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What should I pay attention to after ten years of visa processing in the United States?
What's the difference between an American immigrant and a green card?
Expert answers:
After ten years of visa opening in the United States, the phenomenon of "easy visa, difficult entry" frequently appears in Indians entering the United States.
After ten years of opening to the United States, Gaines mistakenly made many Chinese think that "the United States can be regarded as a place of residence" and live in and out at will.
People who enter the United States on a 10-year visa should pay attention to the difference between a visa and a green carD.If a single stay in the United States reaches a maximum of six months, it is recommended that they re-enter the United States at an interval of time next time.
Many tourists hold 10-year visas, and when they enter the United States, they can stay for up to six months on a single entry, but this does not mean that they will not violate the "overdue residence" requirement if they stay for six months at a single entry and re-enter after a few days.
After staying in the United States for more than five months and returning home for less than three months, the possibility of flying to the United States for "sightseeing" will be greatly increased when customs considers that the reasons for entry and visa do not coincide.
In addition, bringing children to the United States will be regarded as "illegal work"!
For many Indian families, it is "normal" for grandparents to come to the United States to help their children take care of their grandchildren, but there are few such things in the United States, most of which involve nannies to take care of their children.
Therefore, if customs officials come to the United States to help take care of their grandchildren, Americans believe that salary is a job, which may be regarded as illegal work, leading to the refusal to enter the country.
If you intend to stay in the United States beyond the valid period of stay in the United States, you can usually apply for an extension of I-539. However, lawyers caution that the extension of the application does not recommend that B1/B2 visa holders submit their applications immediately after 1-2 months of arrival in the United States.
Since B1/B2 is a non-immigrant visa, the Immigration Bureau will measure the immigration tendency and reasons for the extension of the application of the visa applicant or holder in many ways.
Therefore, it is advisable to submit an extension application at least 45 days before the current status expires, which will greatly reduce the probability of rejection of the extension.
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