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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Which countries are exempt from visas, green cards and passport cards?
Expert answers:
1. Countries with US visas that can be exempted from signature or land-based signature:
1. Mexico:
It can stay for 180 days.
2. Philippines:
It can stay for 7 days, and can't leave China directly without the release of frontier inspection, but it can go from a third country.
3. Honduras:
30 days.
4. Dominica:
Can stay for 30 days.
5. Panama:
30 days.
The premise is that the U.S. visa must be used at least once.
You can go to the United States first, then Panama; in the United States, connecting flights also meet this requirement.
6. Bahamas:
30 days.
7. Montenegro:
It can stay for 7 days.
Generally speaking, it is inconvenient to travel through a third country.
8. Bermuda:
180 days.
Costa Rica:
It can stay for 30 days.
The validity period of the US visa is at least 3 months.
Only B1-B2 or D multiple entry visas are allowed.
10. Colombia:
90 days.
(Holding valid Schengen residence or C, D Schengen visas, valid U.S. residence permit or U.S. visa (excluding C1 transit signatures), can enter Colombia without visa and be released by China's frontier inspection) 11. Georgia (Georgia is exempt from visas issued by the United States, Canada and Schengen with validity of more than one year.
Unused and successful entry 12. Serbia (holds a valid visa for the United States, the United Kingdom and Schengen).
If the visa holder is single, it is recommended to go to Serbia firSt.If it is multiple, there is no requirement.
The duration of stay is usually no more than 90 days.
13. Chile:
90 days.
A valid US or Canadian visa (excluding transit visa) for 6 months or more can enter Chile without a visA.The maximum duration of a single stay is not more than 90 days.
This measure has been implemented since July 1, 2015. ) 14. Argentina's conditional e-visa (if it holds a valid U.S. visa or a European visa, you can enter Argentina free of the visa by paying only $50 for the e-Travel authorization procedure).
90 days.
16. Cayman Islands:
30 days.
180 days.
18. American Virgin Islands:
It belongs to the territory outside the United States and can stay within the validity period of the US Signature.
19. Netherlands Antilles:
14 days.
14 days.
21. Turkey (e-visas require valid visas for Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Israel).
2. Countries with visas of the United States that can pass through visa-free countries:
1. Transit Korea:
30 days.
In addition to traveling to the United States, Guam, the United States Overseas Territory, can now enjoy this policy.
Roundtrip stops for 30 days each.
2. Transit Singapore:
96 hours.
U.S. B1/B2 visa is requireD.It is valid for at least one month.
There are only one round trip and no entry cases.
3. Transit Japan:
72 hours.
4. Transit Alien Unit:
It can stay for 96 hours.
We need to travel by Allianz Airlines in advance or find a more expensive agent at the airport.
5. Transit Britain:
24-hour stay.
A U.S. B1/B2 visa must be held and the country of destination must be departed from the United Kingdom.
1) All the countries listed above are unilateral policies.
Please confirm whether China's frontier inspection will be released or not so as to avoid obstruction of travel.
2) Having a U.S. visa to apply for an Israeli visa can also simplify the visa application materials without the need to provide further financial proof; 3) If the U.S. visa application is passed, it will be very helpful for other developed countries in Europe and the United States to apply for visas in the future.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    Electric storm Miami pilgrimage
    Miami Ultra Music Festival (UMF), is one of the largest outdoor electronic music festival in the world, is the world's electronic dance enthusiasts to the pilgrimage to the carnival.
    In 1999, Ultra held the first syllable in Miami Beach in the United States, as of 2015 has been successfully held 17 sessions.
    The festival marks the global biggest, highest quality, the most popular electronic dance activities, led the global electronic dance craze.
    Ultra syllable across 5 continents held in 13 countries, from various countries fans gathered in the Ultra electric field.
    Into the crowd each other to go forward with great strength and vigour, and at the same time to share the excitement and ecstasy of the same feeling, this is life is definitely not miss the experience.
    The United States of Florida, Miami Ultra electric home court.
    March each year in the spring, this world.class music event will be gathered here infinite popularity.
    Here, will have the opportunity to feel the hitherto unknown notes jump, electronic music incomparable linger, experience the spirit of electronic music party unlimited wild and pleasure.
