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    ABOUT arkansas local customs, tourist attractions

    Arkansas referred to as a state, is the southern America a prefecture, located in the downstream of the Mississippi River, north of Missouri state, west boundary of Oklahoma, Louisiana to the south, Southwest Texas border, east across the Mississippi River and the Tennessee and Mississippi River, the area of 137539Km -,
    population 2810872 (2006). The capital is the city of little rock. The state language was originally from Indian, Quapaw, Osage tribe, multi-ethnic card, Cherokee and Choctaw Indians live.

    Arkansas referred to as the Arab state is a state in the southern part of the United States. Located in the Mississippi River in the middle and lower reaches, north of Missouri and west boundary of Oklahoma, Louisiana to the south, Southwest Texas border, east across the Mississippi River and Tian Tennessee and Mississippi across, the area 137539Km it. Population 2810872 (2006). It is the capital of Little Rock. The state from the Indian language, formerly boast Paul family, Osage tribe, card family, Cherokee and Choctaw Indians live.
    Arkansas has a total of 29 public and private colleges and universities, [5] major public comprehensive
    University: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus, in the University of Arkansas, Arkansas State University, Arkansas Tech University, the University of Arkansas Little Rock Branch. In addition, the professional university of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, University of Arkansas Little Rock belong to the University of Arkansas system, is the only state university system. [2]

    Agriculture The more developed agriculture and animal husbandry, rice, cotton and soybean production in the United States ranked first, fourth and ninth. The poultry industry is developed, the meat production ranks second in the United States, catfish production ranked third.
    forest industry is strong, cork wood production in the United States fourth.
    manufacturing industry Manufacturing development, mainly in food processing, electrical equipment, petrochemical, paper products, furniture, rubber and plastic products, clothing, machinery and transport equipment and steel, etc.. A number of auto parts manufacturing enterprises in the eastern part of the state construction. The capital of southwestern Little Rock county is rich in saline bauxite, bauxite production has been occupies an important position in a state economy.
    Tourism Tourism has gradually become one of the important industries in Afghanistan. Arkansas, a beautiful natural environment, is a good place for hunting, camping, climbing, hiking and fishing and other outdoor activities. North West Mountain also has hot springs resources.
    Mining industry: the Arkansas River Basin is rich in oil, coal and bauxite, Little Rock's south and southwest of bauxite production accounted for more than 90% of national output. Arkansas is the only producer of natural diamond, Fries, Mo is the only national diamond producing areas. Well known enterprises: 2011 Fortune 500 in the United States, Arkansas has 4 companies.
    1, Wal Mart (WMT), 2011 "fortune" the top 500 enterprises ranked second, the largest private employer and the world's largest retail chain enterprises, with 2133 Wal Mart stores, 469 Sam member shops and 248 Wal Mart shopping plaza throughout American States and the world in a number of countries and regions.
    2, Tyson Food Inc (Foods Inc. Tyson), in 2011, Fortune 500 companies ranked ninety-sixth, the world's largest chicken, beef and pork production, processing and sales company, built in 1931. In 2009 April the company and Shandong Xinchang Group Co., Ltd. set up a joint venture in Shandong Xinchang Tyson Foods Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of RMB 6.7 billion yuan, in Changyi City, Shandong Province, mainly engaged in feed processing, avian breeding, poultry breeding, slaughter and processing, food processing and marketing sale.
    Service Government: Arkansas Economic Development Committee (AEDC-Arkansas Economic Development Commission task is to assist international enterprises make the right investment decisions, ensure that enterprises settled in Arkansas in, not only to enhance the economic strength of the state, and to enhance the international enterprises in global competitiveness, provide services including:
    1, looking for partners
    In addition to apply for a business license for a foreign company, registered company, the visa approval to provide support, and will also assist in foreign companies, the partners in the state of the necessary background investigations and arrange foreign companies with potential partners meeting, if there is a suitable business, the two companies can acquire additional resources provided by the state committee for economic development.
    2, the introduction of business practices
    Arkansas Economic Development Council has a large number of resources that can help foreign companies to understand the state's friendly and simple business environment.
    3, provide business and industrial training program
    Arkansas economic development committee is responsible for the state of Arkansas business and industrial training needs to start and implement, and other government agencies in the state to coordinate, to help the newly established or expanded investment company personnel training.
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