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What do you need to pay attention to when driving in the United States?
What are the penalties for speeding and drunk driving?
Expert answers:
Highway traffic in the United States is developed, and the road network is dense.
Self-driving in the United States requires a basic understanding of the types of highways and their application.
(1) Expressways:
Interstate Highway, the main highway, runs through the east, West and north of the United States.
Looking at the number of highways in the United States can basically see the direction, singular highway such as 101 is north-south direction, double highway such as 80 is East-West direction.
U.S. Highway, the trunk national highway, serves as a supplement to the state-level highway.
State Highway, a local national highway, is usually named after "State Name + Number" Seconday State Highway / County Highway, rural provincial highway, some have wonderful scenery.
Road number:
All expressways have road number.
In principle, the East-West trend uses even numbers; the North-South trend uses odd numbers.
And "E", "S", "W" and "N" are used to indicate the direction of east, south, West and north.
(2) Expressway Expressway is a part of expressway or an important means of transportation connecting Expressway with urban and rural highway.
When entering and leaving the expressway, there are obvious traffic indication signs on urban highway and expressway.
According to the indication, combined with GPS information, the expressway can be used to switch the roads quickly.
There are special signs for the entry and exit of the joint lane.
It is not allowed to switch freely between the joint lane and the ordinary lane.
It can enter and exit where the ground dotted line marks appear.
When there are solid lines or double solid lines, it is not possible to switch lanes.
It can only drive in Carpool until the next section of the road appears dotted lines.
Carpool is available for self-driving in Mexico if the driver reaches the minimum standard for two drivers.
But sometimes Carpool is not exactly the same route as the ordinary lane.
If you want to get off the road, you should switch to the ordinary Lane in advance so as not to miss the crossing.
(3) Urban Highway Blvd and Ave are relatively common in urban roads in the United States, and the distinction between them may be only in different directions.
Drive refers to winding roads in the mountains.
Road is also a relatively rare roaD.Every town usually has East-West or north-south main roads, which serve as the reference point for determining the direction.
The east-west and North-South directions extending from the main roads are marked with "E", "S", "W", "N".
At the same time, the address number beside the road is also regular.
After continuous observation, we can get this simple law of progressive, so as to find the destination of the urban area.
(4) toll roads During the long self-driving journey between the United States and the West, there are not many toll roads.
Most of them are free roads in good condition.
Here are some typical examples of toll roads.
(1) The scenic toll roads, 17 miles between Monterrey and Camel, are famous for their beautiful scenery and magnificent seascapes, as well as the luxury houses and golf courses in the rich areas.
The toll on this private road has also risen all the way, from $9 introduced by netizens to $10 during the Spring Festival of 2014, but it's really worth it.
About speeding Traffic regulations vary from state to state in the United States.
Speed limits may vary in different states, even on the same highway.
Therefore, in the process of driving, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed limit signs on the roadside from time to time.
In the western states of the United States, the maximum speed limit for expressways is usually 70-75 miles, multiplied by 1.6, equivalent to 112-120 kilometers per hour, which is not much different from the maximum speed limit for expressways in our country.
But in some special sections or country roads, speed limits are strictly required, and the Interstate Highway Police may be waiting somewhere to measure your speeD.Speed limits range from 35 miles to 80 miles depending on road grade.
In national parks, speed limits range from 35 to 45 miles.
U.S. Highway or State Highway ranges from 55 miles to 65 miles, and interstate highways range from 70 to 80 miles.
About drunk driving Driving Under the Effect is a very serious punishment in the United States.
It is not only a simple violation of traffic regulations, but also a criminal offence in violation of criminal law.
They are usually sentenced to prolonged detention, high fines, revocation of driver's license, etC.And according to personal constitution, drinking 1-2 cups of beer will also be sentenced to drunk driving, so friends who like to drink in the cup must not be greedy before driving on the road.
California law stipulates that it is illegal for co-passengers to drink alcoholic drinks in their cars!
Alcoholic drinks can only be stored in the trunk.
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