    While 2016 will be the first year of 18 Ultra syllable, festival will be held on 2016 18, 19, 20 days, when tens of thousands of people gathered in downtown Miami, various styles of play, different forms of carnival, with world.class stage production, high energy and light dazzling visual effects, create incomparable the electronic dance music "super" experience.
    Ultra syllable is also a world.class lighting technology show.
    In the area of nearly 100 meters in diameter, the artist will image three.
    dimensional visualization display with music Laser light, jet flame, colorful flower, spectacular fireworks effects will show to a boom.
    As a representative of the United States Music Festival, Ultra has its syllable diversity line.
    up, innovation and spot with the avant-garde spirit design and widely praised, in Ultra syllable 2016 years, fans will be able to enjoy in the electronic music history has 3 big scene respected performance.
    The first is known as the godfather of British rave music pioneer electronic dance orchestra (The Prodigy) rock style of electronic music will bring them especially for the stage, in Ultra the much anticipated grand return on.
    They will Ultra the audience personally on the scene of live performances, free in electronic funk, rave, jungle music, hardcore style between the walk, it will be a show not to be missed.
    Secondly, Australian bass drum beat style band Pendulum will return Ultra syllables, bringing a rare audience featuring live performances.
    This is their performance since 2011 in the first regression Ultra.
    The bass drum beat as the global popularity of a style of music of the highest, fans can look forward to an authentic, strong and incomparable live experience.
    In addition, as everyone knows, the first syllable Ultra successfully held at Miami Beach beach on 1999, in honor of the origin of traditional music festival.
    The lineup will return again in this year.
    No more than Rabbit In Trance Psychedelic the perfect interpretation of the The Moon band, and House and Breaks style, Ultra and fans will be with them to witness the true historical moment.
    Popular carl cox Music Festival as the ambassador to the Ultra Music Festival stage (Megastructure), this is his twelfth years as the site of the carl cox & Friends fans hosted performances, performances in the Trance genre represented by Armin Van Buuren A State Of will take his "Trance" music show to the audience.
    RESISTANcE stage in 2015 Ultra syllable Miami station debut, and received praise.
    In March 2016, RESISTANcE will be more than ever, a better attitude to the center of Miami again.
    After 2015 "The Afterburner", the 2016 RESISTANcE stage will be transformed into a completely different beast called "spider".
    It weighs 50 tons, 20 meters high of the spider like structure is Arcadia Spectacular, the creative pioneer used two times recycling of military and industrial metals, equipped with sophisticated technology, built into a hanging over the crowd DJ stage, can spray out on the dance floor 16 meters fireball stage building.
    Arcadia Spectacular worked in Europe and other music festival after the debut, the hallmark of this "spider" will come to the us debut in 2016 Ultra syllable.
    Ultra syllable lovers every day will come to see a large scene show "Arcadia".
    This is a new addition this year to RESISTANcE stage scenes show, during the show, fans will see the spider and will gradually get life energy around and pushed to the top of pleasure.
    The scene with special effects show various creative elements and spiders, including air show, interactive kidnapping, mechanical injury and shock.
    The world's most beautiful city - Miami
    Introduction Miami is a tourist city famous for its global! The one and only climatic conditions throughout the year can swim in the sea, the Atlantic is located in the edge of up to tens of kilometers north and South Beach, is one of the world's most famous beaches, annually attracts tens of millions of tourists from all over the world! The United States is located in the southernmost seaside city - Miami is a tourist city famous for its global! The one and only climatic conditions throughout the year can swim in the sea, the Atlantic is located in the edge of up to tens of kilometers north and South Beach, is one of the world's most famous beaches, annually attracts tens of millions of visitors from around the world ten big city! The most concentrated in a famous site selection global beauty, topped Miami! Orlando, 3 hours drive from Miami so I live only on weekends or holidays, you can drive to this charming seaside city with rich Latin, let's enjoy the sunshine, beaches, coconut trees and bikinis! The upscale community to visit the United States billionaire.

    Winter Park community in Orlando, Florida, is a well-known wealthy area in central Florida.
    Stars like O'Neill and Tiger Woods buy real estate here.
    There are many lakes and lush trees.
    It is the preferred place for successful Orlando people to live.
    The community has not only a good natural environment, but also the most important thing is that it is quite superior here.
