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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What materials do you need to prepare for EB-5 investment immigration in the United States?
Expert answers:
In order to handle EB-5 investment immigration in the United States, besides signing subscription agreements, custody agreements (with custody accounts only signed), issuing memorandums of funds, and submitting I-526 application forms for immigration of foreign entrepreneurs and G-28 authorized lawyer forms, etc.
, a series of documents, personal information package, fund certificates, application fee materials and other materials need to be prepared.
Among them, personal information materials include:
family ID card copy, family passport and entry-exit record and US-signed entry-exit certificate, family birth certificate, household registration card copy, marriage/divorce certificate or unmarried certificate, no criminal record certificate, the principal applicant's highest diploma copy, personal resume and 5*5 photos.
Capital certification refers to the certification report of the sources of funds for investment funds and project management fees. common sources of funds are mortgage of real estate, sale of real estate, income from work, borrowing by shareholders, stocks, funds, dividends and so on.
The application fee materials need to provide the original bill of exchange of USD 1,500 for I-526 application fee.
The account for remitting USD 500,000 and USD 1,500 application fee must be the main applicant's account and may be a joint account.
Reminds investors that the report of certification of sources of funds is the most important and workload link in the whole application process.
The quality of the report directly affects the success rate and approval time of the application.
Therefore, investors must select reliable professional lawyers or accountants to produce the report.
In addition, if a client or family member is in the United States, they also need to provide a copy of the student visa (F1 Visa), a copy of the admission approval notice (I-20), a copy of the last entry card into the United States, and a copy of the entry permit card (I-94 Arrival Card).
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    The Mattu Unger Museum is located in california's Lester, founded in 1975, the main display of the california desert of Mojave's natural and cultural history, also collected and exhibited a lot of living in the Mojave desert in animal and plant, stands in the desert rock, also buried in the desert under the mineral, also has a collection of Native American artifacts and contemporary art.
    The Mattu Unger Museum has become Lester important educational and cultural center, many children will come to visit, they often squatting on the ornamental plants before those rare desert plants, the plants for the growth of knowledge is very helpful.
    Maturango Museum
    Necessary to Reason: one of the most important Museums in california
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]

    california Mangrove National Forest Park Forest Park is a beginning of the california Mangrove National Highway No..
    Hundreds of years of history have huge redwoods, silently guarding the northern coast of california, was slightly aloof, and other plants do not seem.
    They use deep solid foundation and continuous elongation of stems to defend their own position.
    Although several trees at the bottom of a huge tree can hold the car through the hole, but did not affect the healthy growth of the upper limb.
    The redwood forest extends 30 miles of paved road called "giant street".
    Prisca Pedro town (Pescadero) Through the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, along the road ahead will go through a town called Prisca Pedro, I saw the sea cliff stands a lighthouse, the blue sky, like a painting like quiet, that is the dove cape Lighthouse, is one of the world's most beautiful lighthouse ".
    The lighthouse was built in 1871, the concrete tower, the top is bright lights, 115 feet high, is the highest on the Pacific coast of the United States lighthouse.
    Although already more than 200 years old, the lighthouse still firmly standing on the shore, overlooking the distant shore, indicates the direction for passing ships, looking forward to the people safe travel home.
    November each year is the busiest season of lighthouse park, thousands of people along the road from all sides came, only to see the lighting activities once a year.
    By then, people will reproduce the method 100 years ago, to light the beacon using kerosene lamp and lens, it emits light equivalent to 500 thousand candles lit up at the same time.
    Suhl (Big Sur) About 120 miles to the south, will arrive in Suhl.
    The name is "El Big Sur S u r from the Spanish G r a n d e", meaning "big south.
    In this section of the road, most of the signs of the whole highway one landscape, the coastline is also, with many twists and turns in the air filled with the myriads of changes at any time, the taste of the sea, warm sunshine sprinkled on the floor of california generous here, occasionally when there is fog, mountains become into a partly hidden and partly visible, distant mood painting.
    "Praise the earth land and sea was the most beautiful picture of contact angle" fully deserve.
    Bixby creek Bridge (Bixby creek Bridge) When a bridge around it from the old bridge has not by virtue of its scale, the world's admiration.
    Fortunately, time flies gives it a new value, now the Bixby River Bridge become everybody's "the west coast of the United States the most photogenic" one of the landmarks of california elevated bridge.
