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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How old is the best age for a child to study in the United States?
How old should a child immigrate to the United States?
Expert answers:
The United States is a country with developed education level in the worlD.Immigrating to the United States during children's primary school and receiving advanced teaching ideas from an early age, whether in or out of school, all-round American education plays a very important role in children's future growth and development.
The quality of the initial education will affect the child's life.
According to the research, the English proficiency of children immigrating to the United States aged 9-11 is the same as that of children born locally, while the English proficiency of older children immigrating to the United States is not very good on average.
The study points out that immigrants who have emigrated to the United States before the age of 11 are more receptive and effective than those who have emigrated from the same background but after the age of 18. Settlement in the United States before the age of 11 will help them to master English fluently and make their education and employment more smoothly.
Since the key to language learning is "early", is it better for children to emigrate to the United States as soon as possible?
And be not so.
There is something remarkable about basic education in ChinA.Let children study in primary schools for two years at home, accept some traditional culture and acquire certain knowledge of Chinese.
If they go abroad after that, they will not only have Chinese foundation, but also have strong plasticity in learning foreign languages and accepting western education.
They will be able to adapt smoothly to the brand-new education system.
However, it is a pity for many children to emigrate when they are older.
Domestic education is different from American education.
It is very difficult to change from one education to another after it is deeply rooteD.So it's the best time for children to migrate to the United States in elementary school.
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