    The humanistic environment, Florida's oldest art academy and museum are in the center of the district.
    The annual Florida Art Festival is also held here.
    This year's Art Festival will be held on Saturdays.
    The sky is beautiful, so a large number of tourists come to attend and enjoy the natural and humanistic beauty.
    This year's Art Festival is mainly appropriate.
    Artworks and crafts of local artists and folk artists.
    Prices are high.
    A painting is few or hundreds of dollars, more than thousands of dollars, and the most common crafts are hundreds of dollars.
    It seems that there are still differences between the works of art and ordinary goods.
    The biggest feature of Winter Park community is that there are many lakes, and the villas with lake view are all priced.
    In millions of dollars, the environment is beautiful, and a large number of rare wild animals live here.
    The Winter community housing, whether it is the community environment, housing construction or the humanities environment to a higher grade, of course, the price is quite objective, the average price in millions of dollars, is 2 times more than the average middle class family housing prices.
    What is not worth it, only the owner of the house know.
    Look at the house, one of my colleagues feel that the house is good, the environment is also good, but he said he would love the domestic unit building.
    Why? He said, because the domestic lively, popular, and we are in the area around more than 2 hours, they did not see a few people to love lively chinese, live in a big house like this, will not live in more than enough Biequ? It seems everyone has their own way of life, happiness will not have the same benchmark, optimistic and open-minded attitude should be treasured! The United States of Florida, Key West in the remotest corners of the globe
    銆銆 There is a map of the state of Florida on the tail, the tail is Florida Keys, and the tail is Key West end.
    The southernmost Key West in the United States, the United States is the remotest corners of the globe.
    Starting from Miami, the car along the highway 1 South West 260 kilometers about 4 hours to reach, the way will be the 42 islands and 32 bridges.
    This is one of the best scenery along the road, there are big and small national parks and beaches.
    The most famous scenic spots on the road is Seven Mile Bridge, bridge length is named, traveling on the bridge, out of sight.
    Known as the "true lies" has a scene filmed here.
    The road (and bridge) left for the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico.
    Someone has said: the the Atlantic sea is blue, the Gulf of Mexico is green.
    I don't have time to go and verify these, the way to see the water color is change unpredictably, make people relaxed and happy, as the acme of perfection! Key West, also called the Key West or the West island.
    The whole town is clean and beautiful, high streets and back lanes everywhere can see pleasant scenery.
    The United States, the southernmost signs: above clearly written from the cuban 90 miles.
    The tour of high-profile people, in order to line up to take photographs.
    The port of Zhanqiao: also known as the conch port, parked a lot of private yachts; many sea rides is starting from here.
    The other side of the port can also stop the ship.
    Duval Street (Du Fojie) is the Key West's most famous pedestrian street, down the street from the southeast to the northwest side of the walk, not long street, let us from the the Atlantic side of the United States, the southernmost tip of the sign to the Gulf of Mexico Mallory Square Mallory square (the square).
    The town is very small and unique taste, the house is mostly white or pale green, blue, bright, neat and elegant.
    All kinds of flowers in the fence and railings, in addition to sightseeing car street when to shoot and hide not open wire like modern distance arranged in a crisscross pattern, very distant.
    Key West and a very poetic name ---- the hometown (Home of sunset).
    Every evening to see the sunset, the town is enduring, is also the most attractive program.
    One evening, a small town shops and stalls all kinds of street performances and almost most of the tourists are concentrated in the town around Mallory square.
    Mexico Wanli brilliant sunset is the most beautiful sunset in North America, and tourists, performances, music, delicacy -- these together form the sunset celebration, very lively, very spectacular.
    Orlando Disney in the unknown 11 a little secret.

    Through Disney's buddies know that Disney is a fairy tale kingdom, happy paradise, but Xiaobian want to say today is the 11 secret you never know, but they are real.
    "Pirates of the caribbean" (No.1 Pirates of the caribbean) next to a club.
    The club is named 33, is the only place in the entire park with wine, you may have passed it a dozen times, but didn't notice it's there.
    It is the entrance next to the Blue Bay restaurant, a small door, only a number "33" carved on the door.
    This club has more than 500 members, membership fee of more than $10 thousand, a year to pay an annual fee of $3500, as of now there are more than 1 thousand people in the waiting list, waiting to become a member.
