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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How much does it cost to invest in immigrating to the United States?
Expert answers:
According to the relevant immigration policies of the United States in 2017, the current applicants need at least $500,000 to invest in the United States.
In addition, there are other costs, such as visa processing fees, notarization fees, lawyer fees and so on.
Among them, $500,000 of investment funds can be returned after the successful immigration of the applicant to the United States.
The specific period of return depends on the investment project handled by the investor.
It should be reminded that the applicant's green card is directly linked to the financial security and investment projects.
Once the investment projects chosen by the applicant are poorly managed or other problems, it will lead to the applicant's inability to obtain immigration status and the funds will not be returned.
Help (award) Scholarship College is the main provider of University grants.
A number of grants, a multitude of names, some is only equivalent to a part of the tuition fee, others including all tuition and living expenses; economic needs and learning achievements are usually the main factors can get grants, some grants are special to athletes.
0 to poor students and some special students such as war orphans, Indians provide grants; some states such as New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia and Rhode Island also have a variety of grants, the state government also grants to fund those prepared in professional schools such as school of medicine, School of nursing and Dental College Students; more and more social cut body, foundation, and private universities in the establishment of every hue grants.
From the Ford foundation and the Carnegie foundation to establish the National Merit Scholarship is the largest non government scholarships, many companies and groups of students is a reference to the country's intellectual contest organizer in the agency's performance in to their scholarship; scholarship to the university office, presided over by the college entrance examination board has more than 600 colleges and universities as its members, is responsible for coordinating the various colleges and universities funded student related issues and improved methods of scholarship.
Foreign students can apply for a scholarship to the University of the United States is also a variety of forms, which has 5 main sources: universities, American Foundation and other groups and individuals, the government of the United States and bilateral agencies, international organizations, the applicant, the government and private organizations in china.
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    ABOUT north-carolina local customs, tourist attractions
    Rowley is the capital of North carolina and wake county the county government is located, because many planted oak, also known as "the city of oak".
    The city is North carolina Sherlock after the more than 2 Relay's second city, is one of the rapid development of the city.
    Rowley is a tourist city in North carolina and famous attractions and many kinds of each unique charm, fascinating unceasingly, become the tour of North carolina, most can not miss the city.
    Provide colorful recreational opportunities for the city residents and tourists, a total of more than 150 entertainment space, including a 8100 acre park, 78 mile Boulevard, 112 tennis courts, 5 public lakes and 8 water facilities.
    Rich and colorful of the Museum is the most strong place for the city of historical and cultural atmosphere, can visit the Museum is the Museum of contemporary art, the Persian Rowley children's Museum, art Museum, North carolina, North carolina, North carolina Museum of History Museum, Rowley Museum of natural science city.
    Reason: North carolina's capital attraction where the continents: North America
    scenic region / country: the United States
    attractions of the province, state: North carolina [North carolina State]
    city attractions: Rowley [Raleigh]

    Hillsboro, North carolina (Hillsborough, Nc, Population:, 6087) Hillsboro, the first impression is old.
    A small town, nearly twenty of the national register of historic places (America), imagine that it was brilliant.
    Along the eno River, art galleries and Museums everywhere flower, historical precipitation is remarkable.
    The town is in many ancient buildings, standing among them, will be back to eighteenth century moment.
    Hungry, with "feet" into a restaurant, small shops will have music, art exchange and customer delivery.
    The art of cells already deeply rooted in every corner of the town of tile.
    Hillsboro is perhaps a magical town, people can bring unlimited inspiration.
    It attracts several world.class best-selling author here, creation.
    I enjoy playing community activities, they may be in the side, be your playmate.
    Once a year christmas carols, more is not fall.
    Address: North carolina, Orange county Winston Salem referred to as "Windsor", is located in North carolina, is the capital and largest city of Forsyth county, the fifth largest city and North carolina.
    Winston Tour - Salem, is like reading a good novel, each street and buildings are about the history and culture, people with special longing.
    Winston - Salem's most historical place for old Salem (Old Salem), as the historical district of the city, because of the History Museum - Salem Museum and the famous old garden, has been listed as a national historic landmark.
    Leinuoda Museum of American Art Museum is an outstanding American art collection, since colonial American painting works of art, is a collection of the most outstanding American Museum.
    The city also for its high quality and famous Wine, with a large area of vineyards and a Wine factory, is a good place for the pure taste Wine.
    Reason: North carolina particularly attractive city
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, North carolina State: [North carolina State]
    Attractions: Winston [Winston-Salem]

    in Salem city North carolina Museum of art is located in the city of Rowley, opened in 1956, is the first established with the funds of the state Museum.
    This Museum has more than 5000 years of works of art, rich and colorful of the most prestigious North carolina Museum of art.
    The Museum has over 5000 years of history from ancient art treasures, is divided into 40 exhibition halls and a 164 acre outdoor exhibition area, has become one of the most outstanding American South Art Museum.
    The Museum collection includes fixed Europe from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century oil paintings, Egyptian funerary art in ancient Greece and Rome sculpture and vase painting, 18 to twentieth century American art, international contemporary art works, in addition, there are about Africa, ancient America, pre columbo and Oceania art.
    Outside the Museum, the park covers an area of 164 acres, is the largest Museum of art garden, consisting of a 3 km long path, green grass and creative works of art.
    In warm weather, outdoor movie and concert held here.
    North carolina Museum of Art
    Reason: the most prestigious North carolina Museum of Art
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, North carolina State: [North carolina State]
    city Attractions: Rowley [Raleigh]

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