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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions

    Texas is the largest state in the southern United States, is one of the nation's second largest state of Alaska, second only to California. Southeast Texas near the Gulf of Mexico, southwest to the Rio Grande and Mexico across, West and the Mexican state is connected, connecting north and northeast corner and Oklahoma, Arkansas, East and Louisiana for the neighborhood.
    Climate and area: 695622 square kilometers of state area, ranking second in the United States 50. Forest area is large, basically belong to temperate climate, southern part area is sub tropical climate, winter is warm, summer is hot, average temperature area difference is big. Rainfall across the different, the average annual rainfall of 666 mm, the coastal areas of wet, inland dry.
    City and population: population of about 25 million 670 thousand (2011), ranking second in the United states. Whites accounted for 82.4% of the total population of the state, 11.9% of blacks, Asians accounted for 3.5%. Austen (Austin), the main city of Houston (Houston), Dallas (Dallas), Sanantonio (Antonio San), etc..
    Trade situation: in 2011 the total export trade amounted to 251 billion U.S. dollars, ranking first in the United states. The top five export markets are Mexico, Canada, China, Holland and Brazil.
    The main export commodities include computer and electronic products, chemical products, petroleum and coal products, machinery and equipment, etc..

    Foreign investment: Texas is worldwide the most attractive to foreign direct investment in one of the, strong economic development, business environment competitive, and located in the heartland of North America, has attracted more than 2000 foreign multinational companies in the establishment of the branch.
    According to the data of foreign direct investment information consulting company, from 2005 to 2010, 337 foreign companies in the state has set up more than 400 independent branches or offices,
    British every 14 in U.S. investment projects have a in the state, Germany every 15 is a in the state. The main areas of foreign investment are software and IT, coal, oil and gas projects, Dezhou is the only one in the United States has three in the top 10 cities of the state.

    Transport facilities, convenient transportation, highway with a total length of more than 48 million kilometers, ranking first in the nation's; airport more than 30, which Dallas DFW International Airport is the second largest airport, Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport is the fourth largest airport. In addition, Dezhou has 29 ports and Inland Waterway Port, which is the first port of Houston, the United States foreign trade, the total volume of the United States and the United States second. Due to the unique geographical location, Dezhou is still connected to North America and Latin America's important trade hub.

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