    Take the elevator to the upstairs door, a huge, square around the New Orleans heart of the club, there are bar, two luxurious dining area, a large number of cultural relics Disney, also equipped with the staff trained with regularity in the park.
    Matt (Matterhorn Mountain) No.2 Hongfeng has a basketball court inside the top of the mountain.
    In the Matt Matterhorn is about 100 feet tall, with a basket filled with super small half a basketball court, was reserved for trained Alpine climbers occasionally to climb the mountain with.
    You return to Lost and Found Office No.3 any thing, you can take it?? According to legend, you pick up anything, as long as you fill in the Lost and Found Office table, no one to apply for 2 months, you can take it away.
    But Disney has said, this is just a legend! It's just a legend??? (it is.
    ) According to chris No.4, Space Mountain (Space Mountain) rocket speed of only 30 miles Fantasy engineers use some skills, such as tilt, bending down, dark environment, and installed in the mountain wind produced strong winds, give you high speed illusion, let you think the Rockets have about 1000000 mph so fast! No.5 if you used to play the Matt Matterhorn (Matterhorn bobsled), the sled car that you can sit to President Nixon sat on the same car! Because we are the thirty-seventh president is the first passenger the roller coaster (also known as the virgin sit, and ^_^) at the same time by Walter Disney and his family (should not all in the same car.
    But this is only the "past", because Disney Park in 2012 changed all skibob.
    No.6 before a trip (Star Tour) pilot is "adventure" Pee Wee in Pee Wee (Pee.
    wee Herman) voice.
    Later, the pilot duties by Star Wars robot Sri Pio (c3PO) took over, but Paul Reubes (Paul Reubens, peevey actor) is the first person.
    No.7 (Main Street) on the main street had a lingerie shop.
    This street to the East with a high ground porch, originally belonged to a "personal clothing store" (also known as corset shop), the store is not bear to look attractive ladies underwear, such as a strapless bra spiral (please fill brain).
    The store is only from 1955 to 1956 sales.
    No.8 town square (Town Square) has a secret private apartment upstairs 1. This is Walter Disney and his family in the park home, they want to spend the night in Disney park when they live here.
    There is a locker room apartment, a folding sofa in the front room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and an outdoor Rest Area.
    No.9 main street once a tobacco shop opened 35 years.
    This boutique tobacco shop is crowded in the middle of the main street, and the cinema magic shop selling cigarettes, cigars and pipes, but also give the matchbox free.
    Well, yes! The Indian woodcut portraits you see in the high street before sitting in the shop door.
    No.10 (Frontierland) in the frontier park have abandoned mine.
    Until 1977, the mine has been used as the rainbow cave mine train (Rainbow caverns Mine Train) part in use, it is like a car like the train will take you through the frontier Park into a wasteland, with a dark light, neon colored, luminous pool waterfall cave, only to sit here the train to arrive at a distance of 0.25 miles.
    You can lift the Sleeping Beauty castle bridge No.11. It rises to two times, once Disney park opened, another park reopened in 1983. The Disneyland and the Shanghai Disneyland tickets how much compared to what
    Shanghai Disneyland March 28th tickets on sale, the news so many people confused, go to Disneyland or Disneyland in Shanghai, the United States Disneyland ticket how much money, fun? The following small as you talk about this two different paradise.
    Disney ticket price Many people see the official website of Shanghai Disneyland fare is 370 yuan, while the price of about more than 600 yuan of the Disneyland.
    Many people will feel the United States Disney tickets so expensive, than in Shanghai Disneyland.
    In fact, the Disneyland is the founder of Walt Disney the first building of the park, a sense of history, the modern sense of innovation, stimulate the sense of experience, joy and satisfaction, more meaningful.
    Disneyland The Disneyland of the United States including california Losangeles Disneyland and Florida Orlando Disneyland, Losangeles Disneyland is the world's first Disney, and Orlando Disney park is the world's largest Disney.
    Disneyland in Shanghai, although there are some innovations in the project, but not as well known as the Disneyland big.
    Therefore, even though the Disneyland tickets a little expensive, but feel the joy of travel to the United States Disneyland is very necessary.
    In this fairy tale kingdom for happiness points.
    Orlando Disney Park carnival Orlando Disney World is not the world's oldest, is the biggest Disneyland is Disney World headquarters.
