's colorful nightlife Florida has a hot sun, but hotter than the sun is the nightlife in the central part of Florida.
    On Universal city Walk and Pleasure Island in downtown Disney, restaurants and ballrooms are great places to have a good night.
    The city's pedestrian street has the world's largest Hard Rock caf re, and on Happy Island, one ticket goes to seven clubs.
    Two places have music clubs to bring you different styles of music The ten best places to go in 2012: American storm Orlando There are all kinds of bars, clubs and discos in downtown Orlando, and the clubs on International Avenue don't close until late at night.
    Most clubs require a service charge, and most of the business hours continue until one or two o'clock in the morning.
    The Busch Park feels wild life.
    The ten best places to go in 2012: American storm Orlando Busch Gardens, located in Tampa Bay, Florida, has a wild environment that makes it feel like you're on the African continent, following the park's guide, and you can walk into the habitats of wild animals like hippos, hyenas, vultures, crocodiles, baboons, etc on foot;
    through waterfalls and shrouded in the ground In the forest fog, you can even see primates hiding deep in the dense jungle, such as gorillas and chimpanzees.
    The African-themed Park domesticates more than 2,700 animals and is wild enough to make it feel like it's on the African continent.
    The park is divided into different themes, visitors can not only be intimate with wildlife, but also enjoy the traditional ethnic customs of Africa.
    Shopping in major shopping malls The ten best places to go in 2012: American storm Orlando From Gucci handbags and Tiffany diamonds to unique antiques and second.
    hand treasures, luxury, economic and affordable items can be found in Orlando.
    The city is a well-deserved international shopping paradise, with 4.6 million square meters of retail stores, including nine regional shopping centers, catering to shoppers'tastes and budgets.
    conroy Road 4200 is Orlando's top shopping mall, where 150 world.renowned stores, such as Bloomingdale, cartier, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy choo and Tiffany, are assembled.
    The mall provides all-around doorman service and parking service.
    Altamonte Springs Mall (E Altamonte Drive 451) is located north of Orlando and has hundreds of retail stores, usually with plenty of parking space.
    There are many kinds of retail stores, including Abercrombie.
    Winter parks are also nearby, with charming Park Avenue trees and fashion shops, galleries and shops, from Synergy (Park Ave South 202.B) to Tuni (301 Park Avenue South Road) to Shou'Ture (339S Park Avenue South Road) eclecticism.
    Nothing needed is lacking.
    You can not only buy high-end designer shoes, but also enjoy manicure services.
    The ten best places to go in 2012: American storm Orlando If you're interested in antiques, go to the Antique Street on North Orange Street in Lake Ivanhoe, Orlando.
    The 5.kilometer-long street is dotted with small shops and galleries, and art and antiques can be found by serious collectors and bargainers alike.
    Many stores are run directly by their bosses, so the business hours are flexible, but they usually open at 10 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. Walk on the sand, a tour of the Miami Beach
    銆銆銆 銆銆 This article mainly describes the travel attractions is Miami Beach, when I walk in the sand on the beach, at the foot of the soft sand body to bring a relaxed feeling, walk along the beach near the edge of a road, taoshengyijiu, far from the setting sun Miami Beach shows a magnificent view.
    Let's look at the Miami Beach on the beauty!
    Walk on the sand, a tour of the Miami Beach Miami is located in the southern state of Florida, is a big city, there are many senior residential and commercial areas near the Miami Beach, here the scenery, I love the shoes off the foot on the beach, this feeling is really very wonderful.
    銆銆 come to visit Miami Beach, previously scheduled at a seaside hotel, so you can always come to Miami Beach to play.
    The United States of Miami tourism Raiders
    Abstract: Miami (Miami) is a famous coastal tourist city.
    Located in the Florida Peninsula in the east coast south of the Miami canal estuary, east of Biscayne Bay, west of the Everglades everglades.
    Miami (Miami) is a famous coastal tourist city.
    Located in the Florida Peninsula in the east coast south of the Miami canal estuary, east of Biscayne Bay, west of the Everglades Everglades;
    urban area of 88 square kilometers, population 359 thousand (1990), accounting for about half of cubans and their descendants.
    銆銆 Large urban areas including 28 towns in Miami and around the North Beach, a few kilometers away from the 80 and palm beach together, the total area of 6237 square kilometers;
    the proportion of the elderly population is higher than other big American city.
    The main city in the coastal lowlands in the coastal part of the sandbar, the average elevation of 3 meters.
    The sub tropical climate, the United States winter warm city;
    in January the average temperature of 19.5 degrees, 28.3 degrees celsius in July;
    the average annual rainfall of 1290 mm, most of the drop in summer;
    summer and fall of the transaction by a hurricane.
