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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What materials do you need to prepare for EB-5 investment immigration in the United States?
Expert answers:
In order to handle EB-5 investment immigration in the United States, besides signing subscription agreements, custody agreements (with custody accounts only signed), issuing memorandums of funds, and submitting I-526 application forms for immigration of foreign entrepreneurs and G-28 authorized lawyer forms, etc.
, a series of documents, personal information package, fund certificates, application fee materials and other materials need to be prepared.
Among them, personal information materials include:
family ID card copy, family passport and entry-exit record and US-signed entry-exit certificate, family birth certificate, household registration card copy, marriage/divorce certificate or unmarried certificate, no criminal record certificate, the principal applicant's highest diploma copy, personal resume and 5*5 photos.
Capital certification refers to the certification report of the sources of funds for investment funds and project management fees. common sources of funds are mortgage of real estate, sale of real estate, income from work, borrowing by shareholders, stocks, funds, dividends and so on.
The application fee materials need to provide the original bill of exchange of USD 1,500 for I-526 application fee.
The account for remitting USD 500,000 and USD 1,500 application fee must be the main applicant's account and may be a joint account.
Reminds investors that the report of certification of sources of funds is the most important and workload link in the whole application process.
The quality of the report directly affects the success rate and approval time of the application.
Therefore, investors must select reliable professional lawyers or accountants to produce the report.
In addition, if a client or family member is in the United States, they also need to provide a copy of the student visa (F1 Visa), a copy of the admission approval notice (I-20), a copy of the last entry card into the United States, and a copy of the entry permit card (I-94 Arrival Card).
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