    There is a western style full of adventure and the big snow coaster, spectacular scenes; and the Mickey Mouse, snow white, submarine submarine world wonders, colorful fireworks colorful sky.
    Losangeles Disneyland Project highlights This is the American animation master Walter Disney founded the first Disneyland, here is Losangeles one of the tourists can not be missed attractions I visited Disneyland in california so far has more than 550 million visitors, including the president, the royal family, the world's top stars With the time of day wake up at Disney in childhood Disneyland Play the Raiders Disneyland, Losangeles Park: Main Street, adventure theme park, New Orleans square, the animal kingdom, the land of pioneers, Mitch 1, the orchestra and the kingdom of the future dream city 8 theme park.
    The street: allows you to experience 1900 years in early America, street shops, bustling, with elegant old carriage, antique shops and restaurants, tea and other central street; walk in Disney World, also often encounter some actors dressed as Mickey Mouse, Tang old duck, snow white and the small dwarF- Adventure: the seasons of the year you can see the world of tropical plants.
    The "Indian Jones adventure" is very popular.
    New Orleans Square: reproduce the nineteenth century European New Orleans street scenery, feel the past southern flavor.
    Here are the Pirates of the caribbean large vivid scene.
    The animal kingdom: the biggest selling point here is the Disney animated film the animal characters, there are always people screaming about a splash mountain, in the log boat led by snakes in the indoor and outdoor basins, and finally from the waterfall is genuine goods at a fair price 90 degrees vertical to undershoot, the tension soared to the highest point.
    The four day tour of Miami is not a dream
    Want to travel to the United States, and not too long, how should I do? Editorial recommendation you choose 4 days tour in Miami.
    Miami is a year-round sunny weather, winter is also a winter resort, every year attracts many tourists to travel here.
    In the Miami Exhibition center, a radius of 500 meters over the hotel.
    Fried strong can be considered Ritz carlton adjacent to the beach, sunshine, beach, beauty, as many.
    And a group of small hotel of economic type represented by cadet is also a good choice for backpackers, but their distance from the Expo Exhibition on foot 5 minutes away, even the kind driver will move to free airport pick up, caring and thoughtful service.
    Although Miami hotel is very expensive, but the season early and often was booked, ordinary three.
    star hotels are about $200, more than four stars to 300 knife.
    Xiaobian remind, in Miami to live comfortable, you must first set the hotel.
    The Miami art fair and exposition, many peripheral party long distances, often across most of the city, so the organizing committee is provided with free shuttle service.
    But people like every night party please obtain cash or learn the movie thumb ride in the street, or can only obediently in the hotel game over.
    Miami street is a diamond studded jeans, T-shirt, this tropical style will make you feel passionate.
    Special love to play the Miami cowboys tourists, is come to the right place.
    Although Miami cowboys, but the Expo has its own rules (dress code).
    Just as the New York gallery opening, usually some brands are always insurance options, such as Prada, comme des Garcons, Martin Margiela etc.
    According to the age and identity, each one takes what he needs.
    Probably the sophisticated gallery owner is with each other in judging the importance of the customers.
    Party! If the party did not go to Miami, it is in vain to a trip.
    But often the cool party is not easy entry, unless you are VVIP.
    If a little attention, you will find a lot of stars, artists are falling fish around invitations.
    So to find a suitable source is the key, with the presence of the media Gallery, chats may be for you to knock on the door.
    If you are media workers, designers, artists, curators, art teachers, then congratulations, you have to leave the party door a crack.
    Miami is in the heart of Europe "holiday paradise", the Americans in the eyes of the "capital" of Latin America, the South American pursuit of "American Dream".
    Miami's biggest advantage is a year-round sunny warm weather.
    As the "Sunshine State" moniker said, Florida maintained a comfortable 22.2 degrees celsius, the average annual temperature, winter is winterpalace.
    5 to 11 month Miami is relatively low season, because there will be a dangerous hurricane.
    Traveled to Miami for three or four days is enough, if you particularly want to in the beach, it's different.
    Xiaobian remind, Miami tour four days are enough, if you want to experience the beach leisure is different, suggest that friends travel plans well in advance.
    Pioneer home: the American Wild West era as the main appeal, is a dynamic region.
