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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How can I borrow money to buy a house in the United States?
Can I borrow without a U.S. Green Card?
Expert answers:
Real estate is always the only stable and effective investment form with high cash returns, high equity returns, effective leverage support and hard asset returns.
The U.S. market is especially favored by global investors.
Whether there is immigration to the United States or not, purchasing U.S. real estate is a very good investment.
Many investors choose to borrow when they buy houses overseas.
The lending policies and conditions of different banks in the United States are different.
But as long as it meets the requirements, banks are still willing to lend to overseas applicants with higher comprehensive qualifications.
In the United States, the core principle of mortgage loan issuance is that the collateral value is sufficient, the applicant has a good reputation and a continuous source of income, and there is no direct correlation with the applicant's identity and nationality itself.
At present, in many states, foreigners without US green cards can buy American real estate through loans, but the down payment usually takes 40-50%, and because they do not have US credit records and proof of income sources, lenders will be required to pay an additional interest rate of 1-2% higher than the market level.
If you meet the requirements of loan purchase, then you can consider the type of loan.
The common loan term in the United States is 30 years.
You can also choose 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 40 years according to your own repayment ability.
How to contact American loan institutions?
Loan brokers, commercial banks and mortgage bankers can be chosen.
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