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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to improve the success rate of American EB5 Investment immigration?
Expert answers:
The U.S. Immigration Act clearly stipulates that investors must bear market risks.
If there are provisions guaranteeing 100% return of investment, it will not comply with EB-5. So immigrating to the United States must be risky, but there are some ways to select reliable EB-5 investment projects to reduce investment risk.
For example:
1. Whether there are sufficient employment opportunities; 2. Job creation; 3. Project duration and schedule; 4. Developer strength and background; 5. EB5 fund structure and so on.
Yongming International, the flagship brand of the immigration industry in Greater China, has 13 years of rich experience in immigration management in the United States, excellence in the team of elite documents, rigorous delivery of documents in the third instance, and the authoritative lawyers of the well-known law building in the United States and Canada, with strong strength, are well-known in the industry.
After many investigations, Twitter's EB-5 Chartered School Program has helped countless VIP customers successfully obtain the US Green Card.
Florida, the famous "Sunshine State" in the United States, ranks fourth in terms of population and economic level.
In recent years, Florida's population has continued to grow, and the demand for charter schools has steadily increaseD.At present, 34 EB-5 charter school projects in the United States have been financed, and according to the original plan, schools have been built, completed and operated to provide educational opportunities for American students.
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    ABOUT alabama local customs, tourist attractions
       Montgomerie (Montgomery) is located in the Alabama River in Montgomerie county, is the capital of Alabama and Montgomerie county, the county government is located, is the second largest city in the state.
    Montgomerie is famous in the history of the United States, is the place of the American civil War and the 1 movement.
    The city of Montgomerie is named in honor of Richard Montgomery.
    Mongolia, transportation is very convenient, the Alabama River flows through the city, provides a gateway to the Mexico Bay waterway in the city.
    There are two railway, two interstate highways and highway line.
    Mongolia has a modern airport has two runway 9000 feet long, the famous Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines and other companies in this business.
    I have 5 of them is the Alabama State college, AUBURN University, FAULKNER University, HUNTINGDON college and TROY State University, about more than 13 thousand students in the school.
    A total of 80 middle school.
    The best time to travel to Montgomerie city, about 257 km from the Gulf of Mexico, suitable for warm climate, long summer.
    In January the average temperature is 10.6 degrees celsius, the average temperature of 27.8 degrees celsius in July.
    Seasonal precipitation is uniform, the average annual precipitation is about 1371 mm.
    Occasional tornadoes and heavy rain and other natural disasters.
    Before leaving for the United States, china has repeatedly and a friend told me: "go to the United States in addition to money (credit card) what don't take, what the us is cheap."
    In this regard, I half believe and half doubt.
    After all, according to the 2008 data, the us per capita income (National) $37 thousand and 600 (ranked fourth), per capita income in 2008 (the chinese residents) only $1100 (ranked 109 in the world), the per capita income is 34 times the chinese.
    The price will chinese low?
    So, when to go to the United States, I was carrying a big suitcase.
    I made a mistake most probably it did not actually happen.
    To the United States after the discovery, the United States except labor services (such as hairdressing is very expensive, the price of labor is high, with artificial are very expensive), most commodity prices (absolute price) is lower than china, some large commodity spreads, a little be struck dumb.
    Losangeles prices in the United States is relatively high, if to Oregon cheaper -- shopping have to pay 8% - 10% different tax.
    A shopping center in Losangeles, I saw that the domestic brands selling expensive, sold at very low prices (in the United States basically do not worry Maidaojiahuo).
    In a set of 30 thousand yuan to sell Armani (Armani) suit here with 1/4 or even 1/5 of the money can buy.
    Italy made brand.
    name shoes too.
    cowboy clothes cheaper.
    Lee or Levi 's jeans, in general, cheaper than ten dollars, expensive $more than 20. Denim jacket is a little expensive, generally three, forty dollars.
    Automobile, household appliances commodities cheaper.
    BMW Z4 price quotation mark advertising $29881 (large displacement, high configuration to higher prices), the domestic price, listening to a friend, roughly 500 thousand yuan, 800 thousand yuan.
    In general, the same brand of the same configuration of the car, the United States than domestic cheap halF- I help at home with a laptop computer, the same brand of the same type of the same configuration of the computer, in the United States is $499, while in the domestic computer market price for 6000 yuan (malls offer higher), and supply the us market quality is superior to the chinese market supply to product quality, especially such products in japan.
    Only the "Made In china" is the supply of goods, to the foreign product quality is much higher than the domestic chinese.
    A few pieces of china products I bought in America, it is very good, this feeling is a bit sad.
    Particularly at ease shopping in the United States, whether to buy china products or products of other countries, the quality is guaranteed, and the service is very good, in a certain period of time can be returned or exchanged, businesses will still warm reception.
    So, chinese to the United States, even usually do not love shopping, can not help but buy something.