    Entertainment facilities and train the big bang night fireworks popular.
    Fantasy Wonderland: the famous castle of the sleeping beauty is the most representative of the building, where you can feel the mysterious palace full of fantasy and dream.
    Matt bobsleds exciting, the way will attack the snowman.
    Mitch: 1 city is Mickey Mouse and all his friends home, can enter to visit Mitch and Minnie's home, and with their photo opportunity.
    Mitch 1 city all the buildings and their masters, and riotous with colour bright bold design, with their master, quite a character, 1 characters often found in this book, you can buy please sign them! The world of tomorrow: the universe and the future as the theme of the city area.
    Air shuttle rocket, metal buildings allow visitors to experience the journey.
    Full orbit car shock.
    Experience Orlando's colorful nightlife Florida has a hot sun, but hotter than the sun is the nightlife in the central part of Florida.
    On Universal city Walk and Pleasure Island in downtown Disney, restaurants and ballrooms are great places to have a good night.
    The city's pedestrian street has the world's largest Hard Rock caf re, and on Happy Island, one ticket goes to seven clubs.
    Two places have music clubs to bring you different styles of music The ten best places to go in 2012: American storm Orlando There are all kinds of bars, clubs and discos in downtown Orlando, and the clubs on International Avenue don't close until late at night.
    Most clubs require a service charge, and most of the business hours continue until one or two o'clock in the morning.
    The Busch Park feels wild life.
    The ten best places to go in 2012: American storm Orlando Busch Gardens, located in Tampa Bay, Florida, has a wild environment that makes it feel like you're on the African continent, following the park's guide, and you can walk into the habitats of wild animals like hippos, hyenas, vultures, crocodiles, baboons, etc on foot; through waterfalls and shrouded in the ground In the forest fog, you can even see primates hiding deep in the dense jungle, such as gorillas and chimpanzees.
    The African-themed Park domesticates more than 2,700 animals and is wild enough to make it feel like it's on the African continent.
    The park is divided into different themes, visitors can not only be intimate with wildlife, but also enjoy the traditional ethnic customs of Africa.
    Shopping in major shopping malls The ten best places to go in 2012: American storm Orlando From Gucci handbags and Tiffany diamonds to unique antiques and second.
    hand treasures, luxury, economic and affordable items can be found in Orlando.
    The city is a well-deserved international shopping paradise, with 4.6 million square meters of retail stores, including nine regional shopping centers, catering to shoppers'tastes and budgets.
    conroy Road 4200 is Orlando's top shopping mall, where 150 world.renowned stores, such as Bloomingdale, cartier, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy choo and Tiffany, are assembled.
    The mall provides all-around doorman service and parking service.
    Altamonte Springs Mall (E Altamonte Drive 451) is located north of Orlando and has hundreds of retail stores, usually with plenty of parking space.
    There are many kinds of retail stores, including Abercrombie.
    Winter parks are also nearby, with charming Park Avenue trees and fashion shops, galleries and shops, from Synergy (Park Ave South 202.B) to Tuni (301 Park Avenue South Road) to Shou'Ture (339S Park Avenue South Road) eclecticism.
    Nothing needed is lacking.
    You can not only buy high-end designer shoes, but also enjoy manicure services.
    The ten best places to go in 2012: American storm Orlando If you're interested in antiques, go to the Antique Street on North Orange Street in Lake Ivanhoe, Orlando.
    The 5.kilometer-long street is dotted with small shops and galleries, and art and antiques can be found by serious collectors and bargainers alike.
    Many stores are run directly by their bosses, so the business hours are flexible, but they usually open at 10 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. Into the Kennedy Space center
    銆銆銆 銆銆 Into the NASA (NASA), it is located in the United States to visit the Kennedy Space center in Florida.
    This is the main variety of space exploration, rocket, an important place for space shuttle launch.
    We often hear in the news "the cape" that is a part of here.
    About an hour drive from Orlando to Kennedy Space center, to go through the middle of a cross sea bridge, the center fare $38, valid for two days.
    Visit Kennedy Space center, visit the center is mainly arranged in three places, respectively, 39 rocket station observation station Apollo Saturn five center and the international space station center.
    The three scenic spots distribution is more dispersed, so there are arranged at the space center of the bus with the visitors, can turn on and off in three spots.
