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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Can $500,000 be invested in immigrating to the United States?
How much does it cost to get an American green card?
Expert answers:
Many people have misunderstood the question of "how much does it really cost to emigrate to the United States?
" Firstly, $500,000 is only the minimum investment threshold stipulated in the immigration law, and there are restrictions, such as the need to invest in high unemployment areas or rural areas and complete employment.
Secondly, it is not enough to immigrate to the United States for only $500,000.
This is only the amount of investment stipulated by the United States Immigration Act.
In addition, it also has to pay handling fees, temporary green card application fees, formal green card application fees and lawyer fees for two applications.
So, it's hard to say how much it costs to get a green carD.It's totally different from person to person, depending on the immigration agency that handles it.
Finally, the most important thing about immigrating to the United States is that the money invested by the applicant for immigration can be returneD.But the prerequisite is that the applicant immigrates to the United States successfully, and the project operator has the ability and credibility to repay.
So when immigrating to the United States and looking for immigration institutions, besides the cost of immigration, the most important thing is to see whether the project is good or bad, the system of return of funds and so on.
The most important thing is whether you can get the money back or not.
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