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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
After immigrating to the United States, how do relatives send money from China to the United States?
Which way is faster and saves money?
Expert answers:
1. Deposit BOA card to withdraw money in China Construction Bank First deposit the money in CCB, then tell the bank's BOA account, and then it's all right.
Arrive 24 hours.
Free for less than $2000 a time.
The maximum monthly turnover is $10,000, and the excess will be paiD.Not every CCB can do it.
We need to call in advance to consult.
2. Processing bank debit cards of Bank of China or China Merchants Bank in China It is the "Debit Card" of the United States, with visa or master card logo on it; debit cards are sometimes called credit cards in China, but they are different from the "Credit Card" of the United States.
Save money at home and swipe cards in the United States.
Nevertheless, it is important to note that prior verification with domestic banks should be made as to whether large-scale consumption in the United States requires special procedures at home.
It is understood that the Bank of China's UnionPay Card needs to fill in a form in China to inform you of your decision to spend more than $5,000 in the United States and sign by yourself; otherwise, your debit card may not be available in the United States.
You can also inquire about the handling fee and the proportion.
3. Bank of China draft Not much handling fee is also a good choice.
But there is one problem to be noted:
the draft must be drawn on the Bank of China, New York Branch.
If you deposit a bill of exchange to the Bank of China, Los Angeles Branch, directly into other U.S. banks, you have to wait for a number of days before transferring it to your bank account, up to 30 days.
If you use Bank of China Bill of Exchange to carry much-needed funds, and the Bill has already arrived at Bank of China Los Angeles Branch, you can cash the Bill into Cashier's Check which can be used in the United States.
However, after depositing your Cashier's Check into an account of a bank in the United States, you still have to wait for a period of time (maybe about ten days) before the Bank of China can actually reach your account in the Bank of AmericA.As for how far this branch of Bank of China is from where you study and work, you should check it online by yourself.
4. Western Union remittances The advantage of this method is that it is fast, but the handling fee is high.
Moreover, you need two identification documents when you withdraw money, one of which must have a photo.
Passport can be counted as one, the other can be a bank card with your Pinyin name, a driver's license or a student's card in English, etc.
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    ABOUT ohio local customs, tourist attractions
    The park is located in Geauga county Ohio, Montville town (Montville Township), covers an area of 1100 acres, is a connection between human beings and the natural world park, especially make people better understand the sky above us, to understand the mysterious universe through the park and the stars in the sky.
    The park is famous for the Ohio Education center, is of great help for the students to learn the relevant knowledge of astronomy.
    Park by the Hong Kong Observatory and Science center.
    The observatory is one of the best places for the tourists to watch the vastness of the universe, a series of equipment here can help people to watch the strange usually watch the sky, you can even bring your own telescope to watch the garden.
    The park itself is the best one of the sky, back in 2011 by the International Association awarded the "dark night park" title, become the best one of the attractions of watching the stars.
    Observatory Park
    Reason: one of the best night park in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Ohio: [Ohio State]
    cincinnati's top research
    University of cincinnati in the school by analysis of dominant national Department of outstanding performance, the top ranking.
    As "the chronicle of higher education" reported, cincinnati has six academic ranking top ten.
    The ranking system is the standard of academic performance comparison of American Research University Faculty PhD courses.
    160000 more than 375 Teachers college's performance to be taken into consideration.
    For 2006.2007 ranking, a total of 172 subject 11 in the field of more than 7400 doctoral programs have been evaluated.
    The ranking hosted by Academic Analytics according to the following rules: the number of Department of teachers;
    the number of publications;
    the number of citations;
    the number of teachers awards.
    University of cincinnati Biological Sciences ranking the highest in the six course in the top ten, won first prize.
    All kinds of Biological Sciences, (second) Biomedical (ninth) Ecology (sixth) Physiology (seventh) Environmental Engineering (sixth) classics and classical languages (third) University of cincinnati Biological Sciences ranked second, its performance after the Harvard University, the average of each teacher's journal publication number 10.15. In the classical and classical languages, only columbia University and Brown University ranked cincinnati before, but needs to be emphasized is that the average number of Publications Department of classical studies at most teachers (the average number of 1.0 compared to the average, classics faculty publications and the average columbia 1.4 and the Brown University at 1.7) This confirms our original idea, evaluation of vice president of graduate studies and research professor of environmental engineering, Engineering Institute, said, "when the curriculum assessment measure, environmental engineering course of our natural talent shows itself will eventually, indeed in the top ten."
    Department of molecular and cellular physiology professor Marshall said, this ranking is the cell physiology course in nationwide competitions, it is helpful to understand the excellent students of high quality and apply the best courses.
    For our course applicants, the cincinnati professional courses extensive scholarship application opportunities and emphasis on systems biology, are very important, but the ranking for curriculum recognition helps to enhance the curriculum awareness, attract more students to attend.
    The classics department ranked the top ten can be said to be the icing on the cake, because the classics department recognized as a national leader in classical studies in the field .
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