    Located in the visitor center of IMAX cinema and two space movie, this is one of the bright spots of Kennedy Space center.
    The bus route is set, but the bus to cape canaveral.
    It is said that want to go there to visit the new rocket launching station also handed to another sum of money, so that visitors can go to the foot of the transmitting station.
    One of the attractions of -39 bus rocket station platform to see, 39 launch stations are A, B two launcher.
    Before coming to the second spots will pass the NASA building, the rocket is assembled in the 160 meters high in the building, after being assembled parallel to the launch pad.
    It is said that this is the world's largest single storey building, each floor of the star flag than a bus width.
    Of course, no visitors can enter the building for a visit, so we can only look into the distance from a distance.
    The auxiliary buildings in the building next to the window there is a rocket launch control center, several small odd technical content is humble looking high, the rocket is located in key sectors.
    Rocket launch control here, then control is transferred to the control center in Houston.
    The second spots is Apollo Saturn five center.
    The center has three to look the part, one is a Firing Room, is the launch control room originally used.
    Here, the screen simulation of launch Apollo No. five.
    The second is a 363 foot long moon rocket.
    All the details and pictures and Apollo moon in the whole hall, from 1967 years Apollo 1 (failure to launch astronauts were killed) to 1972 years Apollo 17, the moon visible before the eyes of the american.
    The third is to enjoy a common reality and staged by the moon in the moon Film Theater Movie history.
    The third bus station, is also the last stop is to visit the international space station and the international space station assembly center.
    The below picture round thing is a part of the international space station, but this assembly project seems to have been suspended.
    The international space station is mainly for astronauts to conduct various tests all places; space station in various countries on display for a visit here, you can see from the side of the flag which countries have the space station.
    Back to the visitor center, and a rocket can visit the park.
    IMAX cinema released two space 3D movies, one is the voice of Tom Hanks walking on the moon, a voice of Tom curise is the international space station.
    If you want to see these two movies you must be well ahead of time.
    Kennedy Space center seems to have recently set up a new game project, the space shuttle launch experience is to imitate.
    Walk on the sand, a tour of the Miami Beach
    銆銆銆 銆銆 This article mainly describes the travel attractions is Miami Beach, when I walk in the sand on the beach, at the foot of the soft sand body to bring a relaxed feeling, walk along the beach near the edge of a road, taoshengyijiu, far from the setting sun Miami Beach shows a magnificent view.
    Let's look at the Miami Beach on the beauty! Walk on the sand, a tour of the Miami Beach Miami is located in the southern state of Florida, is a big city, there are many senior residential and commercial areas near the Miami Beach, here the scenery, I love the shoes off the foot on the beach, this feeling is really very wonderful.
    銆銆 come to visit Miami Beach, previously scheduled at a seaside hotel, so you can always come to Miami Beach to play.
    The United States of Miami tourism Raiders
    Abstract: Miami (Miami) is a famous coastal tourist city.
    Located in the Florida Peninsula in the east coast south of the Miami canal estuary, east of Biscayne Bay, west of the Everglades everglades.
    Miami (Miami) is a famous coastal tourist city.
    Located in the Florida Peninsula in the east coast south of the Miami canal estuary, east of Biscayne Bay, west of the Everglades Everglades; urban area of 88 square kilometers, population 359 thousand (1990), accounting for about half of cubans and their descendants.
    銆銆 Large urban areas including 28 towns in Miami and around the North Beach, a few kilometers away from the 80 and palm beach together, the total area of 6237 square kilometers; the proportion of the elderly population is higher than other big American city.
    The main city in the coastal lowlands in the coastal part of the sandbar, the average elevation of 3 meters.
    The sub tropical climate, the United States winter warm city; in January the average temperature of 19.5 degrees, 28.3 degrees celsius in July; the average annual rainfall of 1290 mm, most of the drop in summer; summer and fall of the transaction by a hurricane.
    It was founded in 1870, 1896 city, with the Florida East coast Railway access and port dredging, the rapid development of the city; in recent 40 years, Florida has become the largest city in the state.
    The tourism industry is booming, as the pillar of city economy, domestic and foreign tourists 15 million people, the bathing beach is 20 km long, 365 park; famous Everglades National Park is located 64 kilometers southwest of the city.