    My family bought two boxes of things, mainly clothing and shoes, which comprises three suits.
    When you make a payment, china encountered a group of tourists go shopping, many can be crazy to describe.
    In a shop selling bags, almost every chinese from people to buy two or more boxes, because they want to buy the goods loaded.
    While they choose goods while surprised and said: "here's how things will be cheaper than domestic so much?
    I could hear the imbalance in their hearts.
    Yes, I have a sour feeling.
    If this is not a living, where I want to get, we bear what kind of price?
    In return, at the Losangeles Airport, I saw a lot of chinese in the Moutai store to buy cigarettes and wine -- at least 1/3 people buy one.
    The same reason is cheap, and not fakes.
    The price of accommodation is not expensive.
    Before I lived 4 four star or five star hotel, online booking, the daily price roughly 90 us dollars, is different, some offer free internet access, some charges.
    The cheapest accommodation in Las Vegas, local luxury hotel is amazing, but the price is very cheap, intended to attract more people to travel, 1. Interestingly, Las Vegas hotel is obviously not the high cost of Internet access, encourage the Internet in the room.
       Wear, use and cheap, eat cheap.
    In Losangeles the "small Taipei" in a chinese restaurant, we have four points, fish, shrimp and crab, the average price of each dish is about 6 to 7 dollars, a very hearty lunch, the amount is enough, did not finish, a checkout, only $49, I think the boss is wrong.
    Indeed, ask.
    In the United States, I ate two McDonald's, the package price is generally between 4 to 6 dollars, the absolute price looks better than china higher, but it is a casual drink beverages, hamburgers weight more than doubled than china, fries the same.
    Five of us 5 points of the package, there are three people I have not eaten.
    I know several American schools, provide breakfast and lunch, two meals are according to the child's nutritional needs, it is more abundant, and two meals a day only received $1. Even at $1 chinese domestic is not what, but in the United States, in a coffee shop, see the mark of $1 coffee, it really wasn't surprising.
    If we think of the monthly income of 4 thousand yuan to spend 1 yuan, you can drink coffee, three, four hundred yuan can buy a laptop computer, 200 yuan can buy a pair of leather shoes brand Italy 50 yuan, you can ask a few friends to eat a meal, then what is the concept?
    The communication price is cheap.
    In Losangeles, a chinese friend told me, $25 a month, you can easily make international long distance.
    If you use a card to play, from the United States to chinese, only a few cents per minute.
    For convenience, I bought a mobile phone, the price is $12.5, with some airtime.
    Need to be reminded that, go to the United States, don't make international calls at the hotel, it is not expensive in general, playing ten minutes less than the equivalent of more than you live a day!
    us gasoline prices are cheaper than chinese, us oil prices measured by gallons, 1 gallon =3.785 liters (1 gallon UK =4.546 liters), after conversion, the absolute price is slightly lower than china.
    Of course, the Sino US oil prices can not simply such contrast, higher us fuel quality;
    china cars to pay road maintenance fees and other expenses (cancel, maintenance fee for a new name in the vest to stay one of the most typical characteristics of china it), and toll roads, such as forest, could not escape the escape.
    In the United States, including most of the roads are free highway (us highway called freeway, free of charge, is worthy of the name).
    During my stay in the United States, from Losangeles to Santiago to Las Vegas, the average daily 5 hours drive on the road, did not encounter a toll road (it is no wonder that the toll road around the world 140 thousand km, including 100 thousand km in chinese, accounting for 70% of the world).
    In the United States, experience the most are the speed!
    A car, quickly Benz, the ear is the swishing sound, the first time I felt a little nervous, after a few days to adapt to.
    In the absence of toll roads, people arrive at the destination with a higher speed and efficiency.
    The speed and efficiency, in my opinion, is how daunting!
    How envy!
    Because, behind it, such as system, public service and so on a series of factors, and contrast, this humble means, from the United States opened at a faster pace with us It is worth mentioning that "house prices" issued after an American friend telephoned me, I said the price mentioned post is relatively high, most parts of the United States mentioned in my blog prices below.
    california's employment opportunities, housing prices will be high.
    In New York housing prices in the United States is the most expensive, the other is in california and other places, mainly determined by the factors of employment, security, environment, purchasing power.
    For Asian Americans, from the location near the school is more important, therefore, prices will be higher -- Asian immigrants pay more attention to the education of their children.
    High income, low price, perfect social security system, is a citizen of the United States willing to spend, dare to consume or even spend money in advance.
    Because the depreciation of us dollar in orbit, and other countries and chinese desperately to borrow money to them (in fact is output to the United States, making the American consumer welfare) become the engine of world economic development.