    It was founded in 1870, 1896 city, with the Florida East coast Railway access and port dredging, the rapid development of the city;
    in recent 40 years, Florida has become the largest city in the state.
    The tourism industry is booming, as the pillar of city economy, domestic and foreign tourists 15 million people, the bathing beach is 20 km long, 365 park;
    famous Everglades National Park is located 64 kilometers southwest of the city.
    The city of Miami across Biscayne Bay, across the causeway is narrow island in Miami, is the world famous tourist resort.
    The industrial sector and the development of tourism related, such as clothing, food, plastic products, decorations, the country's third largest garment production center;
    and electronic appliances and other industrial sectors;
    the construction industry also developed;
    fishery is an important financial center, Sheng;
    1OO has more than 14 banks, the foreign banks, the west of the city Miami Intercontinental Airport, Piyou domestic and international routes more than india.
    Miami is the gateway to Latin American Maritime gateway to dodge island to build large passenger terminal, has replaced New York as the biggest port;
    70 at the end of the construction of an elevated railway length about 33 km, as an important transport route between downtown and the suburbs of the city, University of Miami and other colleges and universities 6, ocean and meteorology the world famous research institutions, many churches, Museums, libraries.
    Miami - standard time zone: -5 zone UTc/GMT -5 hours, and the United States of New York, Washington, Philadelphia, in the same city.
    Miami and Beijing chinese time difference in time for 13 hours, it is chinese Beijing time to 13 hours earlier than Miami.
    銆銆 Miami climate - Miami has a subtropical climate, the United States winter warm city;
    1 month average temperature of 19.5 DEG c, 7 28.3 c;
    the average annual rainfall of 1290 mm, down in the summer;
    summer and fall of the transaction by a hurricane.
    銆銆 Miami traffic: Miami expressway is developed, east-west 826 No. /836 /595 No. /84 highway, straight through the north and South 95 (can reach New York (No. /75) can reach california /state7 highway).
    1. from Miami Airport to the city by taxi is also very convenient, the general cost of $30.35. 2. Miami to Kennedy Space center 400 km, drive 4 hours;
    if driving from Miami to Orlando directly, need 3 hours drive.
    2. from Miami to the Everglades National Park in Forest Park, is located in the south of Miami 80 km, more than one hour drive.
    3. Keywest the drive from Miami to the southern tip of 280 km, need 3 hours drive.
    Immediate departure tasting Florida Key West 10 delicacy
    銆銆銆 If you prefer to save money, want to get the first sunshine in the spring through the winter clouds, let a plan, to a tour of Florida.
    Not for anything else, just as fish sandwiches.
    Of course, we are not spur of the moment, jump on a plane to go traveling, let's take you to look at the sunny warm place, a delicacy trip.
    Rum runners In other parts of the country, we are not advised to drink this wine, but in Ki West, it is necessary to drink.
    This is a wine produced by Mourad's rum, a mixture of light rum and concentrated rum, with fruit flavor.
    If you want a better effect on the top, pour a little Bacardi 151, Jamaica.
    To a cup, enjoy a wonderful night.
    conch fried meatballs conch doughnut balls an easy job to do on board the fried food liSt. Although we always think that the Bahamas pie is fried food master, but you will know West to the base, the conch fried meatball will let you do not want to leave this place.
    key lime pie Eat the pie course to Florida, Ki West is the leader of the lime production sector.
    Here, try the pie where more than one place, such as Kermit.
    Stone crab Let Florida stone crab charm, and more than 40% of the Florida stone crab are produced in Ki West, where the most delicious crab.
    Red fish sandwiches Fish is a kind of wonderful taste Scallop in Shell delicacy, red fish will taste a wonderful fusion in the local traditional sandwiches, plus Swiss cheese, onions and mushrooms on cuban bread, fish in bar or barbecue shop to eat this meal, is not very attractive?
    Ernest Hemingway Ki West spent the last 10 years.
    You can visit his former residence, now there has been converted into a Museum.
    But we recommend named after the great writer name cocktail.
    This will be the best cocktail you drink this wine, fruit sweetness and taste just enough to meet people's expectations.
    surfing Well, surfing is not food.
    But you can surf in Key West food choices in a variety of seafood, such as silk fish and lobster, of course you can choose.
    cuban coffee The origin of the cuban coffee is not Ki West, but it is the main products here now, it is the local characteristics.
    In fact, from the Key West is 90 miles (144 km), here enough authentic cuban coffee.
    shrimp Ki West is famous for shrimp and shrimp, caught up in the local make every dish are guaranteed fresh.
    Pink shrimp because of its sweet taste wonderful and very popular.
    To Ki West, but must have a taste of shrimp.
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