    The city of Miami across Biscayne Bay, across the causeway is narrow island in Miami, is the world famous tourist resort.
    The industrial sector and the development of tourism related, such as clothing, food, plastic products, decorations, the country's third largest garment production center; and electronic appliances and other industrial sectors; the construction industry also developed; fishery is an important financial center, Sheng; 1OO has more than 14 banks, the foreign banks, the west of the city Miami Intercontinental Airport, Piyou domestic and international routes more than india.
    Miami is the gateway to Latin American Maritime gateway to dodge island to build large passenger terminal, has replaced New York as the biggest port; 70 at the end of the construction of an elevated railway length about 33 km, as an important transport route between downtown and the suburbs of the city, University of Miami and other colleges and universities 6, ocean and meteorology the world famous research institutions, many churches, museums, libraries.
    Miami - standard time zone: -5 zone UTc/GMT -5 hours, and the United States of New York, Washington, Philadelphia, in the same city.
    Miami and Beijing chinese time difference in time for 13 hours, it is chinese Beijing time to 13 hours earlier than Miami.
    銆銆 Miami climate - Miami has a subtropical climate, the United States winter warm city; 1 month average temperature of 19.5 DEG c, 7 28.3 c; the average annual rainfall of 1290 mm, down in the summer; summer and fall of the transaction by a hurricane.
    銆銆 Miami traffic: Miami expressway is developed, east-west 826 No. /836 /595 No. /84 highway, straight through the north and South 95 (can reach New York (No. /75) can reach california /state7 highway).
    1. from Miami Airport to the city by taxi is also very convenient, the general cost of $30.35. 2. Miami to Kennedy Space center 400 km, drive 4 hours; if driving from Miami to Orlando directly, need 3 hours drive.
    2. from Miami to the Everglades National Park in Forest Park, is located in the south of Miami 80 km, more than one hour drive.
    3. Keywest the drive from Miami to the southern tip of 280 km, need 3 hours drive.
    Immediate departure tasting Florida Key West 10 delicacy
    銆銆銆 If you prefer to save money, want to get the first sunshine in the spring through the winter clouds, let a plan, to a tour of Florida.
    Not for anything else, just as fish sandwiches.
    Of course, we are not spur of the moment, jump on a plane to go traveling, let's take you to look at the sunny warm place, a delicacy trip.
    Rum runners In other parts of the country, we are not advised to drink this wine, but in Ki West, it is necessary to drink.
    This is a wine produced by Mourad's rum, a mixture of light rum and concentrated rum, with fruit flavor.
    If you want a better effect on the top, pour a little Bacardi 151, Jamaica.
    To a cup, enjoy a wonderful night.
    conch fried meatballs conch doughnut balls an easy job to do on board the fried food liSt. Although we always think that the Bahamas pie is fried food master, but you will know West to the base, the conch fried meatball will let you do not want to leave this place.
    key lime pie Eat the pie course to Florida, Ki West is the leader of the lime production sector.
    Here, try the pie where more than one place, such as Kermit.
    Stone crab Let Florida stone crab charm, and more than 40% of the Florida stone crab are produced in Ki West, where the most delicious crab.
    Red fish sandwiches Fish is a kind of wonderful taste Scallop in Shell delicacy, red fish will taste a wonderful fusion in the local traditional sandwiches, plus Swiss cheese, onions and mushrooms on cuban bread, fish in bar or barbecue shop to eat this meal, is not very attractive? Hemingway.
    Ernest Hemingway Ki West spent the last 10 years.
    You can visit his former residence, now there has been converted into a museum.
    But we recommend named after the great writer name cocktail.
    This will be the best cocktail you drink this wine, fruit sweetness and taste just enough to meet people's expectations.
    surfing Well, surfing is not food.
    But you can surf in Key West food choices in a variety of seafood, such as silk fish and lobster, of course you can choose.
    cuban coffee The origin of the cuban coffee is not Ki West, but it is the main products here now, it is the local characteristics.
    In fact, from the Key West is 90 miles (144 km), here enough authentic cuban coffee.
    shrimp Ki West is famous for shrimp and shrimp, caught up in the local make every dish are guaranteed fresh.
    Pink shrimp because of its sweet taste wonderful and very popular.
    To Ki West, but must have a taste of shrimp.
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