    This seat is 218 meters long, 7 meters wide, 85 meters high bridge began construction since 1931, completed in 1932 and opened to traffic, was the world's largest single span arch and the longest concrete arch bridge in california.
    This bridge has been waiting for nearly a century.
    With the value of tourism highway has been further developed, Bixby River Bridge is becoming more and more frequent in the well-known film and television, has repeatedly in posters and public data of 0 now, even were printed on the American stamps, sought after by the.
    When dusk shrouded the earth, the way everything seemed to slow down, the bridge lights are bright, the moment is no longer as a prototype bridge during the day to drive to it, with the dim light, the embodiment of a quite amorous feelings of the beautiful young woman, with a surf rhythm, softly sing a lullaby all around, lulled to sleep.
    Mcvi Bbu (McVeigh waterfall) Go along the road to Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park land, will have the privilege to watch another landmark scenic route 1 - Mcvi Bbu (McVeigh waterfall).
    Along the parking lot to go, you can see a clear stream of 80 feet from the cliff edge straight into the turquoise Pacific, as if a child can't wait to return to the embrace of mother.
    It is so attractive to stop, because people usually see mostly falls in the forest, and waterfalls are showing a coastline macwhite rare waterfall landscape.
    Monterey town (Monterey) A highway along the most famous seaside resort, although the city is not too large, it was the capital of california, has a long history and profound culture.
    Here was to cannery famous small town is more than 20 cannery, but since 1945 the sardines disappeared after the plant gradually diverted, or become shops and restaurants, or converted into a Museum, the most well-known us Aquarium - Monterey Bay Aquarium is canning factory renovation masterpiece.
    Monterey town and china quite closely, in Monterey Bay on the sidewalk, with a round plate, top write "citty of Monterey bilingual history", this is the real trace chinese in Monterey left.
    In 1850 the United States census, Losangeles only two male chinese.
    After 1855, chinese fishermen started fishing in the coastal areas of california.
    When they discovered that there is a local people do not eat shellfish Monterey Bay water, which is later for the Asian abalone.
    Today, people walk in the famous Monterey fisherman's Wharf on the Zhanqiao, the head is a blue sky, surrounded by clear water, such as near the spine mast, the distance on the rocks can see lazy sea lions seals, too much no one mentions the old fishermen bitter sweet, paSt. With the sea breeze wind, beautiful reality so indifferent.
    Mendocino county (Mendocino) A california highway is a British style town, is a city of grape aroma waft.
    Along the road as the most important grape planting base, the Wine medocino producers are often in shops, galleries and Inn features held Wine tasting events, will attract many tourists through here.
    Self driving tourists or take the tram free to participate in activities, not only can taste the purest Wine, can also walk along a highway at cape Mendocino gray.
    In addition to the important activities of the day most of the time, Mendocino is quiet -- every day after 5 pm, the vast majority of the town will be closed shop, the tourists have also drove away.
    No noise of the crowd, with the boundless blue sky, listening to the birds singing, and enjoying the floating wind in the wild flowers, town residents with their own pet dog and a pizza, looking for a piece of 1 units along the highway, facing the sunset sea sat down and began to enjoy comfortable a picnic on the beach, until sunset to a red sea.
    The town of carmel (carmel) A delicate seaside town, called carmel-by-the.
    Someone once it "can subvert the people's outlook on life, values, you will feel that life can be so."
    The town of Kamel is a highly artistic sense of the town, as early as 100 years ago, "the artist, poet and writer Kamel" the name has spread, because the early residents of town, there are 60% professional artists.
    The city is not wide streets, you can see all kinds of double cabins and a wooden fence around the garden, each seat design have great originality, bright color gratifying.
    There are many galleries, boutique sculpture master is the remarkable achievements of the artist, the store of goods is the one and only the treasures of the world. Abandon the hustle and bustle of city life, these artists are the most precious time in life and the most valuable artistic talent to the town of carmel slow, so every breath here are filled with the fragrance of art.
    Travel in california No.1 Road, completed is not only a beautiful scenery of the road trip, but also reflects a pursuit of freedom "slow" attitude to life, not the pursuit of speed, only pay attention to beautiful scenery, like a "spiritual treatment".
    No matter how upset, as long as with a clear heart, you can stop at any time by finishing scenery in life, let him continue to move forward, continue to believe that the beauty of life.
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