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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What is the first issue to consider when investing in overseas identity?
Expert answers:
With the increasing number of high net worth people in China, the third wave of migration has emergeD.However, before choosing to emigrate to a country, the status of personal wealth is not taken into account, and the tax problem caused by new status is often ignored, which is often faced by high net worth people.
To invest in overseas identity, we should consider not only the problems of education, environment and quality of life, but also the tax burden matching our own wealth and income.
"Death and taxes are the only things that can't be avoided.
" Former US President Franklin vividly depicted the situation of countries known as "countries of all taxes".
So what's the first thing to consider when investing in overseas identity?
In the United States, for example, income tax is payable for part-time workers, capital gains tax is payable for investment earnings, sales tax is payable for selling things, consumption tax is payable for buying things, property tax is payable for buying houses, tax is payable for gifts, and tax is payable for inheritance left to children after death.
In addition to federal taxes, states also collect a variety of taxes, such as the "wig tax" in New York.
It's not uncommon for rich people to give up their U.S. citizenship for tax avoidance because of high taxes.
Eduardo Saverin, one of Facebook's co-founders, gave up his U.S. citizenship in 2014 because of high taxes.
Taxation is an indispensable part of overseas identity investment planning.
It is also a crucial link in personal wealth management and property security.
With the introduction of CRS, the global tax inspection is more stringent.
For China, another important role of CRS is to find out the overseas assets of Chinese tax residents.
At the same time, the voice of China's beginning to impose inheritance tax is very louD.According to the draft already issued, the tax rate of part of the inheritance of more than 10 million people is as high as 50%, which means that half of all households pay tax.
Nowadays, with the increasing proportion of tax affairs, many people with high net worth begin to realize the importance of tax planning.
Therefore, choosing a low-tax-rate state investment as a starting point to make a robust global allocation has gradually become a popular financial planning method for high net worth people.
Countries with low taxes and good business environment have become popular investment destinations in the market.
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