    Here, think of the three quarter economic data released by the National Bureau of Statistics: the first three quarters of the fixed asset investment growth rate of 33.4%, the contribution of investment to GDP accounted for 7.3%, the contribution of consumption is only 4% (even if the data is also part of investment from the "conversion" to, or worse), and exports drop GDP3.6%.
    When we again proposed to stimulate domestic demand, but ignored some basis and premise: increasing people's incomes, reduce prices, to establish perfect social security system.
    So, what money is not willing to spend?
    In fact, these points, is plagued by chinese, cause chinese sluggish consumer demand.
    During his visit to the United States, I give up many opportunities to play, but with plenty of time to understand the situation, for the country's population, but also to provide some valuable information for decision makers.
    As a love of the country's citizens, as one from a poor family, has a personal experience of the citizens on the bottom of the difficult living conditions of the weak, I want their country to become strong enough, and it all needs to have the premise that the rich people, rich people can really start the domestic demand, and to this end, and there must be the public voice full of expression and attention as a premise, only this, in order to suppress the strong interest groups expropriate the weak, in order to suppress the 1, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the nation..
    More than a few articles in the United States, most are personal experiences, part is to listen to life in the United States introduced overseas chinese of more than 30 years, although very hard, but because of the limited time to stay in the United States, contact person limited, my knowledge and understanding, will inevitably be inadequate or not rigorous enough, please friends a lot of people.
    How to make your trip more comfortable?
    Of course, travel artifact.
    Whether it is to travel abroad or domestic tourism, the travel artifact will let you put it down.
    Whether by plane or long.
    distance travel, nine travel artifact Xiaobian introduce will make you a pleasant journey.
    1, are not afraid of losing!
    Multi function intelligent trunk Bluesmart                Smart suitcase This suitcase is smart?
    You can through the application on the mobile phone to remotely control it, lock, unlock, etc, weighing 1 Goods are available in all varieties.
    don't have to worry about, lost luggage.
    It is a mobile charging treasure, mobile phone and tablet computer interface support, of course, is to charge the luggage.
    2, no longer in a hurry to catch the plane, skateboard travel box           Skateboard travel box This is a combination of suitcase and scooter body, as long as the bottom of the foot pedal is pulled out, it will be 1 seconds turned a scooter, road friction, is to catch a plane when the hoist speed skill!
    3, whenever and wherever possible sleep, NapAnywhere neck pillow           Neck pillow When the plane seat, narrow space often make it difficult to sleep comfortably, head to the risk which side has a stiff neck, then need the NapAnywhere neck pillow, slung over his shoulders, head to a comfortable support comes at the same time, it can be inclined shoulder straps, back in the body, more stable.
    Really can take a nap whenever and wherever possible!
    4, can go with washing machine, ultrasonic washing machine Dolfi           Ultrasonic washing machine Travel laundry is a problem, if you do not want to accept the expensive hotel dry cleaning, and want to keep clean image, then to help Dolfi.
    The ultrasonic washing machine from Germany Dolfi company, as long as it is connected to the power supply, and then put into a water, detergent, laundry sink, open the switch, you can wait for clean.
    5, reducing the burden for outdoor activities, leano portable chair                     Portable chair This chair is composed of three stick and a piece of cloth, which belongs to the ultra lightweight, but the functionality is not discounted, outdoor camping, hiking, leisure travel, it can make you sit up and say, storage space is saved.
    6, never take the wrong luggage suitcase, sushi set           Luggage Set Have you ever noticed that at the airport baggage conveyor belt before the scene just like to eat sushi?
    The Japanese retailer Parco is probably as inspiration, launched a sushi themed luggage, there are many flavors available, so it will not because the trunk is similar and take the wrong, but the staff will carry the luggage in the appetite..
    7, make travel more fashionable, LV neck pillow and goggles                Protective pillow & goggles This group of products by the French designer constance Guisset designed for LV, neck protecting pillow including a beautiful, fashionable and elegant a patch, they are using high quality foam and fabric material produced in a journey, very good to help people relieve fatigue.
    From the functional point of view, it seems not to have what breakthrough, but from the perspective of fashion, you know.
    8, find convenient clothes, Shelfpack folding suitcase           Trunk To travel, especially to go abroad, all the clothing, supplies almost all squeezed in a suitcase, sometimes just to find a piece of clothing you have to search the luggage, finally found the clothes, the trunk can not see the mess.
    With this three.
    dimensional folding suitcase Shelfpack, looking for a dress on a matter of minutes, allow you to travel more attention, and will not.
    9, not afraid of wet weather, portable dry clothes hanger           Portable dry clothes hanger This is very fit and a washing machine inside use.
    It looks bigger than ordinary clothes, the clothes hanging in the above can speed up the drying, and the hanger can be folded up very convenient, very suitable for travel to carry, so afraid to damp places.
    With these travel artifact, believe your travel will be more comfortable.
    Prior to departure may choose according to their own artifact for travel, the trip from a travel artifact began.
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